Talking Points: May Jobs Report

Talking Points: May Jobs Report

The President’s economic agenda has powered a historic economic recovery and is building an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not the top-down.

  • 339,000 jobs created last month for more than 13 million created since President Biden took office.
  • We’ve regained all the jobs lost during the pandemic, and created 3 million more.
  • We’re now at 3.7% unemployment, and have been under 4% for 16 months in a row. The last time our nation had such a long stretch of low unemployment was in the 1960s.
  • More Americans are joining the labor force—highest prime-age labor participation in 16 years.
  • And prime-age women’s participation is the highest since 1948.
  • Annual inflation has fallen for 10 months in a row—down more than 40% since last summer.
  • Wages are higher than they were 10 months ago, adjusted for inflation.

The President is Investing in America to make our economy even stronger:

  • Lowering the costs of prescription drugs, insulin, health care, energy bills, and more to give families more breathing room.
  • Investments in infrastructure, innovation, and manufacturing to create good-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree.
  • Unleashing private sector investments, with more than $435 billion announced since President Biden took office.
  • Benefitting hardworking Americans in every community across the country—making sure no community is left behind.

The President’s leadership to avert default means we will continue to deliver good jobs for the American people in communities throughout the country

  • The bipartisan budget agreement protects our historic and hard-earned economic recovery, and all the progress that American workers have made in the last two years.
  • It protects key priorities and accomplishments from the last two years.
  • The work is far from finished, but this agreement is a reminder of what’s possible when we act in the best interests of our country.
Source: The White House

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