Messaging Roundup: July 6, 2023

President Biden Travels to South Carolina

FACT SHEET: “Bidenomics Has Driven $500 Billion in Private Sector Investments Across the Country, Is Growing South Carolina’s Economy From the Middle Out and Bottom Up”

Talking Points:

Today, President Biden will visit South Carolina to highlight how Bidenomics is delivering investments and jobs to communities across America – red, blue and everywhere in between.

  • During the visit, President Biden will announce that over $500 billion in private sector manufacturing investments have been announced in the United States since he took office, and celebrate a new announcement from Enphase Energy that they are beginning clean energy manufacturing operations in the United States—mobilized directly by President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. Their investment will create 1,800 new jobs nationwide, including up to 600 new jobs in South Carolina between Enphase and its manufacturing partner, Flex.

If Republicans in Congress—including every Republican Representative from South Carolina—had their way, South Carolina would lose out on billions of dollars in investments, jobs, and economic opportunities from the Inflation Reduction Act. 

  • Representative Joe Wilson, who represents the district benefitting from Enphase and Flex’s manufacturing investment, called the law a “waste” of money.
  • And nearly all South Carolina Republican Members of Congress voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which is delivering billions of dollars in infrastructure investments to their own districts.

But as the President said at his first Inauguration, he is a President for all Americans—whether or not they voted for him—and his agenda helps all Americans. Today’s announcement is proof of that.

DNC Talkers’ Toplines


  • President Biden Talks “Bidenomics” in South Carolina: Today in South Carolina, President Biden will highlight how his economic vision for rebuilding the middle class and the American economy has generated new investments in manufacturing and helped to create good paying jobs for American workers. See talking points below:
  • DNC Statement on Iowa Republicans’ Latest Show of Abortion Extremism: “This is the world Donald Trump and other members of the MAGA Republican field have been pushing for: ripping away reproductive freedoms from as many women as possible across the country. As Iowa Republicans fire their latest salvo against a woman’s freedom to make her own health care decisions, let’s not forget that the whole 2024 Republican field will keep fighting for these extreme abortion bans – all made possible by Donald Trump and the conservative justices he appointed.” Read the full statement from DNC Chair Jaime Harrison.
  • ICYMI: Vice President Kamala Harris and DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Condemn SCOTUS Rulings at Essence Fest Against Affirmative Action, Reproductive Freedom, and Student Loan Forgiveness: Just this past weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris and DNC Chair Jaime Harrison took center stage at Essence Fest to spotlight critical issues, such as reproductive rights, affirmative action, and voting rights to motivate voters ahead of the 2024 presidential election. On Friday, Chair Harrison participated in a panel discussion on the Global Black Economic Forum main stage entitled: “How Voting and Policy Shifts Aid in Building Black Wealth and Power.” Friday night, Vice President Harris delivered the keynote address for the Global Black Economic Forum during a conversation on “Fighting for Reproductive Freedom” with Sunny Hostin and Monica Simpson. Read more about Vice President Harris and Chair Harrison’s visit to Essence Fest.


This afternoon, President Biden will tour Flex LTD in West Columbia, South Carolina, and will deliver remarks on “Bidenomics” following the tour.

This afternoon, Vice President Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will participate in an arrival ceremony with Gov. Stephen Lewis of the Gila River Indian Community. Afterward, Vice President Harris will deliver remarks on Tribal nations and communities. Later, Vice President Harris will visit a water infrastructure project.

President Biden’s Success Confirming Federal Judges

  • Working closely with Leader Schumer and Chair Durbin, President Biden has now seen 136 federal judges confirmed – more judicial confirmations than Presidents Trump, Obama, and George W. Bush up to this point in their presidencies.
  • The president and Senate Democrats “have transformed the Senate into a judicial confirmation factory,” as Carl Huse wrote recently in the New York Times.
  • But it’s not just about the numbers.
  • “More meaningful than the number is the type, as two-thirds of those nominees are women and two-thirds are people of color,” Michael Tomasky wrote last week in the New Republic. “Many are from plainly progressive backgrounds in the law.”
  • The success confirming highly qualified judges is no accident.
  • President Biden made judicial nominations a top priority before he was even sworn in as president. And since being sworn in, the president, Leader Schumer, and Chairman Durbin have moved swiftly to confirm a historic number of highly qualified, civil rights attorneys and public defenders.

Just look at the last three weeks, as Jennifer Bendery wrote in HuffPost:

  •  “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) lined up and confirmed six of Biden’s most trailblazing judicial nominees to date, some of whom are certainly contenders for future Supreme Court seats. All are civil rights attorneys. All have been priorities for progressive judicial advocacy groups. All are relatively young, meaning they likely have decades ahead of them in their lifetime appointments. And all bring badly needed diversity to the federal bench.”
  • The president is determined to keep driving forward with highly qualified, barrier-breaking nominees committed to upholding the rule of law.

Resources on Student Debt Relief Talking Points:

Friday, the Supreme Court ruled against hardworking Americans.

  • Millions of borrowers are still trying to recover from a once-in-a-century pandemic. The court’s decision puts that recovery, their economic security, and their ability to support themselves and their families at risk
  • And the hypocrisy of Republican elected officials is stunning. They had no problem with billions in pandemic-related loans to business, including their own, being forgiven. But when it came to providing relief to hardworking Americans, Republicans did everything in their power to stop it.
  • The Biden administration believes the Supreme Court’s decision was wrong. But President Biden and Vice President Harris won’t stop fighting to help borrowers get back on their feet.

Last week, the Biden-Harris administration announced three actions to support students and borrowers:

  • First, the administration is taking action to open a new alternative path to provide debt relief to as many working and middle-class borrowers as possible.
  • The Department of Education initiated the process to enter negotiated rulemaking aimed at creating new standards for debt relief. Under the law, this path will take time, but the administration is determined to keep fighting to deliver relief to as many borrowers as possible, as fast as possible.
  • Second, the administration finalized the most affordable repayment plan in history called the Saving on a Valuable Education plan, or “SAVE” plan. This income-driven repayment plan will cut borrowers’ monthly payments in half, allow many borrowers to make $0 monthly payments, save all other borrowers at least $1,000 per year, and ensure borrowers don’t see their balances grow from unpaid interest
  • Borrowers signed up for the current REPAYE plan will be automatically enrolled in the SAVE plan once the Department of Education begins implementing it later this summer.
  • Third, to help borrowers back into repayment, the administration is creating a temporary “on-ramp” to repayment for up to one year. Although interest will accrue starting September 1 and payments are due, and borrowers should pay if they can, this on-ramp will help borrowers who miss payments avoid the harshest consequences of missed, partial, or late payments for up to one year so that they do not result in negative credit reporting or default.
  • President Biden believes that college should be a ticket to the middle class. But for too many people, the burden of student loan debt has kept that dream too far out of reach.
  • These actions will help alleviate that burden for more Americans, and the Biden administration will never stop fighting for hardworking students, borrowers, and families.

President Biden’s Actions to Promote Educational Opportunity and Diversity in Colleges and Universities

  • The Supreme Court walked away from decades of precedent that has enabled America’s colleges and universities to build vibrant, diverse environments where students are prepared to lead and learn from one another
  • As President Biden said: while talent, creativity, and hard work are everywhere across this country, equal opportunity is not, and we cannot let this decision be the last word.
  • Our colleges are stronger when they are racially diverse, and our nation is stronger because we are tapping into the full range of talent in this nation.

­­As our nation’s colleges and universities consider their admissions processes in the wake of the court’s decision, President Biden is calling on them to seize the opportunity to expand access to educational opportunity for all.

  • Specifically, the president is calling on colleges and universities, when selecting among qualified applicants, to give serious consideration to the adversities students have overcome, including: financial means of student or their family; where a student grew up and went to high school; and personal experiences of hardship or discrimination, including racial discrimination, that a student may have faced.
  • In doing so, colleges and universities can fully value aspiring students who demonstrate resilience and determination in the face of deep challenges.

The Biden-Harris administration is also taking action to support colleges and universities so they can continue building pathways to upward mobility and success for all students to thrive in the American workforce and our nation’s military, including:

  • Providing colleges and universities with clarity on what admissions practices and additional programs to support students remain lawful, within the next 45 days as colleges prepare for the next application cycle;
  • Convening a National Summit on Educational Opportunity;
  • Releasing a report on strategies for increasing diversity and educational opportunity, including meaningful consideration of adversity;
  • Increasing transparency in college admissions and enrollment practices; and
  • Supporting states in analyzing data to increase access to educational opportunity for underserved communities.

These actions build on President Biden and this administration’s historic efforts to ensure all students have the opportunity to access higher education by: securing historic increases in Pell Grants, prioritizing college completion; supporting America’s HBCUs, Tribal colleges, and minority-serving institutions; and fixing the broken student loan system.

  • Although the court’s decision threatens to move the country backward, the Biden-Harris administration will continue to fight to ensure this decision will not be a permanent step back for the country, and to preserve the hard-earned progress we have made to advance racial equity and civil rights and expand educational opportunity for all Americans.


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