Messaging Roundup: April 12, 2023

Tim Scott Exploratory Committee for POTUS

Just Another MAGA Candidate: The 2024 Republican presidential primary is only getting messier with the entrance of Tim Scott, yet another MAGA candidate who has failed to name a single policy difference with Donald Trump. Scott is a proud Tea Party member with the record to prove it — he has signed on to national abortion bans, supported plans to end Medicare and Social Security as we know them, is a self-described “architect” of Trump’s 2017 tax scam, and has championed the rollback of regulations on big banks.

Talking Points on Tim Scott:

  • Tim Scott can’t name a single policy difference between himself and Donald Trump, calling his record as president “monumental.”
  • Scott said he will govern from the “far, conservative right” as a proud member of the Tea Party.
  • Scott supports some of the most extreme anti-choice legislation in Congress, including national abortion bans and legislation that could pave the way for banning forms of birth control.
  • He supports Paul Ryan’s plans to end Medicare and Social Security as we know them.
  • Scott has used his perch on the Senate Banking Committee to champion rolling back regulations on big banks, even opposing stricter regulations a week before two banks crashed.
  • He was a self-described “architect” of Trump’s 2017 tax giveaways that gifted corporations billions.
  • The “Opportunity Zones” Scott wrote into the bill gave tax breaks to wealthy real estate developers while largely leaving the small businesses and low-income communities they were supposed to help out high & dry.

White House Fact Sheets: Reproductive Rights & Patient Privacy

New Actions from the Biden/Harris Admin: Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing new actions to safeguard patient privacy at the third meeting of the Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access with Vice President Harris. These announcements build on actions that the Administration has taken to protect privacy and access to accurate information in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, as the President directed in his first Executive Order to protect access to reproductive health care, including abortion. Efforts to protect sensitive health information, including related to reproductive health care, have taken on renewed importance, as states seek to penalize and criminalize health care providers and interfere in deeply personal medical decisions. 

Fact Sheet: Safeguarding Patient Privacy

Fact Sheet: Biden/Harris Record on Protecting Access to Medication Abortion

Dan Pfeiffer's Message Box 04/12/23

Republicans Are Losing The Culture War…Badly: “Ever since Donald Trump used his Twitter account and Mark Zuckerberg’s nihilist greed to put divisive cultural issues at the top of the agenda, conventional wisdom called the “Culture War” the GOP’s secret weapon. Stoking fear about immigrants, gay and trans people, and crime allows Republicans to fire up their base and peel off persuadable voters. Democrats, on the other hand, succeed when the focus is on jobs, wages, Social Security, and other “kitchen table” issues.” Read the Full Message Box!

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