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Extreme MAGA Republicans Recklessly Driving Toward Government Shutdown

  • With government funding running out in just 11 days, extreme MAGA Republicans and their new Speaker Mike Johnson are playing political games, pushing harsh and unworkable cuts to critical services, and threatening to shut down the government.
  • Instead of working with Democrats to keep government open and meet urgent needs, extreme MAGA Republicans are demanding cuts to investments working families count on while continuing to plot cuts to Social Security and Medicare.
  • With the world in crisis, extreme MAGA Republicans are still refusing to provide the funding we need to protect our national security. They are even demanding a new $26 billion giveaway to wealthy tax cheats before they will help Israel fight terrorism.
  • Even as they risk a shutdown, extreme MAGA Republicans remain obsessed with attacking our freedoms. They are trying to criminalize abortion nationwide, strip rights from the LGBTQ+ community, and undermine our democracy.

Extreme MAGA Republican Funding Bills Devastate Working Families

  • After voting to cut funding to protect clean air and clean water last week, House Republicans are working this week to slash funding for consumer protections and vital infrastructure. These extreme MAGA Republican cuts endanger our communities.
  • Instead of pushing these harsh, unworkable cuts, House Republicans should be working with Democrats to keep the government open and provide funding to lower costs for working families and protect our national security at a time of global crisis.

House Democrats Will Always Put People Over Politics

  • House Democrats are committed to putting People Over Politics to do what is right for everyday Americans: lowering costs, growing the middle class, and defending our fundamental freedoms.
  • As we have all year, House Democrats continue to extend the hand of partnership to get things done for the American people – including by passing funding legislation that prevents a government shutdown, invests in working families, and keeps our nation safe.
  • In addition to keeping the government open, it is essential we make critical investments now to lower costs for child care, home energy, and high-speed internet. And we must support our allies like Israel and Ukraine while providing critical assistance to innocent civilians.\
  • While extreme MAGA Republicans attack our fundamental freedoms, House Democrats will always stand firm to fight to defend our democracy, protect reproductive freedom, uphold LGBTQ+ rights, and strengthen – not slash – retirement security.

The House will be in session Monday through Thursday this week.  

Major bills on the floor this week:

H.R.4820 – THUD Appropriations Bill

This bill makes traveling less safe, ignores the health and safety of low-income families living in hazardous conditions and threatens to shutter our economy. In this bill, extreme MAGA Republicans:

  • Cut $25 billion from the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding intended to ensure that billionaires pay taxes.
  • Pull back $546 million from the ‘‘Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes” grant programs, putting children and families at risk.
  • And strip away equal access to housing and community development investments for people across America otherwise protected from discrimination on the basis of disability, race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation) and family status.

H.R.4664 – FSSG Appropriations Bill

This bill benefits billionaires, big corporations and the well-connected at the expense of hardworking Americans and consumers by:

  • Enabling individuals to sell dangerous products with cuts to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, including unsafe products for children.
  • Leaving seniors vulnerable to losing their life savings to scams by cutting the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Increasing robocalls by cutting funding for the Federal Communications Commission.
  • And making our elections less secure with no funding for Election Security Grants. 

***Please find Appropriations Dem Committee resources, fact sheets, state-by-state data and talking points linked here outlining the extreme cuts in the THUD and FSSG Appropriations Bills on the floor this week.

Voter Intimidation Messaging

Right-wing conspiracy groups are once again trying to intimidate voters under the guise of promoting “voter integrity.” There are reports of voters receiving letters from unverified groups asking them to verify personal information. This is a similar tactic that conspiracy groups used in the past to intimidate voters and promote “the big lie.” We anticipate similar voter intimidation tactics — including flyers, letters, robo calls and false canvassers — to increase as we get closer to the election. Below is messaging and best practices to help inoculate voters against these kinds of efforts and help them keep their personal information private. 

Best Practices for Addressing Voter Intimidation in Your Area

  • Groups should continue to monitor reports of voter intimidation and other attempts to mislead voters ahead of local, state and federal elections.
  • Inoculate communities against harmful disinformation by naming voter intimidation groups’ motivations and sharing trusted, truthful information. Keep messaging specific to addressing trends emerging in your local area. It is important to educate voters about these efforts so they can protect themselves while not unnecessarily increasing fear or mistrust of our institutions. 
  • Encourage voters who have experienced voter intimidation to report incidents to local advocacy groups. Let them know that advocacy organizations can help public officials issue statements denouncing voter intimidation tactics.
  • Be mindful of amplifying problematic voter intimidation language and efforts. We do not recommend speaking publicly on this matter but rather reporting instances to public officials. Here you can find guidance on monitoring, spotting mis- and disinformation, and how groups can effectively respond. 

Voter Intimidation Messaging

  • Conspiracy theorists are trying to intimidate voters by sending out letters and distributing false information asking about your voter registration status. If you get a letter like this, do not reply. Report it at You never have to respond to unverified requests for personal information to verify your voter registration status.
  • If someone knocks on your door and pushes you for information about your voting record or if you receive threatening flyers or requests for personal information from anyone who is not an election official, this could be unlawful voter intimidation. Report these incidents to the U.S. Department of Justice at or call 800-253-3931.
  • Let’s be clear: You never have to respond to unverified requests for your personal information — the same way you don’t have to answer the door for a canvasser. If you receive something in the mail or on your doorstep that is not an official notice from your county’s election administrator, do not respond. This is an attempt to intimidate voters and suppress votes ahead of the election.
  • You should always know whom you’re sharing personal information with before you do so. Voter intimidation groups are masquerading as election officials, officers or administrators to suppress votes. Always verify that requests are coming from your state’s or county’s board of elections before sharing any personal information. You can also double-check your voter registration on your state’s website. Then, include a link to your state’s voter registration look-up site. [Note: A few states do not have an online information portal. For those states, substitute: “You can also double-check your voter registration with your local elections office.”] 

Trump’s Election Interference Claims Guidance

Donald Trump is already using his indictments as a way to sow distrust in our elections ahead of his presidential bid — just as he did in 2020 by pushing false claims of a stolen election. He is attempting to stoke distrust and rile up his base, which is already primed for disinformation. We anticipate that the rhetoric and outright harassment of judges and clerks involved in his proceedings will continue and will be weaponized to encourage his followers, whom he wants to call foul on the outcome of the 2024 election before anyone has even cast their votes. 

This is a dangerous narrative that groups need to be aware of, particularly as the election draws closer. At this time, we encourage groups to not directly acknowledge or respond to these claims — because that will just add fuel to the flames. We are continuing to monitor these claims and will provide ongoing guidance about when to respond and what to say.

CAP Core Messaging

We are less than 2 weeks from a potential government shutdown, and MAGA Republicans are still demanding outrageous cuts that have no chance of passing the Senate.
  • MAGA House Republicans are once AGAIN threatening massive cuts to programs that invest in our economy and support American workers – all so they can offer more handouts to the uber-wealthy:
  • Their proposal would cut core programs while demanding that American people shoulder the cost of yet another hand-out to the ultra-wealthy and greedy Big Business.
  • Their demands would raise drug costsraise housing costs for seniors and veterans, raise healthcare costsraise energy costs and derail climate progress, and gut education funding.

Why are they demanding these cuts? So can offer more benefits to corporations and the ultra-wealthy. They want to:

  • Enact $5.1 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the super-rich and greedy corporations.
  • Protect greedy corporations by eliminating President Biden’s corporate minimum tax, which is projected to invest over $200 billion in our economy.
  • Give hand-outs to corporate tax companies by making it harder for everyday Americans to file their tax returns online for free.

KEY POINT: Trickle-down economics has been enriching the ultra wealthy at the expense of the middle class for nearly half a century. MAGA Republicans are undermining our economy and the middle class just to make the rich richer.

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Topline Message

  • Pennsylvanians will vote in a critical election this November. From school boards all the way up to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the stakes are high. Extremists are trying to spread their far-right agenda to our classrooms, courtrooms, and communities.
  • Our rights and freedoms are under attack, fueled by one single billionaire, who is calling all the shots on his chosen candidates.
  • Judges at all levels will hear cases from people directly in your community and make decisions that impact all of us – on abortion, on voting laws, on community safety, on education and the environment, and so much more.
  • Local leaders, from school board members to county commissioners, make important decisions about our communities everyday – things like when to fix our infrastructure, how our local elections are run, and how to ensure we’re preparing the next generation for the rest of their lives.
  • It’s up to us to elect leaders that represent and strengthen our communities. Are you ready to vote on November 7? 


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Vote Yes to stop Ohio’s total abortion ban and keep personal medical decisions in the hands of Ohio families, not politicians.KEY THREE POINTS

  • The stakes couldn’t be higher: Ohio Republicans have already passed an extreme abortion ban, with no exceptions for rape or incest.
  • By voting YES on Issue One, we can prevent that total ban from taking effect and protect Ohioans’ freedom to make healthcare decisions for ourselves and our families, without interference from politicians.
  • Vote Yes on Issue 1 to end the Ohio abortion ban and make sure women and families can once again make the decisions that are best for them.


  • Polls don’t vote. We know this will be a close race with the other side pulling out every trick and tool they have to confuse and distract voters ahead of November 7.
  • But we’re laser-focused on talking directly to voters, laying out the stakes of this election and urging them to vote yes and make their plan to vote.


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