Messaging Roundup: September 11, 2023

Messaging Toplines: Extreme MAGA Republicans Forcing Government Shutdown

The President, Senate Democrats and Republicans, and House Democrats all agree: we need to honor the bipartisan budget agreement and reject House Republicans’ partisan approach.

  • House Republicans are doubling-down on extreme bills that break the deal and would be devastating for hardworking Americans.
  • Speaker McCarthy already made a budget deal with the President—he needs to keep his word and keep the government open. A deal is a deal.

Speaker McCarthy shouldn’t cave to extreme, far-right members who are threatening to shut down the government unless they can impeach President Biden.

  • If Speaker McCarthy opens an impeachment inquiry simply to throw red meat to his most extreme members like Marjorie Taylor Greene, it will yet again make clear that this is nothing more than a costly rightwing political stunt to baselessly attack the President.

 This is far too serious to play extreme politics. There’s a lot at stake for the American people—a Republican shutdown would hurt our economy and prevent funding critical priorities like:

  • Delivering relief to disaster-struck communities across the country.
  • Fighting fentanyl trafficking and combatting the overdose crisis.
  • Supporting Ukraine and protecting our national security.


  • The Republican majority is an extreme group that has done nothing this Congress to improve the lives of the American people. Now they are threatening a government shutdown that would hurt millions of working families and endanger our national security.
  • Extreme MAGA Republicans in the House of Representatives are on an island by themselves seeking to force harsh cuts to investments that families are counting on like health care, child care, education, food assistance and much more.
  • Extreme MAGA Republicans are making outrageous new demands like a partisan impeachment of President Biden and a ban on medication abortion – and marching toward shutting down the government unless they can jam their right-wing ideology down the throats of the American people.
  • An extreme MAGA Republican shutdown is the height of irresponsibility and will have devastating consequences: interrupting critical government services, hurting small businesses and even forcing our troops to serve without pay.
  • House Democrats are going to continue to focus on delivering for everyday Americans and making a difference in their lives. We are committed to extending government funding and addressing urgent needs across the country, including responding to natural disasters and protecting our national security.

Coming down the pike:

  • Government funding runs out on September 30 and to date, Republicans have passed just one out of 12 of their extreme bills. As a reminder, Republicans failed to bring their own Ag Appropriations bill to the floor prior to the August District Work Period. We anticipate DHS and SFOPs Appropriations Bills on the floor the second week of the September work period.
  • During the week of September 18, Republicans plan to make NDAA conference motions on the floor.
  • We also expect that Republicans may slot in additional bills as the schedule continues to shake out for the month.

Committee Happenings


  • The timeline on this year’s Farm Bill continues to get pushed back as the committee makes its ways through the bill’s titles. As of now, the latest timeline we have is to see text in October and floor activity in November.
  • This month Whip Clark, Ranking Member Scott and Ranking Member DeLauro will introduce the Childcare Stabilization Act to extend Child Care Stabilization funding at $16 billion per year through Fiscal Year 2028. This bill is especially pertinent as these pandemic-era grants will expire at the end of September this year.
  • Committees are ramping up their progress on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which expires at the end of the year. We anticipate committee markups in October.
  • Talks continue in the Senate on the FAA Reauthorization. The House passed its bill prior to the August District Work Period. It is yet to be determined whether an extension will be necessary as discussions continue in the Senate.

MAGA Extremists are Threatening to Impeach President Biden

General Messaging Toplines

  • Republicans in Congress have failed to find a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. Their so-called bombshell evidence does not exist. They don’t care about the truth. Their entire playbook is to spread baseless conspiracy theories before being forced to admit that they have no proof of anything. Even Fox News has repeatedly said they have failed. They have failed again and again to prove any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden – but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing these ridiculous allegations and threats.

  • This bogus impeachment effort is a desperate attempt by MAGA Republicans to distract from Donald Trump’s serious legal troubles. Last fall, Speaker McCarthy played down the idea of impeachment, but as Trump has been indicted for 91 criminal counts and trials are about to begin Republicans are desperate to change the news cycle and protect Trump, their MAGA agenda, and their power.

  • MAGA Republicans like James Comer and Jim Jordan have admitted that their investigations into President Biden are about helping Donald Trump get re-elected. Comer recently bragged about the effects his investigations were having on Trump and Biden’s 2024 poll numbers. And even before Republicans took control of the House, Comer and Jordan made clear that their focus would be on politically motivated investigations about President Biden in order to help Donald Trump in 2024. 

  • MAGA Republicans have the wrong priorities. They are focusing on partisan political stunts rather than the real issues Americans care about like the economy and the cost of living. Between a bogus impeachment stunt, shutting down the government, defunding the FBI to protect Donald Trump, and trying to undo Donald Trump’s impeachments, the MAGA House and their so-called moderate members are showing the American people that their real priorities are MAGA priorities.

Polling Toplines:

  • A majority of voters in key battleground districts (55%) think an impeachment inquiry would be more about helping Donald Trump than finding the truth, including 56% of independent voters.

  • A majority of Americans in these key swing districts disapprove of Republicans in Congress, and these Republicans will be underwater if they continue to focus on partisan stunts and impeachment rather than addressing the important issues facing the American people like the economy and the cost of living for working families.

  • Independent voters also don’t believe MAGA Republicans’ lies on impeachment: 56% of independent voters in these districts believe an impeachment inquiry would be more about helping Donald Trump than finding the truth, and 55% of independent voters believe it would be a partisan political stunt.

  • MAGA Republicans have the wrong priorities. After failed hearing after failed hearing, MAGA Republicans have found NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing by President Biden or his administration, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to push these baseless conspiracy theories and lies. And their constituents have made clear that without any evidence of wrongdoing, they do not think President Biden should be impeached.

  • Voters don’t support Republican efforts to impeach President Biden without evidence. A majority of voters (56%) from key swing districts think the House of Representatives should have to vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden before it begins, which includes a majority of independent voters (51%).

  • If McCarthy wants to pursue impeachment, he must hold a vote (rather than proceeding without a vote like he has threatened to do in the past) so [staters] know where [names] stand on these bogus political stunts.

  • MAGA Republicans’ impeachment promises are nothing more than a partisan political stunt designed to hurt President Biden, and the American people know it. Republicans have failed to find a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden and voters see right through their partisan games. Yet, Republicans continue to be focused on the wrong priorities, not the kitchen table issues that Americans expect their elected officials to address.   

Talking Points on MAGA Attempt to Impeach New WI Supreme Court Justice


When voters elect someone, politicians can’t overturn it just because they want to stay in power. The threat by Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to impeach newly-elected Janet Protasiewicz is a desperate, unconstitutional, unprecedented, and obscene power grab to erase the votes of a million Wisconsinites from this spring’s election and lock in ultra- gerrymandered maps, the near-total abortion ban, and the power to overturn the 2024 presidential election. The public must make absolutely clear to Robin Vos and Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature that this attempt to nullify the last election is absolutely unacceptable.

  •  When voters elect someone, politicians can’t overturn the election to stay in power. That principle is as American as apple pie and the 4th of July. Wisconsinites elected Justice Janet Protasiewicz by an 11-point margin in April, ushering in a new era of democracy in Wisconsin.
  • Now, Assembly speaker Robin Vos is threatening to undo it all by illegally impeaching Justice Protasiewicz—all before she’s heard a single case on the bench.
  • This is an unprecedented threat. No state official has ever been convicted and removed from office by the Wisconsin State Senate.
  • If Wisconsin Republicans impeach and convict Justice Protasiewicz before December 1, 2023, this will trigger a Supreme Court Election next April—on the same day as the chaotic GOP presidential primary.
  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to hear cases on critical issues including abortion, voting rights, redistricting, and the environment. And this is to say nothing about the 2024 election.
  • In 2020, Wisconsin came the closest of any state to overturning presidential election results. A single vote on the Court stopped Republicans from overturning President Biden’s victory in Wisconsin.
  • In 2024, Republicans could try again—and without Justice Protasiewicz on the bench, their next effort to thwart democracy could be successful. The risk is too high—we must stop this threat now before it goes any further.
  • This impeachment threat is a desperate, unconstitutional, unprecedented, and obscene power grab to erase the votes of a million Wisconsinites and lock in their gerrymandered maps, the near-total abortion ban, and the plot to overturn the 2024 presidential election.
  • The time for constituents to contact their state legislators about this impeachment threat is now.

Bidenomics is Delivering Across States

CORE MESSAGE: Democrats are growing the economy by growing the middle class. By investing in American workers and creating a record number of good-paying jobs, President Biden is ensuring the middle class have the tools and opportunities they need to thrive.

Bidenomics is delivering across states:

New Hampshire: $12M Federal Grant Awarded to Build, Improve Broadband Infrastructure in Grafton County

  • Funding of $11,969,000 in the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was awarded to Grafton County to develop a 222-mile fiber optic cable that will provide surrounding communities with faster and dependable high-speed internet.

Pennsylvania: Clean Water for Erie: Biden Infrastructure Law to Fund Lead Pipe Removal

  • Residents living in and around Erie will now have access to cleaner drinking water thanks to President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The Erie Water Works received $30 million in federal funding to remove lead pipes. 

West Virginia: Federal Funding At Work: Building Infrastructure And Jobs In Appalachia

  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, along with the Inflation Reduction Act of last year and other programs are bringing a lot of federal dollars to places like Wheeling. The city is using a $16 million grant from the infrastructure law to improve its Main Street.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin businesses seek to establish innovative biotech hub with federal funding

  • The Wisconsin Biotech Hub would use money from the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act to pursue advances in biotechnology and personalized medicine, which is the use of genetic profiles to aid the medical treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases.

Resources from CAP Action:

  • graphics here on Bidenomics
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