About DemCast

DemCast is a digital movement. To combat the prolific disinformation that is spreading online, we ask everyday social media users to share the truth and calls-to-action in their own social media feeds. 

DemCast centrally curates media, information and volunteer/donation opportunities to empower our team members with information and embolden them to share it and take action.

Our volunteer digital teams connect together on social media platforms to boost strategic messaging and fight the information war, one post at a time. 

 As a community, DemCast values democracy, truth, justice, equity & equality for all, and stands united against racism, white supremacy & rising authoritarianism.

The Digital Hub for the Pro-Democracy Movement

We can influence the national political narrative when we work together. Just read our 2020 Impact Report to see the numbers.

Since we were founded in 2019, the DemCast network has garnered over 90 billion social media impressions, generated through nearly 10 million posts, shares and replies across the four largest social media platforms. We engage over 950,000 social media users annually.

As a 501(c)4 non-profit advocacy organization, ‘we the people’ are at the core of DemCast’s mission. Digital persuasion is here to stay, and every single voice matters. Will you use yours and join the chorus for change?

Our Mission

To empower and embolden the people

to use their voices 

to win the future.

Board of Directors

Our organization is run & supported by mission-driven do-gooders. We care passionately about lifting the voices of grassroots activists and organizations. Our staff have decades of non-profit management and leadership under their belts, and are supported by a talented Board of Directors that keeps everything mission-centered. 

Learn more about our team here

Word on the Street

"DemCast played an integral role in our 2020 electoral successes. Focusing on swing states, coordination of messaging, and their advanced amplification strategies all resulted in meaningful activation. I’m grateful for their leadership."
Debra Messing
Actress & Activist, DemCast Influencer Captain
"DemCast gives us the power to control the narrative in the battleground state of Michigan - to fight back against the conservative media bullhorn that has long dominated local & national media."
Statewide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM)
Coalition of MI Indivisible Groups & DemCast Partner
“DemCast has been life changing and has had a great impact on turning the country, and my home state of Georgia, blue! DemCast was the social media organization we didn’t know we needed.”
DemCast GA
"DemCast helped me focus on the urgent issues for voters, and be a stronger voice for our candidates. The camaraderie of the team made being engaged and active really enjoyable."
DemCast CA
“The other side is building an even bigger disinformation campaign than last time. Having this network amplifying good voices - positive things - is incredibly important work and much-needed!”
Buffy Wicks
CA State Assemblywoman
"I'm no longer a lone voice screaming into the void! Volunteering with DemCast has shown me the power of unified, strategic messaging combined with good old-fashioned teamwork.”
DemCast CO

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