NEW Navigator Poll: Public Perception of the Political Parties

NEW Navigator Poll: Public Perception of the Political Parties

Fresh Polling Shows Dems Leading On Climate, Abortion

Navigator Research conducted nationwide surveys conducted of registered voters in September, 2023. Some key takeaways from the polling data:

  • Inflation and the economy remain top priorities for Americans overall and for independents in particular. 
  • On issues like health care, abortion, democracy, and Social Security/Medicare, Biden and Democrats are seen as more trusted and focused. Republicans lead on inflation and jobs/economy.
  • 60% think Trump has committed a crime, but only 42% think he will be convicted. His indictments are seen as serious by majorities.  
  • 63% of Republicans, 49% of independents, and 45% of Democrats say Trump should participate in the next GOP primary debate.
  • GOP policy positions voiced in a recent debate like invading Mexico and raising Medicare/Social Security age are deeply unpopular across party lines.

In sum, the polling indicates Biden/Democrats’ show continued strength on some key policy issues while inflation/economy favor Republicans.

Download the full report here.

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