Messaging Roundup: #BigLieBill Anti-Voter, Dark Money ACE Act 

Big Lie Bill - ACE Messaging Guidance

Extremists in Congress just introduced their #BigLieBill which would disempower eligible voters by creating deliberate barriers to participating in our elections.

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“This legislation is designed to appease extremist election deniers who have spent the last four years attacking our democracy. It would restrict the fundamental right to vote especially for voters of color, jeopardize the security of our elections, burden local election administrators, and bring more dark money into our electoral process—opening the door to corruption. It’s anti-American. While this Republican bill would undermine the voice of everyday Americans and instead empower special interests, House Democrats are working to protect and strengthen our democracy. Together, the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will protect the right to vote for all eligible Americans, provide election administrators with the resources they need to run our elections safely and securely, and increase transparency in politics.” – House Administration Ranking Member Joe Morelle

The Anti-Voter, Dark Money ACE Act:

Attacks the Freedom to Vote

  • Restricts the ability of voters to cast a ballot by mail and bans voters from seeking assistance from other people when they return their ballot.
  • Limits the options for voters to register to vote and prohibits federal agencies from engaging in voter registration activities.
  • Overrides popular, effective, locally supported pro-voter policies in Washington, DC, including erecting barriers for voters to register, vote in person or by mail, or have their vote counted, as well as prohibiting same day registration policies that help ensure voter rolls are accurate and up to date.
  • Targets voting restrictions to disproportionally impact voters of color, urban areas, and voters with disabilities.

Burdens Election Workers

  • Restricts funding to election administrators to maintain accurate and updated voter lists, modernize election systems, and administer safe, transparent, accessible elections.
  • Empowers partisan poll watchers with unfettered access, allowing them to threaten and intimidate voters as well as local election administrators and poll workers, who are already facing unprecedented harassment.
  • Allows partisan politicians to remove non-partisan election officials based on frivolous allegations.

More Money and Less Transparency in Election

  • Allows increased contribution limits and empowers extremist dark money special interest groups that pollute our politics with hundreds of millions of dollars and drown out the voices of regular people.
  • Eliminates transparency requirements designed to prevent corruption and to allow Americans to learn who is trying to influence their vote and their representatives.

Allows Extreme Gerrymandering

  • Protects extreme gerrymandering, which dilutes the power of certain voters – especially voters of color – and allows politicians to choose their voters rather than voters choosing their representatives.

Topline Messaging

Topline Messaging on the ACE Act

  • The ACE Act is an anti-voter bill that will disenfranchise millions of voters and boost the influence of billionaires and corporations in our elections.
  • By increasing the role of money in politics and making it harder for millions of Americans to vote, the ACE Act would only serve to benefit wealthy and corporate interests and would block progress on the critical issues that matter to our communities.
  • The anti-voter & pro-corporate ACE Act will silence the voices of everyday people through putting up restrictive barriers to voting and increasing the influence of billionaires and corporations in our elections.
  • We need a democracy that works for all of us – not just billionaires and special interests. The ACE Act would increase the role of big and secret money in politics at the expense of every people.
  • Most of us believe our democracy is stronger when it includes all of us. But right now, extremists in Congress are pushing the anti-voter ACE Act, which would disenfranchise millions of people by putting up barriers to voting, and would drown out the voices of everyday people by increasing the influence of billionaires and special interests in our elections.
  • Don’t be fooled by the “American Confidence in Election Act.” Despite it’s name, the reality is this is an extreme anti-voter pro-corporate wish list disguised as something that would strengthen our elections. 

Secret / Big Money in Politics Messaging

  • The ACE Act would serve the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of Black, brown, young, and new Americans. If passed, it would increase the power of Super PACS by reducing reporting requirements and decreasing donor transparency.
  • The ACE Act increases the role of megadonors and special interests in our elections, from raising contribution limits to opening the door to more corporate money in our politics. Politicians must be accountable to the American people, not megadonors.
  • Instead of ensuring Super PACs are transparent and independent, the ACE Act would reduce reporting requirements and decrease transparency requirements, which will lead to Americans’ continued distrust of our politics.
  • Secret money spending has led to billionaires and corporations acting in the shadows to influence our politics. The ACE Act would further weaken disclosure laws to increase dark money spending.
  • In order to prevent corruption, Congress must work to ensure that spending by outside groups is transparent and fully independent.
  • Increasing the role of big money donors in our politics prevents Congress from taking action on the issues that matter most to Americans like healthcare, reproductive rights, gun safety, and the environment.

Additional talking points:

  • Americans don’t want corporations buying influence and drowning out our voices. We must tackle corruption and ensure that our government works for us by reducing the influence of big money in politics and increasing disclosure requirements to shine a light on secret money in politics. 

Ensuring Every Eligible American has the Opportunity to Vote

  • The ACE Act would disenfranchise millions of voting by enacting restrictive anti-voter policies that have a disproportionate impact on Black, Indigenous, young and new American voters. 
  • Extremists in Congress are using the boogeyman of “voter fraud” to justify legislation making it harder for millions of eligible Americans to vote. The truth is voter fraud in U.S. elections is extremely rare.
  • Widespread voter fraud doesn’t exist. Strict Voter ID laws create deliberate and unnecessary barriers to the ballot that disproportionately impact Black, Latino, Native American, elderly, and low-income voters. – Indivisible
  • Claims of ‘voter fraud’ are a racist dog-whistle used to invalidate the voices of Black, brown, and indigenous voters. – MSNBC

Additional Talking Points

  • State Examples: Despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Florida and Texas have empowered ‘election police’ to punish mostly Black voters for honest mistakes or confusion about eligibility. This is state-sanctioned voter intimidation, meant to scare eligible voters from participating in our elections.  – Brennan Center 
  • Our freedom to vote is under attack by extremist legislators, who have introduced over 332 anti-voter bills in at least 45 states since 2020  to make it harder to vote, especially for voters of color. Now, extremists in Congress are pushing these policies at the federal level, and disguising it as a bill that would strengthen U.S. elections 

 DC Autonomy / Statehood Messaging Guidance

  • The people of Washington D.C. deserve the same rights as everyone else to elect their own elected leaders and choose their own policies
  • The American Confidence in Elections Act would be a huge federal government overstep into the governance of Washington D.C. 
  • Our nation’s Capital is not a legislative playground for extremist members of Congress to experiment with voter suppression measures.
  • The ACE Act is an extremist legislative package that would overturn D.C. laws that have been enacted to expand and strengthen democracy in the District. 
  • DC must be granted statehood to ensure that its residents have the right to self-governance. It is unjust that Congress, with no voting representation from D.C., can override the will of the people and their elected representatives. Statehood is not just a D.C. issue, it is a racial justice and civil rights issue

DFAD Messaging Guidance in response to False Claims

Important Instructions: Below find the arguments we’ve seen used to describe the ACE Act. To help debunk false claims about our elections, and discuss the real solutions to ensuring we have a representative multi-racial democracy, please echo the DFAD response below.

Pro- ACE Act Messaging 

DFAD Response


States have the primary role in establishing election law and administering elections.

In recent years, we’ve seen a wave of anti-voter legislation passed and introduced in states across this country.

We need national standards for voting to ensure every citizen can have their voice heard in Government.

The Freedom to Vote Act would increase confidence in our elections by creating national standards for federal elections to ensure that every eligible American has the freedom to vote.

All eligible voters must be able to vote, and all lawful votes must be counted.

The anti-voter policies included in the ACE Act will disenfranchise millions of voters, and have a disproportionate impact on communities of color.

The Freedom to Vote Act would ensure that every eligible voter has the freedom to vote by mail, a safe and secure method of voting that helps elderly, disabled, and working Americans cast their ballots.           

Allows states to use REAL ID as proof of citizenship.

Widespread voter fraud doesn’t exist. Strict Voter ID laws create deliberate and unnecessary barriers to the ballot that disproportionately impact Black, Latino, Native American, elderly, and low-income voters. 

In the Freedom to Vote Act, voters can use a broad array of identifiers to confirm their citizenship, from an ID to a utility bill. That ways states that want to verify voters can do so in a way that doesn’t put up unnecessary barriers to voting. 

Prohibits Non-Citizens from Voting

The constitution guarantees that every U.S. Citizen has the right to vote – and it’s the responsibility of Congress to meet that requirement. 

As far as access to voting beyond citizenship, it’s up to the local municipalities and states to decide. 

Will exercise Congress’ responsibility over D.C. to implement election integrity measures outlined in the model state legislation.

Over 700,000 residents live in the district of Columbia. That’s over 200,000 more residents than the state of Wyoming.

D.C. already lacks representation in Congress. For Congress to overhaul D.C. voting laws and put themselves in power is a power grab and absolute travesty. We must respect DC’s autonomy and the will of the voters. 


Protects Americans’ First Amendment right to speak political views and support candidates, causes and organizations without fear of retribution.

The purpose of disclosure is to curb corruption and even the appearance of corruption.

That’s why we need to pass laws to bring more sunlight to our spending so that voters can follow-the-money. 

Voters deserve to know how money influences their elections.

The Freedom to Vote Act would shine a light on secret money in politics and would amplify the voices of everyday people by curbing the influence of big and secret money in politics

Attacks on Vote-By-Mail 

Vote by mail is safe, secure, and helps eligible voters participate in our elections. 


Small Donor Financing

Small donor financing programs give political power to everyday Americans–boosting their influence and voice in our elections–and ensuring that wealthy donors do not have an outsized influence.

These programs have bipartisan support and have been successful in red, purple, and blue states. Attempts to prohibit small donor financing at the federal level shows Republicans’ commitment to big donors and corporations – at the expense of everyday people.

Amplifies the voices of everyday people. 

Free Speech 

Our current pay-to-play system silences the voices of Black, brown, young, and new Americans and gives unchecked power to the wealthy few. It is time to end the dominance of big corporations and big money in our politics.


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