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Right wing outlets spread falsehoods like a virus. Trained social media trolls parrot these lies online. So … who is going to fix our national disinformation problem? 

The answer is for Americans to wake up and realize that this fight is our fight. We are the marks. The social platforms we frequent are the battlefields in the information war. We can’t sit it out.

At DemCast, we believe that the people themselves are the best messengers for the movement to reform democracy, stop disinformation and advance justice, equality & equity for all. We can’t rely on SuperPACs and political parties to solve this problem.

In this age of disinformation, peoples’ political beliefs are increasingly being shaped online. 

The act of spreading the truth on social media has now become a crucial form of activism.

It’s our mission at DemCast to empower you to use your social media feed as a node for strategic influence

Benefits of joining:


Share important calls-to-action while you're in line or waiting for the water to boil.


Join a team of activists locally and across the US: together we're a chorus for change.


Help craft & amplify a proactive narrative about our movement to save democracy.


Stay informed about important legislation, actions & events, and spread this knowledge to others.


Fight disinformation: Share curated, trusted info from news agencies, grassroots activists & orgs.


Amplify the most important races across your state & nation. Boost quality candidates.

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