Messaging Roundup: July 26, 2023

President Biden Establishes Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument in Illinois and Mississippi

  • Yesterday, on what would have been Emmett Till’s 82nd birthday, President Biden signed a proclamation establishing the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument in Illinois and Mississippi – honoring Emmett and his mother and their significance in the Civil Rights Movement and American history.
  • This designation builds on the Biden-Harris administration’s work to advance civil rights and racial justice, including through the president’s signing of the Emmett Till Antilynching Act that finally made lynching a federal hate crime.
  • The Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument is President Biden’s fourth new national monument, and reflects the administration’s commitment to protecting places that help tell a more complete story of our nation’s history.
  • This proclamation comes days after the Florida Board of Education passed new standards to erase important parts of American history in their schools. These standards include revisionist history and could lead to students being taught that enslaved people “developed skills” which could be used for their “personal benefit.”

MAGA GOP Latest Political Stunts

State of the Race for the MAGA Base 

As the 2024 Republican presidential candidates get ready to flock to Des Moines on Friday, they continue to embrace extreme positions in their attempt to win over the MAGA base. Here are some of the most recent examples:

  • Donald Trump claimed credit for the extreme six-week abortion ban passed in Iowa this month because he appointed three of the conservative justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • As Ron DeSantis’ “campaign reboot” fails to reverse sagging poll numbers and countless negative headlines, DeSantis again downplayed the January 6 insurrection and argued in favor of education standards that will require schools to teach children that some enslaved people actually personally benefited from slavery.
  • Tim Scott, once again, embraced an extreme national abortion ban in a town hall with WMUR. He has cosponsored multiple bans and vowed to sign “the most conservative” national abortion ban possible if elected.
  • Nikki Haley flip-flopped on her support for Donald Trump yet again, promising to support him if he wins the 2024 Republican nomination – proving that she will say anything to advance the MAGA agenda.

GOP Refuses to Acknowledge the Urgency of Climate Change and Extreme Weather

As the country faces record heat and deals with the rapid impacts of climate change, it’s more important than ever to have leaders like President Biden and Vice President Harris who believe climate change is real and are working to tackle the climate crisis. 

  • President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is making historic investments to combat the climate crisis head on. 
  • Since its passage, companies have announced over 140,000 green jobs. 

2024 Republicans still refuse to acknowledge the urgency of climate change and have actively railed against efforts to combat the climate crisis — all while cozying up to Big Oil and Big Gas. 

  • Donald Trump: Under Donald Trump’s leadership, his administration slashed critical environmental protections and regulations and he has called climate change a “hoax.” 
  • Mike Pence: Pence has refused to acknowledge the urgency of climate change and downplayed the climate crisis. 
  • Ron DeSantis: DeSantis’ climate efforts in Florida were characterized as “catastrophic,” and the League of Conservation Voters gave his environmental voting record in Congress a lousy two percent rating.

Talking Points On House Committee On Education & The Workforce Hearing On Covid-19 Pandemic School Closures

Key Point: The House Education & Workforce hearing today is just another excuse for MAGA Republicans to attack teachers’ unions and public education. While President Biden and Democrats focus on investing in education to help students make up for lost learning time, Republicans have been focused on political stunts. These Republicans claim they care about the best interests of children, but their records of voting against keeping kids safe from gun violence and COVID-19 tell a different story. This is nothing more than a political stunt designed to give MAGA Republicans a platform to spew their radical agenda.


  • Congressional Democrats and President Biden delivered historic investments in education that are helping students, parents and teachers make up for lost learning time in the classroom. The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated pre-existing achievement gaps and other challenges for our nation’s students. The last thing schools and students need is the devastating cuts to education funding that MAGA Republicans are attempting to force through the appropriations process.
  • MAGA Republicans have repeatedly opposed efforts to keep students and teachers safe. Time and time again, MAGA Republicans voted against billions in funding dedicated to safely reopening schools, opposed measures to prevent gun violence in schools, and opposed pandemic aid for children and families. They have no credibility to claim that they have the best interests of American schoolchildren in mind. 
  • This hearing is nothing more than a political stunt intended to further MAGA Republicans radical agenda instead of tackling issues that actually matter to students and parents. Republicans want to politicize our children’s education in classrooms and make it the epicenter of their culture war. They will defund your children’s education, ban books, and attack critical race theory for their own radical political agenda.
  • Republicans have been attacking public education for decades. Before faux outrage over Drag Queen Story Hour, and even before the existence of COVID-19, Republicans were pining for the elimination of the Department of Education dating back to President Reagan. Republicans continue to propose devastating cuts on education funding are only the latest efforts by Republicans to use public schools as a political football. 


MAGA Republicans
Political stunts
Radical Agenda
No credibility

Five Key Points: What to Watch for at Mayorkas Hearing and on Larger Immigration Moment for GOP

One way of looking at the House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring the testimony of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is as a microcosm of ongoing relentless Republican politicized extremism on immigration. The hearing – and its role in the GOP’s proposed sham impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas – arrives in the midst of several immigration and border-related storylines of note, including the enjoinment of the Biden administration’s asylum ban and ongoing denunciation of Gov. Greg Abbott and the dehumanizing anti-immigrant cruelty on display in Texas. 

  • Will House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee continue to use white nationalist conspiracy rhetoric? New analysis details the scope of Republican mainstreaming of dangerous “invasion” and “replacement” falsehoods. Updated analysis from America’s Voice has identified more than 80 examples of Republican Members of the 118th Congress amplifying the white nationalist “invasion” conspiracy theory in their official capacity. Eleven Members of the House Judiciary Committee alone – the committee holding today’s Mayorkas hearing – have peddled this dangerous white nationalist conspiracy theory this year in their official capacity. This despite the links to real world incidents of deadly violence associated with white nationalist conspiracies. And this despite the reality that domestic extremists – predominantly right wing violent extremists – pose the greatest lethal terrorism threat to the U.S. per our government’s own assessments. Yet Republicans are intent to impeach the cabinet secretary tasked with protecting our homeland, while basing their supposed case on immigration falsehoods, using the many of the same talking points as the domestic extremists themselves. Read the new America’s Voice backgrounder with updated statistics and examples of GOP usage of white nationalist conspiracies here.
  • Will Republicans acknowledge their apocalyptic predictions about the border after Title 42 got it all wrong? Or will they merely continue their pre-baked political attacks and lies on the Biden administration and immigration? As Vanessa Cárdenas recently wrote in an op-ed: “…contrary to right-wing and GOP apocalyptic predictions about the end of Title 42 pandemic-era immigration policies, the number of migrants encountered at the border has plummeted. While the factors behind the drop in crossings are many, including restrictions I do not support, it’s a data point that Republicans should be celebrating, given their supposed priorities. Yet, they are continuing their political attacks as if their predictions of post-Title 42 chaos had come true.” Of note, Republicans are continuing a political attack that GOP and right wing leaders started even before Biden was in office, when they blamed Biden’s immigration policies for a rise in border encounters occurring during the Trump presidency.
  • Will Republicans mischaracterize the immediate implications of yesterday’s ruling enjoining Biden’s asylum ban and will they (along with reporters and pundits covering immigration) continue to portray the asylum ban/restrictions as the sole reason border encounter numbers have plummeted after the lifting of Title 42? Yesterday’s ruling by Judge Tigar enjoining the Biden administration asylum ban (see the reaction from Vanessa Cárdenas here) does not mean the asylum restrictions will immediately end – unfortunately to our eyes. The administration’s appeals and ongoing legal procedures will likely keep the current restrictions in place for the foreseeable future. Yet we expect some Republicans to use the ruling as a chance to misinform, continuing the GOP’s claim that we have “open borders”  a falsehood that has been the cornerstone of Republican immigration misinformation in recent years. We should reject simplistic analysis that claims the asylum restrictions alone are the reason that Republicans’ apocalyptic predictions about the end of Title 42 haven’t come to pass. The drop in border encounters is attributable to a number of factors, including the end of the recidivism brought by Title 42 itself, channels toward ports of entry, seasonal fluctuations and new safe and orderly pathways that help alleviate border pressures
  • Will any Republicans defend or denounce the dehumanized and political cruelty on display in Texas? The horrific details of Texas state troopers deployed by Gov. Greg Abbott denying water to pregnant women and pushing children back into the Rio Grande and the accompanying dangers of deployed razor wire are unconscionable. Will any Republicans denounce or defend these policies? It has been reported that 14 GOP-led states have also sent troopers to Texas to assist Abbott. Meanwhile, as Vanessa Cárdenas noted this week, “While investigations should proceed to ensure accountability for those responsible for the horrors near the Rio Grande, we also need to fight against the other fronts of the GOP’s all-out nativist assault on our values and its dangerous implications for our country,” including the sham impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas. 
  • Do Republicans have any solutions or realistic ways of addressing migration or are they continuing efforts to blow up solutions, obstruct progress and divide voters? This is impeachment over policy differences, but it is unclear if Republicans actually have any policy ideas to put on the table – other than failed and cruel deterrence-only measures – and if any are mentioned in the hearing. The opponents of immigration prefer chaos and obstruction, designed to keep a sense of crisis involving non-white immigrants in the headlines and portraying “us” as under siege from threatening invaders. But this is not a governing strategy aimed at creating more order or greater legality. Rather it is pure politics, designed to divide and agitate.

Messaging Toplines from the DPCC: Democrats Put People Over Politics to Grow the Middle Class

  • While extreme MAGA Republicans give special tax breaks to big corporations and slash investments working families count on, Democrats are putting People Over Politics to help everyday Americans.
  • Democrats are lowering costs for working families. We took on Big Pharma to reduce prescription drug costs and cap the price of insulin for seniors at $35. We continue to fight special interests to stop big corporations from ripping off everyday Americans.
  • Democrats are growing the middle class. We are bringing supply chains back home, fixing our roads and bridges, and delivering clean water and high-speed internet to more communities – creating more than 13 million jobs since President Biden took office.
  • Democrats are working to make our communities safer. We are committed to building on the gun safety legislation we passed last year to protect America’s kids, expand background checks for gun purchases, and keep dangerous weapons off our streets.

Biden-Harris Administration

Bidenomics vs. GOP Vision

The president’s economic plan – Bidenomics – is delivering results and growing the economy from the bottom up and middle out – all while lowering costs for working families and protecting Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ benefits. 

Meanwhile, MAGA Republicans are embracing an extreme agenda that favors trickle-down policies:

  • Tax cuts for the wealthy
  • Putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block
  • Outsourcing jobs
  • Raising health care and utility costs

Just look at what happened the last time we had a Republican president:

  • Donald Trump left office with the worst jobs record since the Great Depression,
  • He proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security every year he was in office,
  • And he and congressional Republicans blew up the deficit to give a massive tax cut to the ultra wealthy and big corporations. 

We’ve seen what MAGA control looks like and we can’t go back.

Bidenomics in Action:

South, Mountain West see manufacturing boom under Biden (Axios)

  • “A manufacturing boom has swept across the country in President Biden’s 2½ years in office, with the South and Mountain West — including several red states — having especially strong growth”
  • The US economy has added 800,000 manufacturing jobs nationwide under Biden.

Morgan Stanley credits Bidenomics for ‘much stronger’ than expected GDP growth (CNBC)

  • President Biden’s economic policies drove an unexpected surge in the U.S. economy that is so significant that Morgan Stanley was forced to make a “sizable upward revision” to its estimates for U.S. gross domestic product.

Bidenomics is working, from inflation to rural investments (Washington Post)

  • “It has the potential to transform the economy and remake communities that had felt left behind. If so, that would be an economic and political game changer.”

One year old, US climate law is already turbocharging clean energy technology (AP)

New business formation in 2023 is on track to be the 2nd highest on record in the USA

U.S. consumer confidence jumps to a two-year high as inflation eases (AP)

State data shows how plentiful jobs are in Biden’s economy (Axios)

Biden-Harris Administration Makes it Easier to Access Mental Health Care

  • President Biden believes that mental health care is health care. 
  • Yesterday, the president announced new actions to make it easier for the more than 150 million Americans with private health insurance to access mental health benefits. 

These actions build on the steps this administration has taken to tackle the mental health care crisis, including:

  • Advancing access to services in Medicare,
  • Enhancing crisis response, and
  • Providing mental health services in schools.

VP Harris Delivers Address on Equity and the Economic Power of the Hispanic Community at UnidosUS Conference 

  • Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered the keynote address at the UnidosUS conference – one of the largest gatherings of Latino leaders from across the United States – to discuss how the Biden-Harris administration is delivering for Hispanic communities by investing in small businesses, creating jobs, and lowering health care costs.
  • In her remarks, the vice president highlighted the fight to protect the fundamental freedoms of all Americans including the right to vote, reproductive freedom, and the freedom to learn and teach America’s full history. 
  • The speech is yet another example of VP Harris on the front lines of fighting for equity in this country. Her remarks came just days after the VP traveled to Jacksonville to call out Florida’s new educational standards which include revisionist history and could lead to students being taught that enslaved people “developed skills” which could be used for their “personal benefit.” 
  • The vice president’s remarks at UnidosUS was just one stop on a month-long swing across the country to address key voting groups across different communities. 

President Biden’s Pro-Labor Record Stands in Stark Contrast with the GOP

Joe Biden is the most pro-union and pro-worker president of our lifetime, and his record proves it:

  • Since President Biden took office, nearly 800,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created and private sector companies have announced over $480 billion in manufacturing and clean energy investments.
  • The economy has added hundreds of thousands of auto industry jobs under President Biden, including more than 120,000 auto manufacturing jobs.
  • The administration has worked to strengthen, modernize, and expand apprenticeship programs to help connect Americans to good quality union jobs.

Since launching their campaign, President Biden and Vice President Harris have received an outpouring of early support from unions and organized labor:

  • Earliest ever endorsement of the AFL-CIO and an additional 17 unions
  • Endorsed by United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters, NEA, ATU, SEIU, IBEW and more.
  • These organizations have committed to campaigning for Team Biden-Harris, including through peer-to-peer organizing and outreach, as well as paid media.

Meanwhile, 2024 Republican candidates have anti-union records and agendas that would harm workers across the country. 

  • Donald Trump: Trump attempted to slash the Labor Department spending by over a billion dollars every single year he was in office and made it easier to fire federal employees. UAW’s president has said a second Trump term “would be a disaster.” 
  • Ron DeSantis has a yearslong record of siding against workers — including opposing raising the minimum wage, hamstringing unions’ ability to organize, and pushing for anti-union and anti-worker legislation while in Congress.
  • Tim Scott has criticized unions as a “cost” to corporate productivity and advancement in addition to pushing legislation that would weaken unions.
  • Nikki Haley spent her political career in South Carolina opposing unions and even touting the state’s anti-union reputation.  
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