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Focus14: 2020 Action Center

It’s Go Time. From now through November, we need everyone dedicating every spare moment to get-out-the-vote efforts. Adopt one or more of our Focus14 swing states, and we’ll give you the tools to make a big difference in 2020!

Step One: Explore Our Focus14 States

Click on a Focus14 state in the map below to visit that state’s 2020 Action Page! These pages are filled with ways to help flip America blue this November: curated media to share, social campaigns to amplify, donation funds, events to attend…

Once you’ve picked a state or two to adopt, jump to the form at the bottom to sign up & get added to our team communications!

Why Join Team Arizona?

Arizona is a major battleground state, with 11 electoral college votes. Trump won by just 3% in 2016, but since then Arizona has flipped a Senate seat and is poised to flip another with Democratic nominee Mark Kelly - a seat that is crucial for control of the Senate. As for the US House, AZ has both blue seats to defend AND red seats to flip. The state's also poised to flip the state legislature blue, needing to pick up 3 Senate seats and 2 House seats for control of both lower chambers.

Why Join Team Colorado?

Colorado is trending blue in recent years, with Hillary Clinton winning the state by 5 points, but vigilance is needed to ensure Biden wins their 9 electoral college votes. Colorado elected a Democratic Governor in 2018, as well as gaining control of both lower chambers. If Coloradans come together to flip their contested US Senate seat, the state will become solid blue. Trump apologist Senator Cory Gardner MUST lose if we want to end McConnell's reign.

Why Join Team Florida?

Trump won Florida by 2 points. Democrats narrowly lost 2 statewide races in 2018 by less than 1 point. The Florida Democratic party is vastly out-pacing the GOP in Vote-By-Mail enrollment, which could change the game & help swing Florida to Joe Biden in 2020. To flip the state legislature, 4 Senate seats are needed, which is entirely possible. It's a harder road is to flip the State House, with 14 seats needed for control. The path to keeping the US House blue also runs through Florida, with one frontline Dem to protect and 2 Red-to-Blue seats.

Why Join Team Georgia?

Georgia is the epicenter of voter suppression, so we need all hands on deck to boost turnout. There are 2 US Senate seats up in 2020; winning one or both would go a long way toward dethroning McConnell. Rep. Lucy McBath needs our support to defend her seat, and Carolyn Bourdeaux is primed to flip GA-07. To flip the state legislative chambers, Democrats need to pick up 7 Senate seats & 16 House seats.

Why Join Team Iowa?

Trump won Iowa’s 6 electoral college votes by 9 points, but there are signs that Iowa is souring on a Trump presidency, with Biden in a statistical tie and Senate Democratic nominee Theresa Greenfield leading in her Senate race. In the Iowa Senate, Democrats need to flip 7 seats to take control. Even more exciting: Democratic control of the State House is well within reach, with only 4 seats needed to flip control. (Democrats lost 3 of those seats in 2018 by less than 1 % point.)

Why Join Team Kansas?

It is highly unlikely that Biden can win Kansas' 6 electoral college votes. However, Democratic Senate candidate Barbara Bollier is tied in the polls to flip another Senate seat, and incumbent House Rep. Sharice Davids needs support to hold her seat. Kansas has a Democratic Governor, but Republicans have a supermajority in the lower chambers. After some real gains in 2018, Dems now just need to flip 2 Senate seats and 1 House seat to break the supermajority (key for redistricting in 2021).

Why Join Team Maine?

Are you concerned about Susan Collins? Disappointed in her? Maine's 4 electoral college votes are relatively safe, but the big battle is ousting embattled Senate incumbent Susan Collins. This seat is CRITICAL for Senate control. Congressman Jared Golden also needs support to retain his seat in the US House, and we want to be sure that the state legislature's lower chambers stay blue.

Why Join Team Michigan?

Trump won Michigan by 10,000 votes, so we need to ensure that Biden walks away with the state's 16 electoral college votes this time. Incumbent Democratic senator Gary Peters is vulnerable, & needs support to ensure his re-election. Michigan flipped their Governor’s seat to blue in 2018, but both lower chambers are still controlled by the GOP. The State House is within 5 seats of flipping to Democratic control. There are 2 US House seats to protect, and the MI-06 seat is flippable.

Why Join Team Montana?

Montana has long been considered a red state, but current popular Democratic Governor Steve Bullock is now running for the US Senate, which is a prime opportunity to flip a seat. In addition, all statewide offices in Montana are up for re-election. Montana has had a Democratic Governor for 8 years, and the current Lt Gov Mike Cooney is now running for that office against Greg Gianforte, who is known for body-slamming a reporter. Because Rep. Gianforte is running for Governor, the state's lone Congressional seat is in play for Democratic nominee Kathleen Williams.

Why Join Team NC?

What isn’t in play in North Carolina? Every statewide office, including 3 Supreme Court seats, every Legislative seat and the Governor's mansion is on the ballot. There's a MUST-WIN US Senate seat for Democrat Cal Cunningham, and with new maps there's an opportunity to flip two US House seats blue. North Carolina only needs 5 State Senate seats and 6 State House seats to earn a true Democratic trifecta. And of course, NC is one of the pivot states in the race for the White House.

Why Join Team Pennsylvania?

Trump narrowly won Pennsylvania's 20 Electoral College votes by a mere 50,000 votes. We need a strong push to get out the vote in the Keystone State. Since 2016, Democrats have gained momentum by flipping 3 Congressional seats, and they have the chance to flip 2 more in 2020. At the state-level, Pennsylvania also only needs to flip 3 State Senate seats and 10 State House seats to gain full control of the lower chambers.

Why Join Team SC?

Two words: Jaime Harrison. The Senate candidate running against Lindsey Graham is taking South Carolina by storm & out-fundraising the incumbent; polls show Harrison within striking distance. Enthusiasm for Harrison could propel victories down the ballot as well, with only 5 seats needed to flip the State Senate. Democrat Joe Cunningham's House seat is definitely vulnerable this cycle, and he needs our help to keep it blue.

Why Join Team Texas?

Texas is becoming more diverse (and turning increasingly purple), with only 41% of the population now identifying as white.Texas has long made it hard for people of color to vote though, so increasing turnout is crucial in 2020. John Cornyn has a lower approval than Ted Cruz, so his US Senate seat is now in play for MJ Hegar. Oh, and Joe Biden is effectively tied in Texas for their massive 38 Electoral College votes! But the real fight is in the Texas State House, where Democrats only need to flip 9 seats - in districts that voted for Beto O'Roarke in 2018. HUGE for redistricting.

Why Join Team Wisconsin?

Trump won Wisconsin's 10 electoral college votes by a mere 20,000 votes in 2016. Since then, Wisconsin has elected a Democratic Governor. Despite serious voter suppression efforts from the state GOP, Democrats are poised to take control of the State Senate, by flipping 3 seats this cycle. The State House is on the table, too. Democrats are running strong and challenging the vast majority of races in Wisconsin.

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