Messaging Roundup: September 27, 2023

MAGA Shutdown: Bidenomics vs. MAGAnomics

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As President Biden is focused on growing our economy by investing in workers and lowering the cost of living, MAGA Republicans are undermining our economy and the middle class and marching us towards a government shutdown just to make the rich richer.

MAGA Republicans are threatening a devastating government shutdown (again) in order to gut vital programs middle class families rely on. 

MAGAnomics’ core pillars—raising costs for middle class families, tax hand-outs for Big Business, and gutting investments in economic growth—will hurt our workers and destroy our unions.

MAGA Republicans have long treated organized labor as their enemy, passing anti-union “right to work” laws, which shrink union membership, fuel inequality, and undermine our economic growth. Here’s their record:

  • Fought to gut Labor Department funding and make it easier to fire federal employees
  • Hampered unions’ ability to organize
  • Opposed minimum wage increases
  • Called for the abolition of unions

Key Proof Points

After holding our economy hostage and deliberately risking catastrophic default earlier this year, MAGA Republicans are at it again—marching us towards a government shutdown that would damage our middle class, our economy, and our future.  

The MAGA Republican demands are extreme, reckless, and make indiscriminate cuts to programs that millions of hard-working Americans count on:

The Senate is advancing bipartisan bills in line with the budget deal President Biden negotiated earlier this year, but MAGA House Republicans are deliberately breaking the deal to gut programs and raise costs for middle class familiesand offer a massive tax cut package for greedy corporations.

A government shutdown would hurt the middle class and hurt our economy:

  • Active service members won’t get their paychecks. 
  • Travelers could face delays at airports. 
  • Food safety inspections could be delayed. 
  • Nearly 7 million women and children could lose access to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).
  • Stall critical research on diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. 
  • Direct reduction in GDP growth every week and the potential to cost our economy billions


Messaging Toplines from the DPCC

Extreme MAGA Republicans Charge Towards Reckless Shutdown

  • With just three days until government funding runs out, extreme MAGA Republicans are making radical demands, fighting with each other, and driving America into a reckless shutdown that will hurt working families, damage our economy, and threaten our safety.
  • President Biden, House Democrats, and bipartisan Senate leadership are all working together keep critical services up and running. House Republicans are on an island by themselves pushing cruel cuts to health care, education, food assistance and public safety while demanding a nationwide abortion ban.
  • Working families can’t afford an extreme MAGA shutdown. If Republicans get their way, America will be weaker and less safe — with kids and families cut off from food assistance, critical services like food inspections and disaster preparedness interrupted, small businesses hurt, and even troops and law enforcement forced to serve without pay.
  • Extreme MAGA Republicans have done nothing to make life better or more affordable for everyday Americans. Now they are wasting time with political stunts instead of working with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown that would hurt working families and endanger our national security.
  • House Republicans are on an island by themselves. They are the only people in Washington who are pushing harsh cuts to investments that families count on – like health care, child care, education, food assistance, and public safety. Even Senate Republicans oppose House Republicans’ radical plans.
  • From banning abortion nationwide to impeaching the President, MAGA Republicans are making different extreme demands every day and plotting a government shutdown unless they can inflict this radical agenda on the American people.
  • An extreme MAGA Republican shutdown makes America weaker and less safe: interrupting critical government services, hurting small businesses, and even forcing our troops to serve without pay.
  • Working families can’t afford the extreme MAGA agenda. A Republican shutdown makes America weaker and less safe: interrupting critical government services, hurting small businesses, and even forcing our troops to serve without pay.

Extreme MAGA Republicans Pursuing Partisan Impeachment

  • President Biden is an honorable man and, after nine months of playing politics with their “investigation,” extreme MAGA Republicans haven’t found a shred of evidence that he’s done anything wrong. But extreme MAGA Republicans are moving forward with impeachment anyway.
  • House Republicans, even those who claim to be “moderates,” are doing the bidding of former President Donald Trump and his allies like Marjorie Taylor Greene as petty, partisan revenge on Trump’s behalf.
  • Because many Republicans have acknowledged they have no evidence to begin impeachment, Speaker McCarthy won’t let the House vote on launching an inquiry – even though he previously said blocking such a vote is “an abuse of power.”
  • Extreme MAGA Republicans have done nothing to make life better or more affordable for everyday Americans. Their impeachment sham is an attempt to distract the American people from this track record of failure.

Talking Points on the MAGA Bogus Impeachment Hearing

Key Point: MAGA Republicans have made their priorities clear: rushing an impeachment hearing with no fact witnesses and no new evidence to distract from their looming government shutdown. Their witnesses are right-wing hacks who will spout the same partisan talking points as Comer, Jordan, and other Republicans. This impeachment hearing is an embarrassing attempt to distract from the fact that Republicans will shut down the government, instead of focusing on the real issues keeping working families up at night.

The Toplines

  • Republicans in Congress have failed to find a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. Their so-called bombshell evidence does not exist. They don’t care about the truth. Their entire playbook is to spread baseless conspiracy theories before being forced to admit that they have no proof of anything. Even Fox News has repeatedly said they have no evidence, and Republican Members of Congress agree. They have reviewed 12,000 pages of subpoenaed bank records, over 2,000 pages of suspicious activity reports, and spent hours interviewing witnesses – and have found no evidence of wrongdoing.
  • This hearing is an attempt to distract from the impending government shutdown entirely of MAGA Republicans’ own making. MAGA House Republicans are on the brink of shutting down the government – with Donald Trump’s encouragement – without any clear agenda or policy demands.  Their only recourse to deflect the blame is to try to transparently distract with a bogus hearing featuring no fact witnesses and no new evidence. The hearing is a rushed, embarrassing attempt to distract the public from the MAGA House GOP’s own failures. 
  • The Republican witnesses for the hearings are Fox News contributors and Trump loyalists. What won’t be present at the hearing? Any witnesses who deal in facts and any shred of evidence whatsoever that President Biden committed any wrongdoing. This total embarrassment of a hearing was thrown together in order to distract from the looming government shutdown entirely of the Republicans’ own making, showing they’d rather focus on these partisan, political stunts at the behest of Trump over solving the real issues keeping working families up at night.
  • Their effort to hide behind an impeachment inquiry will fail with voters. The truth is, the Biden administration has given Congressional investigators everything they’ve asked for, and still Comer and Jordan have absolutely nothing. As Comer himself said, “every subpoena that I have signed, as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee over the last five months, we have gotten 100% of what we requested, whether it’s with the FBI or with the banks or with Treasury.” 
  • This bogus impeachment effort is a desperate attempt by MAGA Republicans to distract from Donald Trump’s serious legal troubles. Speaker McCarthy continues to make promises to pursue their impeachment inquiry, but as Trump has been indicted for 91 criminal counts and trials are about to begin, Republicans are desperate to change the news cycle and protect Trump, their MAGA agenda, and their power. Republicans have even interfered with investigations into Trump, threatening investigators with congressional investigations of their own. These are blatant attempts to protect their disgraced former president.
  • MAGA Republicans like James Comer and Jim Jordan have admitted that their investigations into President Biden are about helping Donald Trump get re-elected. Comer recently bragged about the effects his investigations were having on Trump and Biden’s 2024 poll numbers. And even before Republicans took control of the House, Comer and Jordan made clear that their focus would be on politically motivated investigations about President Biden in order to help Donald Trump in 2024. 
  • MAGA Republicans have the wrong priorities. They are focusing on partisan political stunts rather than the real issues Americans care about like the economy and the cost of living. Between a bogus impeachment stunt, shutting down the government, defunding the FBI to protect Donald Trump, and trying to undo Donald Trump’s impeachments, the MAGA House and their so-called moderate members are showing the American people that their real priorities are MAGA priorities. Marjorie Taylor Greene is even threatening to shut down the government if she doesn’t get her way on an impeachment. 

Recent polling of battleground districts shows that voters don’t support Republican efforts to impeach President Biden without evidence. 56% of voters (including 55% of independents) across eighteen swing districts think MAGA Republicans’ impeachment promises are more of a partisan political stunt than a serious effort to investigate important problems. 

  • A majority of voters in key battleground districts (55%) think an impeachment inquiry would be more about helping Donald Trump than finding the truth, including 56% of independent voters. 
  • Similarly, the majority of voters (56%) from key swing districts think the House of Representatives should have to vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden before it begins.


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