Messaging Roundup: June 6, 2023

Messaging Toplines from the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee

  • Democrats are putting People Over Politics. We are fighting to protect our freedoms, lower costs, create better paying jobs and make our communities safer.
  • Democrats have created more than 13 million jobs since President Biden took office by investing in America. We are bringing supply chains back home, fixing our roads and bridges, and delivering clean water and high-speed internet to more communities.
  • Democrats are fighting for Americans’ fundamental freedoms. We will always defend everyone’s right to make their own reproductive health care decisions. And Democrats are protecting the LGBTQ+ community, fighting for equal rights for all and passing a law protecting same-sex marriage.
  • Meanwhile, House Republicans are bringing bills to the floor this week that are completely out of step with what the American people want Congress to focus on.
  • The two gas stove bills on the floor this week would undermine the Department of Energy’s ability to regulate gas stoves and erode consumer protections to make gas stoves less safe. The remaining two Judiciary bills would undermine deference to agency rulemaking authority and impede implementation regulations unless approved by Congress.

Talking Points On The House Judiciary Committee Immigration Hearing

Key Point:

The Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are planning on using Wednesday’s immigration hearing to lay out the groundwork for a bogus impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. This hearing is a political payment to extreme MAGA Republicans following the bipartisan debt ceiling bill where President Biden kept the economy from collapsing. Many House Republicans were upset with the deal and Republican leadership used this hearing and possible impeachment proceedings against Secretary Mayorkas to get the support of hardliners like Marjorie Taylor Greene. They are once again rolling out a clown car of witnesses for this hearing including Trump’s former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and a Heritage Foundation fellow who published a case for impeaching current Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.


  • House Republicans are trying to set up Secretary Mayorkas for a bogus impeachment hearing. This hearing comes shortly after Kevin McCarthy made a deal with Marjorie Taylor Greene and other hardliners to give them concessions like impeachment proceedings against Secretary Mayorkas in exchange for their votes on the debt ceiling bill. Greene said the debt ceiling deal that she voted for was a “shit sandwich” but impeachment was her “dessert” that made it worth voting for the bill. One of their witnesses, Steven Bradbury, wrote a case for impeaching Secretary Mayorkas in February.
  • The timing of this hearing makes it clear that this is a political payment to MAGA Republicans. Despite Republican fear mongering, border crossings have gone down after Title 42 expired and the chaos they claimed would happen did not. Border Patrol encounters dropped 70% in the days following the end of Title 42. If this was actually about concerns over the situation on the border, they would not be holding this hearing now as things are improving.
  • House Republicans refused to provide oversight into Trump’s failed border policies. One of the Republican witnesses for the hearing, Chad Wolf, was the former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security under Trump. House Republicans refused to provide oversight into Trump’s failed border policies, opposing bipartisan efforts to investigate the policy of forced child separation along the southern border. Jim Jordan even claimed Trump bore no responsibility for unrest at the border during his presidency. How can he claim to have any authority to investigate the Biden administration’s border policies now that he’s in charge?
  • House Republicans have no credibility to claim they care about real solutions to fix our immigration system or the border. They have repeatedly shown that they care more about partisan political stunts than actually solving immigration or fixing the border. With Democrats in control of the Senate and White House, bipartisan compromises are the only way to get things done, but MAGA Republicans have made clear they don’t actually care about governing. Republicans have refused to work with the Biden administration or even the Senate on immigration reform or border policy. 


MAGA Republicans
Political payment
Political stunts
Bogus impeachment

DNC Talkers’ Toplines


DNC, DSCC, DCCC, & ADP Statement on Winning Arizona Voting By Mail Case: “Democrats have successfully fought back against Republicans’ baseless efforts to attack the right of Arizonans to vote by mail and fundamentally change how elections are administered in the state. We will continue to use every tool at our disposal to protect the ability of Arizonans to exercise their right to participate in our democracy and to oppose Republicans’ voter suppression tactics…” Read the full statement from the DNC.


Please amplify some of our top content from DNC channels below:

  • Under President Biden, we have seen over 13 million jobs created and the unemployment rate has remained near historic lows. @TheDemocrats (Twitter), (Facebook)
  • It’s time to renew the assault weapons ban. @KamalaHarris (Twitter)
  • Mike Pence was Trump’s MAGA wingman for four years—and he’s promised to take their extreme agenda even further. @TheDemocrats (Twitter), (Facebook)
  • We’re done talking about Infrastructure “Week.” Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’re living through an Infrastructure Decade. Our investments have touched over 4,500 communities across all 50 states, D.C., and territories. @JoeBiden (Twitter)

Invest. Gov Talking Points:

  • Today, the White House launched, a new website highlighting the historic economic recovery President Biden has overseen and how his Investing in America agenda is bringing economic opportunity, jobs, and investments to states and territories across America
  • features an interactive map that shows private sector investments mobilized by the president’s agenda that are bringing manufacturing back to the US and building a clean energy economy, as well as infrastructure projects underway that are funded by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
  • Under President Biden’s leadership, the economy is transitioning from a historic economic recovery to steady and stable growth with good jobs and small businesses booming
  • More than 13 million jobs have been created since Biden took office, with unemployment near historic lows
  • His Investing in America agenda has mobilized over $470 billion in private sector manufacturing and clean energy investments in the United States, and the administration has announced over $220 billion in infrastructure funding aimed at repairing roads and bridges, delivering clean water, deploying high-speed internet, and more
  • At the same time, a record number of small business applications were filed in Biden’s first two years in office – underscoring how President Biden’s agenda is growing our economy from the middle out and bottom up, not from the top down
  • President Biden’s leadership to avert default protects these investments that are bringing jobs and opportunities to communities across the country and continue the progress that we’ve made growing the economy over the last two years
  • To highlight the impact of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, members of the administration will be fanning out across the country later this month for a second installment of the Investing in America tour, coinciding with the two-week Congressional recess around the July 4th holiday. 

The website will be updated regularly to reflect recent investments, projects, and announcements.

Talking Points on Mike Pence:

From Congress to the Indiana statehouse, Pence has pushed an extreme agenda:

  • Was one of the first Republicans to call for a national abortion ban after the fall of Roe, supports banning abortion medication, and says the “greatest accomplishment” of the Trump-Pence administration was appointing the justices who voted to overturn Roe. 
  • He championed ending Medicare as we know it and continues to call for privatizing Social Security. 
  • Has railed against marriage equality throughout his career, signing one of the most discriminatory pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation in the country as governor of Indiana.
  • Led the Trump administration’s charge to repeal the Affordable Care Act – including its protections for people with preexisting conditions – calling it their “first order of business.”
  • Mike Pence was Trump’s MAGA wingman for four years, and as he praises the work he did in the “Trump-Pence administration,” he’s promised to take their extreme agenda even further
  • Pence has long been one of the most conservative Republicans, bragging that he was a member of the “Tea Party before it was cool.”
  • And in his naked ambition to chase power, Pence campaigned alongside election-denying candidates in 2022 who wanted to overturn the results of the 2020 election
  • Pence has spent his career pushing an extreme agenda, and he will drive the whole 2024 GOP field to the right in their race for the MAGA base.

Talking Points on Chris Christie:

From his time as governor of NJ to serving in Trump’s administration, Christie has used his political career for his own personal gain and has pushed an increasingly extreme agenda in his quest for power:

  • Repeatedly called to repeal the ACA and vetoed the creation of an exchange for NJ residents and small businesses as required by federal law. 
  • Backed a federal abortion ban and used his veto power to cut millions in funding for women’s health services.
  • After the fall of Roe, worked with Susan B. Anthony List to coordinate efforts on restricting abortion in every state.
  • Called for cutting Medicare and Medicaid benefits and raising the retirement age for Social Security.
  • As Chair of President Trump’s Commission on Opioids, Christie failed to submit multiple reports, missed a presidential briefing to vacation in Italy instead, and later leveraged his position to land a lucrative consulting contract for a big pharma company.
  • Like Trump, Christie has a history of skirting ethical and legal boundaries in pursuit of power, including creating the culture of corruption that led to “Bridgegate.” 
  • Championed tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and vetoed minimum wage increases for working people.
  • After dropping his own presidential bid in 2016 to wholeheartedly endorse Donald Trump, Chris Christie served as head of Trump’s transition team, gave his presidency an “A,” and spent years championing his MAGA agenda.

Messaging Guidance - House Hearing on “American Confidence in Elections: The Path to Election Integrity

House Oversight Hearing: Wednesday, June 7 at 10am ET

American Confidence in Our Elections Act 


  • The people of Washington D.C. deserve the same rights as everyone else to elect their own elected leaders and choose their own policies
  • The American Confidence in Elections Act would be a huge federal government overstep into the governance of Washington D.C. 
  • Our nation’s Capital is not a legislative playground for extremist members of Congress to experiment with voter suppression measures.
  • The ACE Act is an extremist legislative package that would overturn D.C. laws that have been enacted to expand and strengthen democracy in the District. 
  • DC must be granted statehood to ensure that its residents have the right to self-governance. It is unjust that Congress, with no voting representation from D.C., can override the will of the people and their elected representatives.
  • Statehood is not just a D.C. issue, it is a racial justice and civil rights issue

Witnesses and testimonies:

  • The Honorable Ken Cuccinelli – Chairman Election Transparency Initiative
  • Mr. Charles Spies – Member Dickinson Wright, PLLC
  • Ms. Monica Evans – Executive Director DC Board of Elections
  • Ms. Wendy R. Weiser – Vice President, Democracy Brennan Center for Justice

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