Social Media / Messaging Toolkits

With these social media toolkits, you can lift up our movement one social post at a timeJust a few clicks to get going!

#MobilizeForMidterms Campaign

We’re spreading strategic messaging about this all-important midterms cycle. Boost critical candidates and help shine a light on the extremist Republicans who want to take away our freedoms. Join the team here! Click on the picture to share away.

#Focus: NV, NC, NH

NC, NH, & NV are critical states in 2022. You can help spread the word to voters in these states by sharing content daily until election day. Be sure to personalize your posts to get the most reach!

#AnEconomyForAll Campaign

We all know that the midterms are going to come down to the economy. It’s frustrating that working people continuously vote against their economic self interests. Help change that! Share messages about American oligarchs, the rising labor movement & more.

#MobilizeToVote Campaign

Bad actors have been pushing a false narrative that some ways of voting are less secure than others because they want to limit the options voters have to participate and seed the ground to dispute the results after the election. We know that more voter choices mean more voter participation and that strengthens democracy.

'Join DemCast' Campaign

Our members are our best recruiters. The more of us there are working as a team, the more our messages will spread across social media. If you appreciate being a part of the DemCast family, help us recruit new members from your network using this toolkit!

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