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From: The Texas Tribune
Texas has added 1.8 million registered voters. Where they are shows how the state has become more competitive.
Most of the new voters registered in the state's fast-growing urban counties or suburbs....
From: The Texas Tribune
During Texas visit, Kamala Harris urges Democrats to turn out as election approaches and races remain tight
Harris spoke in Fort Worth during the first stop of a daylong tour of Texas. Her message: The Democratic presidential ticket isnt ceding Texas to...
From: KVUE
2020 Election: The impact of the Latino vote in Texas
Some experts say who Latinos or Hispanics vote for in the election could make a big impact....
From: The Texas Tribune
Worried your mail-in ballot still hasn't arrived? Here's how to be sure your vote counts
If you're concerned that you haven't received your mail-in ballot, there are ways to be counted by showing up in person. Officials say ballots are...
From: Aljazeera
Democrats see chance of Texas victory for first time in decades
Kamala Harris heads to the state on Friday, with hope the fast-changing population might swing Texas blue....
The Economy Isn't Booming
Trump touts record growth, but GDP numbers for last quarter largely reflect how bad things got due to the coronavirus pandemic....
From: Up North News
The Affordable Care Act Saved Our Family When Our Daughter Got Sick. Please Protect It.
Our daughter's illness reminds us that scrapping healthcare reform and making families insecure is a bad idea made worse during a pandemic....
From: The Copper Courier
AOC Did Not Hold Back in Her Vanity Fair Interview
AOC is on the cover of Vanity Fair and talked about death threats, how her career has impacted her family, and what the future holds....
From: KVUE
Texas voters won't be required to wear masks while voting after appeals court temporarily lets Abbott order stand
A previous ruling found the exemption to Abbotts statewide face mask mandate put a discriminatory burden on Black and Latino voters....
From: The Texas Tribune
All seven of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's whistleblowers have resigned, been fired or put on leave
The last of the seven whistleblowers, Ryan Bangert, said he resigned Wednesday. Two others had already resigned, two more were fired last week, and...
From: The Texas Tribune
Kamala Harris to visit Rio Grande Valley, Fort Worth and Houston during Texas campaign swing Friday
The vice presidential nominee and U.S. senator from California will swing through the state on the final day of early voting before Tuesday's...
From: The Americano
Biden: I Will Create a Task Force to Reunite 545 Children With Families on Day One
In a new ad, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he plans to reunite 545 undocumented children with their families....
Trump Vows to Get ‘Husbands’ Back to Work, But Women Are the Ones Without a Job
Unemployment due to the pandemic has disproportionately put women out of work, but the president keeps talking about their husbands getting jobs....
No, We Are Definitely Not ‘Rounding the Corner’ on the Coronavirus Pandemic
The White House celebrated the president's success in ending the COVID-19 pandemic" even as the US sets record high for new COVID cases....
From: The Americano
Former Trump Officials: Vote for Biden or 'We Will No Longer Be America'
These former White House staffers blast Trump in a scathing new video as they urge Americans to vote for Joe Biden....
From: The Gander
Under John James, 3 out of 4 Veterans in Financial Emergency Were Denied Assistance
While Sen. Gary Peters has been working to expand veterans' access to services, his opponent John James denied veterans emergency support while...
From: Floricua
The Pandemic Left Nearly 20,000 Spanish-Speaking Domestic Workers With No Job
More than half of the domestic workers interviewed said they did not have the financial means to pay their rent or mortgage during the past months....
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas counties will be allowed only one drop-off location for mail-in ballots, state Supreme Court rules
The court upheld Gov. Greg Abbott's authority under state law to limit ballot drop-off locations, issuing what is expected to be the final ruling in...
From: The Texas Tribune
Michael Bloomberg to spend $15 million on TV ads for Biden in Texas and Ohio after seeing tight polling
The move comes as some polls show the Biden-Harris ticket within striking distance and, in some surveys, ahead in the traditionally Republican...
From: The Texas Tribune
A week before the election, Texas National Guard prepares to deploy troops to cities
A spokesperson for the Guard said the deployment is not related to the election and troops would not be stationed at polling places. Mayors in two...
From: The Americano
Trump’s White House Officially Gives Up on Controlling the Pandemic
The White House Chief of Staff twice affirms that the administration has no plans to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as an outbreak grows...
From: Floricua
Ballots Cast by Black and Latino Voters Are More Likely to Be Flagged for Rejection
One reason is missing or mismatched signatures, with Dems 0.07% more likely than Republicans to have issues raised with their ballots....
From: The Texas Tribune
Polls, late campaign activity suggest Republican dominance in Texas could be at risk
With a week to go until Election Day, the race for Texas' Electoral College votes appears closer than it has been in decades....
From: The Texas Tribune
In high-stakes Texas election, Republicans hope willingness to resume door-knocking gives them edge
Republicans say they have built a major advantage by resuming door-knocking more quickly and aggressively amid the coronavirus pandemic, while...
From: the Guardian
How Texas went from low voter turnout to nation's top early voting state
From coronavirus concerns to changing demographics of new voters, a record number of people have voted in a state known for voter suppression tactics...
From: KVUE
Could the Hispanic vote affect who wins Texas?
The research director with Texas Politics Project says both parties know the Hispanic vote makes them competitive in Texas....
From: Floricua
These Texas Latinos Are Fired Up And Headed To the Polls Early
Everyone is just fed up with just feeling so helpless and the one thing we can do is cast a vote. It feels good to physically do something when you...
From: Floricua
Latino Lawmakers: Amy Coney Barrett's Rise To The Court Could Devastate Affordable Care Act
As the Senate moves forward with confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, Latino Congress members made their plea to save the Affordable...
From: The Texas Tribune
Kamala Harris to make campaign stop in Texas
Harris will be the highest-profile representative from the Biden campaign to visit Texas in person during the general election....
From: Dallas News
Texas Supreme Court stays order that had blocked Gov. Greg Abbott’s mail ballot drop-off limits
AUSTIN The Texas Supreme Court on Saturday stayed a lower courts order that had blocked Gov. Greg Abbotts order limiting counties to one...
From: The Keystone
Biden: 'You Will Be Seen and Heard and Respected By Me'
Joe Biden promised crowds in Bucks and Luzerne counties that he would "work as hard for those who don't support me as for those who do."...
Middle-Class Americans Should Be Earning More, According to Biden. He Says His Tax Plan Will Help.
According to one study, the American middle class should be earning $42,000 more per worker. That's a stark contrast to how tax breaks have helped the...
From: DemCast
Sri Preston Kulkarni for the Most Diverse District in Texas
Sri Kulkarni's win in Texas District 22 will mean that a diverse district has a congressmember that represents its people....
From: WFAA
Can 'deep MAGA country' help Biden in Texas? The Lincoln Project thinks so
A group of Republicans trying to defeat a Republican incumbent in a deeply red state is ready to spend millions of dollars in the final days before...
From: The Texas Tribune
Gov. Greg Abbott didn't require masks at polling places. It's made some voters uncomfortable.
Polling locations are one of Abbotts 11 exemptions to his statewide mask mandate that went into effect July 3. Abbott said at the time that the...
From: The Texas Tribune
In Texas House fight, Democrats bet big on health care, while Republicans emphasize police support
Candidates from both parties are bringing up everything from school funding to lemonade stands in the final weeks of a heated contest for control of...
From: Intelligencer
Trump’s Demonization of Mail Voting Could Be His Doom
As Democrats dominate early voting, the GOP is increasingly banking on huge in-person Election Day turnout in the middle of a pandemic....
From: The Texas Tribune
Analysis: The second election can be harder than the first one
Texas Democrats are trying to add nine seats to their total in the Texas House, enough to regain a majority they lost almost two decades ago. But...
From: The Texas Tribune
“They are hurting them”: Advocacy groups ask feds to investigate sexual assaults, gang violence in Texas youth lockups
The request is the latest chapter in a scandal-plagued recent history for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, which has experienced high turnover...
From: DemCast
Candace Valenzuela: For Texas Children and Their Families
Candace Valenzuela is fighting for working families and aid for Americans hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in her congressional race in North Texas....
From: DemCast
Wendy Davis
Can a Democratic candidate, with a strong gun-sense platform and an even stronger history as a womens choice champion, win a Congressional seat in...
From: DemCast
Progressive Supreme Court Justices on the Ballot in Texas
TheDemocratic judges vying for the State Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals gives voters a chance to increase demographic...
From: The Copper Courier
Trump Administration Ramps Up ICE Raids Ahead of the Election
Over the span of six days in early October, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 172 people in six so-called sanctuary cities....
From: The Americano
545 Undocumented Children Are Orphans Because of Trump
A lawsuit shows that 545 children that were separated from their parents in 2017 under the Trump administration cannot be reunited as of yet....
From: Fox News
Texas leads US in early voting with over 4M ballots already cast
Texas is leading the country in early voting totals, with more than 4 million ballots already cast as of Tuesday....
From: The Texas Tribune
National Democratic super PAC says it will double its spending to $12 million in battle for the Texas House
The group, Forward Majority, says it's increasing its expenditures in response to major spending from Republican-affiliated groups....
From: The Americano
Latinos Are Really Excited to Vote, New Poll Shows
The report offers a clear insight into the Latino electorates views on the 2020 presidential election and their chief concerns....
An Incomplete—and Very Long—List of the Most Racist Policies the Trump Administration Has Tried to Enact
President Trump is no stranger to racist invective, and his administration hasn't shied away from broadly injecting racism into their policies. These...
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas can reject mail-in ballots over mismatched signatures without giving voters a chance to appeal, court rules
A federal judge had ordered the state to give voters a chance to resolve signature questions in time for their ballots to be counted. Now that won't...
From: The Americano
Alejandro Fernández and Maná: We Need to Vote for Those Who Can't
Mexican singer Alejandro Fernndez and Mexican rock band Man seek to increase the Latino vote with a new campaign....
From: The Texas Tribune
Gov. Greg Abbott spends millions to help down-ballot Republicans in Texas
In what it is calling a "mid-seven-figure" effort, the governor's political campaign is working to save the Republican majority in the state House and...
Judge Rules Trump Won't Be Able to Take Food Assistance Away From 700,000 Americans
A federal judge on Sunday struck down the Trump administrations attempt to end food assistance for nearly 700,000 unemployed Americans....
From: The Texas Tribune
Analysis: It's harder to vote in Texas than in any other state
Voting laws in Texas are the most restrictive in the country. And voter turnout here is among the lowest, too. Maybe those facts are related....
From: WFAA
Vote by mail: Here's who's eligible in Texas
There are just four categories that qualify for a ballot. Fear of COVID is not one of them. Intentionally mispresenting your status is a felony....
From: The Hill
Changing suburbs threaten GOP hold on Texas
Warning signs are flashing for Republicans in Texas as the party faces eroding support in the state's increasingly diverse suburbs....
From: Spectrum News
Texas Allows Social Workers to Deny LGBTQ, Disabled Clients
National Association of Social Workers criticized decision....
From: The Texas Tribune
Two key Texas counties — Democratic stronghold Harris and traditionally red Denton — are setting early voting records
As of Friday, 27% of registered voters in Denton County had cast their ballots in the 2020 election surpassing the countys 2016 turnout of 18%...
From: Spectrum News 1
Ideological Gulf Between Texans Becoming Increasingly Violent
Violence resembles upheaval during the '60s. ...
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas quickly appeals Travis County judge's ruling that would allow multiple absentee ballot drop-off sites to reopen
A federal appeals court recently upheld Gov. Greg Abbott's order limiting mail-in ballot delivery locations. The Travis County lawsuit focuses on...
‘You Don’t Care About Us’: Unemployed Americans Say Their Government Has Failed Them
The latest jobless claims report shows applications are inching back up again. Americans share what life is like unemployed in a pandemic....
From: WFAA
Over half-million voters turn out across Texas on first day of early voting
A number of counties set records for votes cast on the first day of early voting, including Dallas and Collin counties in North Texas....
Texas Civil Rights Project sheds light on redistricting
A state-wide group is shedding light on redistricting, the process of drawing electoral districts. The Texas Civil Rights...
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas' attempt to ban common abortion procedure blocked by appeals court
Women in Texas can continue to access the most common procedure used to end a pregnancy in the second trimester, after a federal appeals court Tuesday...
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas Republicans' last-minute challenge to drive-thru voting in Harris County dismissed by appeals court
The court filing from just before early voting began was the latest GOP effort to tamp down voting options in the state's most populous county....
Trump's Rallies Have Previously Been Connected to COVID Cases. And They're Back.
President Donald Trump is back stumping on the campaign trail since his release from Walter Reed Medical Center last week due to COVID-19....
From: Mother Jones
The biggest down-ballot fight of the decade is in Texas
Control of the state House of Representatives is on the line. The effects might be felt in Washington, DC....
From: Cardinal & Pine
Laptop Shortages Across US Widen Education Gap Even More
Families struggle to afford laptops, even in school districts that promised to buy each child a device....
From: Fox News
Jill Biden to campaign in Texas as Dems look to flip Lone Star State
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hasn't traveled to Texas in months,but on Tuesday, his campaign will dispatch his wife, Jill Biden, to...
From: KVUE
How to find early voting locations in Austin and Central Texas
Finding early voting locations in your county is just a couple of clicks away....
Trump-Appointed Judge Rules to Make It Harder for Voters to Drop Off Ballots in Texas
The appeals court upheld Gov. Greg Abbott's rule that limited each Texas county to one absentee ballot drop-off location. The governor's move was...
As Arizona, Texas and Georgia become less white, voter suppression could keep these states from turning blue
Fast-growing Black and Latino populations and more organizing by Democratshave turned Texas, Georgia and Arizona into potential battleground states....
From: The Copper Courier
Biden Support Among Latinos Grows With Promises of Economic Mobility, Access to Education
Nearly one in four eligible voters in Arizona is Latino, and Mission for Arizona plans to reach out to every single one of them before Nov. 3....
Kamala Harris' Debate Performance Was a Reminder of What Black Women Deal With Every Day
Before vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris stepped out on the debate stage, she was already hobbled by what she could say or do....
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas voters have serious concerns about voting and the 2020 election, UT/TT Poll finds
Only a minority of Texas voters from both parties say they're ready to trust the results of the 2020 election for president, according to the latest...
From: NBC News
Judge blocks order limiting Texas ballot drop-off locations
Abbotts order dramatically reduced the number of places in Texas where voters could drop off mail ballots during early voting....
From: The Texas Tribune
As fears of election-related unrest rise, here's what you need to know about poll watchers in Texas
Political parties are enlisting a record number of poll watchers in Texas and across the country for a highly charged election season....
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas's John Cornyn and MJ Hegar argue over coronavirus response, policing and the Supreme Court in U.S. Senate debate
Cornyn repeatedly tried to paint Hegar as a puppet of Democratic leaders and too liberal for Texas. She argued he has lost touch with the state after...
From: The Texas Tribune
How down-ballot candidates could help Democrats flip Texas
The fate of the presidential race in Texas could be tied to dozens of legislative and congressional races in the state's suburbs. Those seats have...
From: DemCast
MJ Hegar and the Blue Wave Are Coming to Texas
A blue wave is coming to Texas and MJ Hegar is at the its front. This Air Force veteran, Purple Heart winner, author, and mom wants to bring real...
From: The Texas Tribune
How Texas has made it easier and harder for people to vote in the pandemic
Voting rights groups say last-minute changes to the voting process in Texas have created confusion. Gov. Greg Abbotts office says he has expanded...
From: WFAA 8
The Lincoln Project, Biden campaign invest heavily in Texas
Republican voters are leaving Trump and Democrats are historically energized to turn him out of office said Mike Madrid, co-founder of The Lincoln...
From: The Texas Tribune
Harris County can't send mail-in ballot applications to all registered voters, Texas Supreme Court rules
The elections administrator for the county, Texas's most populous and a critical stronghold for Democrats, has already sent the applications to voters...
From: Cardinal & Pine
The Average American Spends 15 Times More on Health Care Than Trump Paid in Federal Income Taxes in 2017
The average person spent $11,172 on health care in 2018, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services15 times the amount Trump paid in...
From: Forbes
More Than 4 Million People Have Already Voted In The Election, 50 Times This Point In 2016
With four weeks left to go until the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, more than 4 million Americans have already cast their vote....
Texas U.S. Attorney John Bash resigns
Among the incidents Bash's office helped law enforcement investigate include the Austin bombings in 2018 and the mass shooting in El Paso in 2019....
From: The Texas Tribune
Biden campaign to spend $6 million on Texas campaign ads, more than any Democratic presidential nominee in decades
The Biden ad buy as comes as The Lincoln Project, the group led by former Republican strategists working to defeat Trump, launched a $1 million...
Stripper Polls: The Racy Voting PSA That's Actually All About The Issues
An Atlanta director says no one is engaging with Black men about the upcoming election...
WATCH: Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions Sound Off on the Potential Repeal of the ACA
Up to 133 million Americans have pre-existing conditions covered by the Affordable Care Act...
From: Cardinal & Pine
Trump Will Get Top-Notch Care for COVID-19. Not All Americans Can Say the Same.
The care President Trump is likely to receive will set him apart from most Americans...
Trump Appointee Pressured CDC to Alter Report on COVID-19 Risks in Children
Political operative requested changes that downplayed the risks of COVID-19 to children as schools...
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he won't resign after accusations of criminal activity by top aides
Paxton issued a statement refusing to step down after U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a former top aide, publicly called for his...
From: The Intercept
Texas Voter Suppression Tactics Recall the Jim Crow Era
Gov. Greg Abbott’s voter suppression tactics have inspired voting rights advocates to redouble...
From: The Texas Tribune
Analysis: Greg Abbott's latest retreat comes at the expense of Texas voters
Given the opportunity to make it easier to vote in Texas's 2020 general election...
From: The Dallas Morning News
President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis splits North Texas voters along party lines
Democrats say they hope more people opt to mask-up, while Republicans say Trump administration...
From: The Texas Tribune
Gov. Greg Abbott says accusations against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton "raise serious concerns"
Seven senior officials said in a letter obtained by the Austin American-Statesman and KVUE that they have reason to believe...
From: The Guardian
Texas shutdown of mail-in ballot drop-off sites hits diverse cities hardest
Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to restrict drop boxes to one per county under pressure from his own party faces legal challenge
From: The Texas Tribune
Four Texas Republicans vote against U.S. House resolution condemning QAnon
On the losing end of the 371-18 vote were U.S. Reps. Jodey Arrington of Lubbock, Brian Babin of Woodville, Michael Burgess of Lewsiville and Bill Flores of Bryan.
From: The Texas Tribune
Voters, voting rights groups sue Gov. Greg Abbott over order to close ballot drop-off locations
In two separate federal lawsuits filed on behalf of older voters, groups including the Texas and...
From: NBC News
Voting rights groups, voters file suit over Texas governor's drop box limit
Voting rights groups call the governor's decision "disgraceful, unlawful and the worst type of third world politics."
From: The Courier
Biden Wants to Increase Immigration Again. This Could Be the Economic Boost the US Needs
The Trump administration has slashed immigration. Bipartisan experts—and Biden—say boosting immigration...
From: The Courier
Trump Insulted Biden’s Son for Drug Addiction, But Overdose Deaths Have Increased During His Presidency.
Deaths from drug overdoses increased in more than two-thirds of states last year.
No straight-ticket voting for Texas' 2020 election, federal appeals court says
The Texas Legislature years ago acted to end straight-ticket voting in time for the 2020...
From: The Dallas Morning News
Half a million Texas households at risk of losing power in coming weeks as pandemic protections lapse
Experts worry that the loss of basic utilities for Texans could exacerbate the spread...
From: The New York Times
Citing security, Texas governor limits counties to one spot each for in-person ballot drop-offs.
Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas issued a proclamation on Thursday ordering counties...
Here's how to vote by mail in Texas
What is the deadline to submit my ballot? For most people voting absentee...
From: Houston Chronicle
Medicaid expansion could bring Texas $5.4 billion in federal dollars, study says
Expanding Medicaid in Texas could bring as much as $5.4 billion federal dollars into the state and enroll nearly...
From: Spectrum News
Texas Politicians, Candidates React to First Presidential Debate
Tuesday night's presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, quickly devolved into a shouting match...
From: Texas Tribune
No straight-ticket voting for Texas' 2020 election, federal appeals court says
A three-judge panel on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a 2017 state law ending the popular one-punch option...
From: Fox 4
2020 Election: How do I vote in Texas?
In Texas, besides electing the next president of the United States, we will be voting for a U.S. Senator, the 36 representatives...
From: The Gander
Trump Called Racial Sensitivity Trainings ‘Racist’ and ‘Radical.’ Here’s What Actually Happens in Them.
While refusing to condemn white supremacists and right-wing militias at Tuesday night’s debate...
From: Courier
Trump Filled the First Presidential Debate With Constant Lies and Chaos
The president interrupted Democratic nominee Joe Biden throughout their entire debate...
From: Courier
Trump Administration Pulled Money from CDC for an Ad Campaign and Now COVID Cases Are Surging Again
Referred to in budget documents as the “Covid-19 immediate surge public advertising and awareness campaign,”...
From: Floricua
Calladitas No More: This Young Mexican Votes for a Better Future for Her and Her Family
This is the second episode of our “Calladitas No More” video series where we talk to young Latina voters about what motivates them...
From: The Texas Tribune
Federal appeals court temporarily blocks ruling that reinstated straight-ticket voting in Texas
A federal judge's ruling temporarily reinstating the practice of one-punch voting has been put on a temporary hold...
From: Longview News-Journal
Disability rights group targets East Texas elections websites
Election websites in Upshur and Panola counties are among 80 in the state named in a federal complaint filed earlier this month...
From: The Texas Tribune
Houston Republicans sue to limit in-person and absentee voting options in Harris County
Conservative activist Steve Hotze and a number of Republican candidates and officials are asking...
From: The New York Times
Texas: Does Biden actually have a shot at winning? The answer is a tossup.
It's been a long time since a Democrat won Texas in a presidential race.
From: KSAT San Antonio
After Ginsburg's death, high stakes for Texas' legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act
A Texas-led challenge to the Affordable Care Act will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in November.
From: The Courier
I’m a Military Spouse Who’s Voted by Mail My Entire Adult Life. It’s Not Always Easy But It Is Safe.
Over the last 16 years, I’ve voted by mail 16 times.
From: The Courier
Why Students Organizing to End Gun Violence Are Helping to Register New Voters
“I’m horrified and terrified that our democracy might...
From: KSAT
Native American tribes in Texas rally to increase voter turnout
The chairperson for the federally recognized tribe said most people in her community...
From: Houston Chronicle
Trump, Sen. Cornyn hold leads over Democrats in Texas, two new polls find
Just weeks before early voting begins in Texas, Republicans at the top of the ticket appear to be holding off Democrats
From: Forbes
Texas Democrat Hegar Says GOP Using Her Tattoos To Make Her Look ‘Radical’—But They Conceal Battle Scars
MJ Hegar said she has tattoos to help cover shrapnel wounds received after her helicopter was shot down
From: The Texas Tribune
TribCast: How Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death will affect Texas
Matthew talks with Ross, Emma and Alex about the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy
From: The Texas Tribune
Texas Republicans sue to stop Gov. Greg Abbott's extension of early voting period during the pandemic
The state party Chair, Agriculture Commissioner and members of the Texas Legislature...
From: ProPublica
Foreign Hackers Cripple Texas County’s Email System, Raising Election Security Concerns
The malware attack, which sent fake email replies to voters and businesses, spotlights an overlooked vulnerability...
From: The Courier
EXCLUSIVE: New Poll Shows Texas Democrat Donna Imam Only Six Points Behind Rep. John Carter
A new poll finds incumbent John Carter leading challenger Donna Imam by only six points.
From: The Copper Courier
‘Blood on Their Hands’: Americans Who Lost Loved Ones to COVID-19 Blast Government Response
On Tuesday, the United States recorded at least 200,000 American deaths related to the coronavirus.
From: DemCast
Progressive DA Candidate: José Garza, Travis County, Texas
We can transform our criminal justice system here in Travis County. In fact, we must.”

From: WFAA
Organizations are busy with voter registration across North Texas
Some groups are vigorously working to get as many people as possible registered to vote.
From: Texas A&M
How To Vote In The General Election At Texas A&M
Early voting at the Memorial Student Center in room 526 begins Oct. 13. Election Day is Nov. 3.
From: KSAT
From abortion access to immigration, the battle over the open Supreme Court seat will affect Texas for a generation
The jolt of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death was felt across Texas.
From: Dallas Morning News
In Spanish, Cornyn ad says he ‘strongly supports legalization of Dreamers,' but immigrant advocates scoff
Texas senator blocked some Dream Act bills and supported others with border and enforcement provisions.
From: Dallas Morning News
exas senator blocked some Dream Act bills and supported others with border and enforcement provisions he liked. MJ Hegar says he’s being disingenuous.
How do I register to vote? How can I apply to vote by mail? Where should I show up to cast my ballot?
From: Houston Chronicle
Texas shatters voter registration records again as Trump-Biden election draws closer
Texas now surpassed 16.6 million voters, according to the latest numbers.
From: KHOU
Appeals court strikes down state request to block Harris County mail-in ballot application plan
The 14th Court of Appeals shot down Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s request...
From: KVUE
Texas needs more poll workers this year because of the pandemic. Here's how to become one.
Find out what poll workers do, who qualifies to be one and how to become one yourself.

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