Iowa: 2020 Focus Candidates

The Key Candidates To Support in Iowa

DemCast has taken the time to identify all of the most flippable seats and/or the seats we need to be sure to hold in 2020. Here they are! Please explore the list and support these folks! 

Start with a donation today

Through this ActBlue link, you can donate to all of the candidates below in a single transaction:

Theresa Greenfield US Senate
Abby FinkenauerUS IA-01
Rita HartUS IA-02
Cindy AxneUS IA-03
JD ScholtenUS IA-04
Steve GormanIA SD-08
Warren VarleyIA SD-10
Rhonda MartinIA SD-20
Sarah GarriottIA SD-22
Matt TapscottIA SD-28
Pam EgliIA SD-32
David DegnerIA SD-36
Rich Taylor (i)IA SD-42
Thomas CourtneyIA SD-44
Chris BraseIA SD-46
Jennifer PellantIA HD-16
Andrea PhillipsIA HD-37
Heather Matson (i)IA HD-38
Karin Derry (i)IA HD-39
Shelly StottsIA HD-47
Kayla KoetherIA HD-55
Dave Williams (i)IA HD-60
Eric GjerdeIA HD-67
Phil MillerIA HD-82
Kelcey BrackettIA HD-91
Christian AndrewsIA HD-95
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