Social Media / Messaging Toolkits

With these social media toolkits, you can lift up our movement one social post at a timeJust a few clicks to get going!

Bust The Filibuster

There will be NO progress on voting rights or other key priorities as long at the antiquated filibuster is still in place in the US Senate. 

#BustTheFilibuster: Click below to share posts.

For the People Act

The #ForThePeopleAct is the most important voting rights legislation in a generation, but Americans don’t know what’s in it. Please help spread the word! 

#PassFTPA: Click below to share posts.

American Rescue Plan

Democrats need to shout their achievements from the rooftops so that Americans know who’s delivering the goods. The American Rescue Plan was a major win for Biden and the Democrats. Help spread word! 

#AmericanRescuePlan: Click below to share posts.

Voting Rights Reforms

There are a lot of democracy reforms that need to get passed this year: DC Statehood, For The People Act, John Lewis VRA Act, Filibuster Reform…Help advocate for them all using this toolkit. 

#FreedomToVote: Click below to share posts.

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