Messaging Roundup: May 18,2023

Latest Talking Points – Avoiding a GOP-Manufactured Default Crisis

Extreme MAGA Republicans Forcing Cruel Cuts or Devastating Default On Our Debt

  • Extreme MAGA Republicans have manufactured a crisis and are now presenting working families with a terrible choice: either they inflict cruel cuts that hurt everyday Americans or they force a devastating default on our debt.
  • Extreme MAGA Republicans are pushing for cruel cuts that hurt everyday Americans. House Republicans voted to take Medicaid away from millions, lay off 100,000 teachers and kick kids out of child care, rip food assistance away from families, and even slash veterans’ health care.
  • If they don’t get their way with cruel cuts, extreme MAGA Republicans are threatening to force a default on our debt. This economic disaster will cause millions of jobs to be lost, the stock market to crash, and costs to rise for everyone and on everything.
  • Democrats have already cut the deficit by historic levels and President Biden’s budget reduces deficits by another $3 trillion over the next decade. We want to invest in America – lowering costs and creating better paying jobs – while cutting wasteful spending on special interests and asking the wealthiest Americans to begin paying their fair share.
  • House Republicans created this default crisis – and they can end it now by joining us, signing our petition, and forcing a vote on a bipartisan solution to prevent a default on our debt. If five House Republicans join us and sign, we can save our economy today.
  • The president had a productive conversation with congressional leaders on Tuesday and is confident that America will not default.
  • The meeting was civil and respectful. Everyone came to the meeting in good faith, and every leader understood that the consequences of failing to pay our bills would be catastrophic for the American economy and the American people. Default could:  Erase millions of jobs, Trigger a recession, Devastate retirement accounts,  Increase borrowing costs, Damage our international reputation 
  • The president is confident that the leaders agreed that we’re going to come together and do the right thing for the country.
  • This negotiation is about the outlines of what a budget will look like—not about default. The leaders have all agreed that we will not default.
  • The president is proud of the progress we’ve already made on deficit reduction. He cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion in his first two years in office, and he has proposed another almost $3 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade.
  • The leaders all agreed that the president and the speaker would designate senior members of their teams to meet and hammer out their differences.
  • The president will remain in constant contact with his team while he’s at the G7. He’ll be in close touch with Speaker McCarthy and the leaders, and he’s cut his trip short in order to return for final negotiations with congressional leaders.
  • As he’s made clear many times, America is not a deadbeat nation. We pay our bills. Our country has never defaulted on its debt. And discussions with congressional leaders will continue until an agreement is reached.

 The Default On America Act Would Hurt Everyday Americans in Districts Represented by Extreme MAGA Republicans

  • The consensus is clear – extreme MAGA Republicans’ Default On America Act is a radical wish list of unpopular extreme right-wing priorities that will hurt everyday Americans. Extreme MAGA Republicans united to pass a bill that would inflict significant hardship on their own districts.
  • Examples:
  • Mark Amodei (NV-02):  The Default On America Act cuts 9,750 good-paying clean energy jobs in Rep. Amodei’s district and denies over 70,000 of his constituents the opportunity to receive historic student debt relief.  Is he advocating for his constituents’ best interests?
  • Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-01): The Default On America Act cuts 700 good-paying clean energy jobs in Rep. Miller-Meeks’ district and denies over 107,000 of her constituents the opportunity to receive historic student debt relief.  Iowans deserve better.
  • Lauren Boebert (CO-03): The Default On America Act cuts 700 good-paying clean energy jobs in Rep. Boebert’s district and denies nearly 90,000 of her constituents the opportunity to receive historic student debt relief.  This would only hurt Everyday Coloradans.

Additional resources that highlight the devastating impacts of the Default On America Act 

Fifth Circuit Oral Arguments on Mifepristone Talking Points

  • Yesterday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held oral arguments inAlliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA.
  • For now, the Supreme Court’s stay still stands, and mifepristone remains available and approved for safe and effective use.
  • FDA’s position in this suit and authority to regulate drugs, including mifepristone, is supported by a wide range of stakeholders who submitted numerous amicus briefs in the Fifth Circuit including: Former FDA commissioners, former DOJ officials, leading expert physicians and medical organizations, PhRMA, BIO, pharmaceutical company executives, patient advocacy organizations, members of Congress, state and local leaders, the National Association of Manufacturers, and reproductive rights advocates.
  • The administration continues to fight to defend FDA’s evidence-based approval of mifepristone – a medication that was deemed safe and effective more than 20 years ago – as well as the FDA’s independent expert authority to review, approve, and regulate a wide range of prescription drugs.

The Biden-Harris Administration Has Taken Action to Make Communities Safer:

  • Officers and awarded the Medal of Valor to nine public safety officers, including two fallen NYPD police officers, who have exhibited absolute courage while attempting to save or protect others from harm.
  • President Biden knows that our nation owes our officers a debt of gratitude. 
  • The answer is not to defund the police, but to provide officers with the resources and training to be the partners and protectors our communities need.
  • From Day One, the Biden-Harris administration has taken action to make our communities safer. 
  • During the pandemic, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan that provided a historic $350 billion for states and cities that could be used to retain and hire more cops, pay overtime and bonuses, expand benefits for disabled first responders, and keep communities safe. 
  • President Biden has funded the police and made unprecedented investments in community-led crime prevention and intervention that tackle the root causes of crime.
  • President Biden brought Democrats and Republicans together and signed into law the most sweeping gun safety law in nearly 30 years. The law expands background checks, funds crisis intervention, including red-flag laws, and helps keep guns out of the hands of people, including convicted dating partners, who are a danger to themselves and others.
  • President Biden has taken more executive action to reduce gun violence than any other president including by strengthening background checks for gun purchasers, cracking down on illegal gun sales, rogue gun dealers, and gun traffickers; and reining in ghost guns that officers have stated are increasingly found at crime scenes.
  • President Biden has also issued an executive order to strengthen public trust and public safety. Without that trust, victims do not call for help. Witnesses do not step forward. Crimes go unsolved, and justice is not served.
  • While congressional Republicans are threatening to sabotage our economy in exchange for gutting law enforcement funding, President Biden’s comprehensive public safety budget request calls on Congress to fund billions more to hire 100,000 more law enforcement officers, to give them the resources and training they need to prevent and reduce crime, and to fund the effective prosecution of crimes affecting families today.

Talking Points On House Weaponization Subcommittee So-Called FBI “Whistleblower” Hearing

Key Point: Jim Jordan already had his highly touted “whistleblowers” exposed as frauds – including two he invited to testify today – but that isn’t stopping him from going ahead with his political circus of a hearing. Jordan’s witnesses have been working closely with Trump allies behind the scenes and are widely discredited conspiracy theorists and insurrection supporters. Jordan, House Republicans, and his extreme witnesses have shown that they have zero credibility. This hearing is just another desperate stunt designed to hurt President Biden as part of Jordan’s transparent plan to try to get his friend Donald Trump re-elected.


  • This hearing is nothing more than a pathetic political stunt designed by MAGA Republicans to undermine President Biden in order to get more power for themselves, push their extreme agenda, and help Donald Trump. MAGA Republicans have been holding failed hearing after failed hearing trying to prove their baseless allegations against President Biden and this hearing is set to be a flop as well.
  • Jim Jordan’s “whistleblowers” spread lies and conspiracy theories about January 6th, and other potential witnesses have reportedly been suspended for being at the Capitol on January 6th. How is anyone who has been spreading wild and baseless conspiracy theories about January 6th or who was actually at the Capitol that day supposed to be believed when it comes to alleged wrongdoing by the government. These so-called whistleblowers have zero credibility and should not be taken seriously. 
  • The witnesses have deep ties to Congressional Republicans and the Trump MAGA world, including Trump loyalist Kash Patel. These so-called “whistleblowers” have been receiving money and legal support from Trump allies. It is no surprise that these Trump-style attacks are coming from the big man himself. One witness previously worked for Senator Chuck Grassley who has been working with Jordan to push these conspiracy theories. Jordan has already pledged to use his taxpayer-funded committees to try to get Donald Trump re-elected and this is just one part of his plan.
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