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Anybody can join DemCast, whether you’re a novice at social media or a professional social media manager for a candidate or organization. 

At DemCast, we believe that we the people are the best messengers for our movement to reform democracy, stop disinformation and advance justice, equality & equity for all. 

It’s our mission to empower you to use your social media feed as a way to influence the future.

When you join, we will plug you into a growing national community. You will see your personal and/or organizational social media posts getting greater traction. You will receive training to help you increase your effectiveness as a digital messenger.

Best of all, there is no cost. No obligation. Just tools, resources, community & collaboration.

Learn more about DemCast’s mission and people.

Benefits of Joining:


Share important calls-to-action while you're in line or waiting for the water to boil.


Join a team of activists locally and across the US: together we're a chorus for change.


Help craft & amplify a proactive narrative about our movement that is rooted in research.


Stay informed about important legislation, actions & events, and spread this knowledge to others.


Fight disinformation: Share curated, trusted info from news agencies, grassroots activists & orgs.


Amplify the most important races across your state & nation. Boost quality candidates.

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