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Tuesday, August 15, 3:00pm ET

We’re storming across all social platforms to stay ahead of the right wing spin about Trump’s Georgia indictment. Please jump in with some posts from this handy toolkit! Let’s roll, team…

Today’s Hashtag: #NoOnIsAboveTheLaw

SOCIAL STORM: #ProtectMyFreedomToVote

Tuesday, July 18, 3:00pm ET

In response to the GOP’s anti-voter ACE bill, Democrats are today re-introducing the pro-voter Freedom to Vote Act! It’s really important to spotlight the fact that Democrats are for decreasing the impact of dark money & improving access to the ballot. 

Use this social media toolkit to spread word about the FTVA and contrast it with the GOP’s plan to curtail voting. 

Today’s Hashtag: #ProtectMyFreedomToVote

SOCIAL STORM: Spotlighting the Republican #BigLieBill

Monday, July 10, 3:00pm ET

GOP Extremists in Congress just introduced their #BigLieBill which would disempower eligible voters by creating deliberate barriers to participating in our elections. NOW is the moment to call them out.

  • Please join thousands of digital activists using this Social Toolkit and share some posts across your social channels!
  • Read and share this Messaging Guidance from the Declaration for American Democracy Coalition!
  • Hashtag: #BigLieBill

SOCIAL STORM: #DemsCreateJobs

Thursday, July 7, 10:00am ET

The June jobs report shows that Bidenomics is working! 209,000 new jobs, unemployment down to 3.6%, 30 consecutive months of job growth! Help tell the story online today. Our hashtag across platforms: #DemsCreateJobs. If you’re on Twitter, you can jump in here.

Messaging Guidance: SCOTUS Affirmative Action Ruling

Posted: Thursday, June 29, 7:00pm ET

The Supreme Court struck down affirmative action today. Please use these poll-tested toolkits and messaging guidance from experts to talk about the ruling. 

SOCIAL STORM: #Bidenomics

Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 12:00pm ET

The Biden economic plan is working! Ahead of a speech by the President today, we’re pushing out info about his big wins: job creation, falling inflation, the return of manufacturing & more. Join in on Twitter. Read the White House memo on #Bidenomics and share the info in social posts!

NEW Messaging Guidance: One Year After Dobbs

Posted: Friday, June 23, 2:45pm ET

Here’s a roundup of the latest messaging guidance from across the movement: One year after Dobbs; Biden’s Investing in America Tour; Republicans’ bogus attempts to impeach President Biden. Please share away!

SOCIAL STORM: #DontCutMedicare

Posted: Friday, June 16, 2:45pm ET

They’re at it again. Republicans are coming for our earned benefits, and Americans need to know. 

We’re storming on social media starting at 4pm ET on Friday, June 16th to tell our fellow Americans that the GOP wants to privatize Medicare, which would destroy the programClick here to join in! 


Posted: Friday, June 9, 4:45pm ET

We need to get ahead of right-wing spin and disinformation about the federal indictment of Donald Trump. 

Digital messengers: PLEASE use this new toolkit and/or these talking points from the Not Above the Law Coalition and the Research Collaborative / ASO Communications. Use your online reach to spread the truth and hold Trump accountable.

SOCIAL STORM NOW: #RepublicansInDisarray

Posted: Thursday, June 8, 7:15pm ET

The Freedom Caucus is revolting against Kevin McCarthy, grinding House business to a standstill. McCarthy had to send everyone home today because his MAGA members wouldn’t give up the floor. We’re using the hashtag #RepublicansInDisarray. Jump in!

NEW: Freedom Over Fascism Toolkit

Posted: Monday, June 5, 2:15pm ET

Here’s a fresh social media toolkit with tested language from ASO Communications and the Research Collaborative aimed at uniting Americans against the MAGA faction in the Supreme Court, Congress and state legislatures. Share away!

White House Talking Points: May Jobs Report

Posted: Friday, June 2, 3:30pm ET

We’ve uploaded messaging guidance about the May jobs report, and have included a variety of graphics to use in your social posts. Read and share away!! Don’t forget today’s hashtag (#13MillionJobs … see below).

Messaging: Biden's Default Deal - Big Wins

Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 11:00am ET

Over the holiday weekend, Biden and McCarthy reached a deal to avert a default disaster. Here are the topline, major victories that Biden achieved in the face of the GOP’s extortion. Please share these points on social media and in your networks.

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