Messaging Roundup: Affirmative Action Ruling

Affirmative Action Post-Decision Message Guidance

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Core Message

Together, we will fight relentlessly until every student has the equal opportunity to access higher education and pursue their dreams. Our country thrives when we benefit from the talents and potential of students from all backgrounds and build respect for everyone. 

This is not the first time extremists on the Supreme Court have ruled against the majority of Americans. 

America is at our best when we bring down barriers to ensure all of us — no matter what we look like or where we come from — can get ahead. We will not let the Supreme Court’s decisions curtail our freedom to reach our highest potential.

Additional Messaging Points

  • To every student hearing the decision today, know this: you still matter and we will keep showing up for you. We need your gifts and talents. We need your leadership. Do not allow them to tell you that you don’t belong. We are with you, and we will fight together. You belong and we all belong.
  • Whether you are Black, Latino, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, or White, you still deserve a fair shot at higher education.

The Supreme Court’s decision doesn’t reflect what the majority of us believe or know is right for our country.

  • No matter the Supreme Court’s decision, we must all continue to work together to protect the ability of students of color to tell their stories without having to exclude fundamental parts of who they are.
  • For nearly half a century, our nation unwaveringly believed that every student, regardless of their race, deserves an unprejudiced opportunity to pursue higher education. 

 These cases were set up by white supremacy ideals to pit communities of color against each other.

  • They are taking us back to a moment in history where access to education was a color-coded proposition, and when liberty and justice for all had many exceptions.  
  • The powerful few who championed this outcome are eagerly anticipating dire consequences resulting from this ruling. 
  • They harbor hopes of undermining the tremendous progress we have achieved within the past five decades — progress that has propelled us toward equal access and representation in colleges and universities. 
  • We have long recognized that anything short of equal opportunity for all would endanger the very essence of our nation.
  • We will not allow those with power and privilege to deny our children the same opportunities and pathways to leadership positions in our society.
  • Higher education institutions are pathways to positions of power in our country. Just look at the Supreme Court itself — the vast majority of justices have attended a handful of top law schools. This decision is just another blatant attempt by those with power and privilege to do whatever they can to hold on to that power. We are committed to ensuring that all youth have the same opportunities. 
  • Despite this Supreme Court ruling, we remain resolute in our commitment to constructing equitable pathways to higher education and leadership. 
  • Today, we renew our dedication to fight tirelessly, shoulder to shoulder, until every student, regardless of their race or background, can pursue their dreams without encountering discrimination.
  • We have encountered similar moments in the past, where Supreme Court decisions appeared to steer our country in the wrong direction. Yet, just as we have done before, we refuse to let a solitary decision define our future. The principles of racial equity, diversity, equal opportunity, and unity will continue to radiate undiminished throughout our higher education system.

This ruling is not an isolated incident. It has been part of a broader trend at the state level, where efforts have been underway for years to suppress diverse perspectives and limit the educational experiences of students. We witnessed attempts to whitewash curricula, and dictate what students were allowed to read, learn, and share about their own stories — a systematic assault on the voices and narratives of students of color.

Sample Social Media Posts



  • No matter what, we will continue to work with communities of color and other historically marginalized people to tear down barriers to opportunity and ensure that pathways to higher education & leadership are open to ALL. Our democracy demands no less. #WeBelong
  • Despite anti-civil rights extremists’ attempts to divide us, we are stronger than ever. We are united by our shared commitment to racial justice and equal opportunity. We know that when everyone has access to higher education, we ALL benefit. #WeBelong
  • Let’s be clear: Anti-civil rights extremists can try to divide us, but they’ll be unsuccessful in undermining decades of solidarity & progress. WE, the majority, will work together to build a brighter tomorrow where ALL students thrive — the future we deserve. #WeBelong
  • Our K-12 school system remains largely segregated & inequitable for students of color. Affirmative action helps ensure talented students of color receive a fair shot. No matter what, we won’t let SCOTUS scale back progress on educational opportunity and socioeconomic mobility.
  • Racial equity & diversity in higher ed is a national imperative. Even after this SCOTUS decision on affirmative action, the fight for justice continues. In a multiracial democracy, ALL people deserve to be valued, pursue their dreams, and advance progress together. #WeBelong
  • The civil rights community is committed to working together to ensure students learn inclusive history, have access to books that inform or challenge their perspectives, and have the space to tell their stories about who they are and the paths they’ve traveled. #WeBelong
  • Backlash to our nation’s racial reckoning isn’t new — it’s part and parcel of a generations-old attempt to turn back the clock on civil rights. No matter what, we’ll fight for opportunities for students of color to thrive & participate in multiracial democracy. #WeBelong
  • Support of affirmative action remains strong within the Asian American community. In Spring 2022, 69 percent of Asian American voters supported better access to higher education for women and all communities of color. #WeBelong
  • American history is rife with racial discrimination. The attacks on affirmative action are yet another attempt to strip away the progress that communities of color have made and make educational opportunities the exclusive domain of the white and privileged. #WeBelong
  • Asian Americans are often being used as a face and tactic to challenge affirmative action. We refuse to be used as a wedge to end a policy for racial justice and equality. #WeBelong

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