Texas: 2020 Focus Candidates

The Key Candidates To Support in Texas

DemCast has taken the time to identify all of the most flippable seats and/or the seats we need to be sure to hold in 2020. Here they are! Please explore the list and support these folks! 

Start with a donation today

Through this ActBlue link, you can donate to all of the candidates below in a single transaction:

MJ HegarU.S Senate
Sima LadjevardianUS TX-2
Lizzie Pannill FletcherUS TX-7
Mike SiegelUS TX-10
Wendy DavisUS TX-21
Sri Preston KulkarniUS TX-22
Gina Ortiz JonesUS TX-23
Candace ValenzuelaUS TX-24
Julie OliverUS TX-25
Colin AllredUS TX-32
Amy Clark Meachum Supreme Court-01
Kathy Cheng Supreme Court-06
Staci Williams Supreme Court-07
Gisela TrianaSupreme Court-08
L. "Sarah" DemerchantTX HD 2
Elizabeth MarkowitzTX HD 28
Likeithia "Keke" WilliamsTX HD 54
Angela BrewerTX HD 64
Sharon HirschTX HD 66
Lorenzo SanchezTX HD 67
Jeff WhitfieldTX HD 92
Lydia BeanTX HD 93
Alisa SimmonsTX HD 94
Joe DragoTX HD 96
Elizabeth BeckTX HD 97
Joanna CattanachTX HD 108
Brandy K. ChambersTX SD 112
Celina MontoyaTX HD 121
Natali HurtadoTX HD 126
Ann JohnsonTX HD 134
Akilah BacyTX HD 138
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