Social Media / Messaging Toolkits

With these social media toolkits, you can lift up our movement one social post at a timeJust a few clicks to get going!

'Democrats Deliver' Campaign

We hear a lot of folks complain that Democrats do a terrible job of touting their wins. Well, here’s your chance to help! This campaign has multiple categories of content, highlighting policy victories and promises fulfilled by Biden & the Democrats.

'Freedom To Vote' Campaign

We have a narrow window to pass the most sweeping federal pro-voter legislation since the 1960s. The Freedom To Vote Act would end partisan gerrymandering, protect access to the ballot and more. Help get word out with this toolkit!

'John Lewis VRAA' Campaign

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would strengthen our freedom to vote by ensuring that any changes to voting rules that could discriminate against voters are federally reviewed. Use this toolkit to educate folks.

'Invest In Care' Campaign

Home care workers are essential to our economy & communities, especially as baby boomers age. These workers have been underpaid & undervalued. Biden proposed $400B to increase wages & jobs in home care. Use this toolkit to help advocate!

'Join DemCast' Campaign

Our members are our best recruiters. The more of us there are working as a team, the more our messages will spread across social media. If you appreciate being a part of the DemCast family, help us recruit new members from your network using this toolkit!


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