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From: CBS Pittsburgh
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris To Spend Nov. 2 In Pennsylvania
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will spend November 2 in "all four corners" of Pennsylvania....
A guide to Pennsylvania’s political hot spots
The Keystone State has emerged as a virtual must-win for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump. ...
From: NBC News
Seven Pennsylvania counties will wait until after Election Day to process mail-in ballots
It is unclear what impact this could have on the timing of the results....
From: The Keystone
Biden, Trump, and Their Representatives Plan to 'Barnstorm' PA in Last Days of Campaign
Biden, Trump, and their representatives will campaign across PA over the next few days to try to win the votes of the 7 million people who haven't...
From: The Keystone
Hey, Mom and Dad, How Do I Vote? These PA Parents Are on a Mission to Get Their Kids to the Polls
These Pennsylvania families are going the extra mile for democracy....
From: The Keystone
Pennsylvania's Election Night Could Last Days Because of a Few Counties
A few Pennsylvania counties won't start counting mail-in ballots until Nov. 4....
From: The Keystone
Pennsylvania Records 2,202 New Coronavirus Cases Just Days After Trump Declares the Pandemic Over.
The state has counted an average of 2,053 cases per day over the last seven days, breaking records for new daily infections....
From: The Keystone
Western PA County Officials Have No Idea Where Missing Mail-In Ballots Are
The state's top election official has asked federal postal authorities to investigate the missing ballots in Western PA....
From: The Keystone
'Scranton Versus Park Avenue’: How Biden and Trump’s Economic Plans Match Up
Biden's Pennsylvania upbringing and Amtrak-riding ways are light-years from Trumps billionaire status. That has real implications for the American...
From: The Keystone
Find Out Which Celebs From PA Have Announced Their Support for Joe Biden
Batman, The Rock, Taylor Swift, and other celebs from PA are backing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in the hopes they can "build back better."...
No, We Are Definitely Not ‘Rounding the Corner’ on the Coronavirus Pandemic
The White House celebrated the president's success in ending the COVID-19 pandemic" even as the US sets record high for new COVID cases....
From: Voice of America
More Than 3M in Pennsylvania Apply for Mail-in Ballots
A week ahead of the Nov. 3 election, applications in the presidential battleground state of Pennsylvania for mail-in or absentee ballots exceeded 3...
From: CNBC
Supreme Court rejects GOP request to decide Pennsylvania ballot case before election
The Supreme Court will not grant a request from Republicans in Pennsylvania to hear a challenge to an extended deadline for counting absentee ballots...
From: The Americano
Former Trump Officials: Vote for Biden or 'We Will No Longer Be America'
These former White House staffers blast Trump in a scathing new video as they urge Americans to vote for Joe Biden....
Trump Vows to Get ‘Husbands’ Back to Work, But Women Are the Ones Without a Job
Unemployment due to the pandemic has disproportionately put women out of work, but the president keeps talking about their husbands getting jobs....
Campaign Rallies Boost Trump’s Ego and COVID Cases in Counties They’re Held
According to new analysis, recent Trump campaign rallies were followed by county-level jumps in COVID-19 cases....
From: The Hill
The Memo: Florida and Pennsylvania hold keys to victory
The 2020 election, after all its drama and controversy, is likely to hinge on two traditional battlegrounds: Florida and Pennsylvania....
From: Trib LIVE
More than 3 million in Pennsylvania apply for mail-in ballots
A week ahead of the Nov. 3 election, applications in the presidential battleground state of Pennsylvania for mail-in or absentee ballots exceeded 3 million
From: NPR
How Voting Is Different This Year
Voting is different this year. NPR reporters break down what's changed, what voters need to look out for and some of the major legal issues still...
From: The Keystone
Pennsylvania Could Decide the Presidency. It Could Also Plunge the Nation Into Chaos.
Pennsylvania is poised to be the tipping point state that decides the 2020 election, but a result could take days or weeks, due to state...
From: The Americano
Trump’s White House Officially Gives Up on Controlling the Pandemic
The White House Chief of Staff twice affirms that the administration has no plans to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as an outbreak grows...
Trump Administration Signs Global Pact That There's 'No International Right to Abortion'
The Geneva Consensus Declaration promotes anti-equality and anti-abortion rhetoric under the premise of strengthening the family....
From: Forbes
Today's 2020 Election Polls: Biden Bolsters Lead In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin And Michigan
Clintons lead was beginning to falter by this point in the race in 2016....
From: WHYY
What Pa. pollsters got wrong in 2016, and why 2020 might be different
They say polls of PA voters in 2016 were hurt by late-breaking news and a higher number of undecided voters. This time more voters have made up their...
From: The Keystone
Biden: 'You Will Be Seen and Heard and Respected By Me'
Joe Biden promised crowds in Bucks and Luzerne counties that he would "work as hard for those who don't support me as for those who do."...
Middle-Class Americans Should Be Earning More, According to Biden. He Says His Tax Plan Will Help.
According to one study, the American middle class should be earning $42,000 more per worker. That's a stark contrast to how tax breaks have helped the...
The Final Presidential Debate Ends With a Choice
On the last question, one candidate focused on hope. The other chose fear....
From: CBS Philly
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Absentee, Mail-in Ballots Can't Be Tossed Out Over Voter Signature
Two Republican justices joined five Democratic justices in the decision....
From: The Keystone
Biden, Trump Use Swing State of Pennsylvania to Take Swings at Each Other
Donald Trump attempted to use the state's coronavirus response as an example of why people shouldn't vote for Joe Biden during the debate on Thursday....
From: The Keystone
Winner of Auditor General Race Will Be First Person of Color Elected to State Executive Office
Republican Timothy DeFoor, who is Black, and Democrat Nina Ahmad, who is Bengali, are seeking election to the PA Auditor General's Office....
From: ProPublica
Pennsylvania’s New Vote-by-Mail Law Expands Access for Everyone Except the Poor
In Americas poorest big city, language barriers, unstable housing and lack of internet access make voting by mail difficult. So low-income...
From: Cardinal & Pine
Trump Is Punishing People Who Need Help the Most for the Crime of Living in Democratic Cities
Proposed funding cuts to cities Trump deemed "anarchist" would impact newborn screenings, addiction recovery, and mental health counseling....
From: The Keystone
Obama's Biden Pitch in Philly Focuses on Strengthening Support Among Black Men
Former President Barack Obama spoke with 14 Black men at a roundtable in Philadelphia, and encouraged them to vote....
From: NPR
Here's Where The Threat Of Militia Activity Around The Elections Is The Highest
Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Oregon have the highest risk of seeing increased militia activity around the elections, according to a...
From: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pennsylvania reaches all-time high of 9 million voter registrations
For the first time in the history of Pennsylvania elections, more than 9 million people are registered to vote.
The record number of registrations...
From: The Keystone
I’m a Catholic Nurse. This Is Why Biden Is The Moral Choice For America.
Nancy Sharts-Hopko says she supports Joe Biden because he shows empathy and respect for all people, as Catholic teaching says one should....
From: Mother Jones
“It’s going to be hell”: How Pennsylvania is on track for election chaos
The swing state's little-tested mail ballot system could help Trump wreak havoc....
Here's Every High-Profile Republican Who Has Endorsed Biden So Far
The list of Biden endorsers includes former Trump administration officials; former Republican senators, representatives, and governors; and hundreds...
US Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Sat on Board at Private School with Anti-Gay Rules
AP says Amy Coney Barrett sat in a leadership position at private Christian schools barring children of same-sex parents and LGBTQ teachers....
From: The Americano
Trump and Biden Face Off in Final Debate—and Mics Will Be Muted
The president and former vice president will debate on COVID-19, race relations and climate change, among other hot-button issues....
From: Forbes
Pennsylvania Presidential Result Likely To Come Days After Election As Talks Stall On Early Count
The Pennsylvania House GOP said it has no plans to pass legislation to start processing ballots before Election day....
From: Lancaster Online
Pennsylvania breaks past 9M voters at registration deadline
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) Monday is the last day in Pennsylvania to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election in which the presidential battleground...
From: Up North News
Health Group to Trump: Please Just Stop Your ‘Super-Spreader’ Rallies Already
Wisconsins Lieutenant Governor joins demand that the president stop holding events that put lives at risk and normalize unsafe behavior....
From: The Philadelphia Tribune
Philadelphia voting looms large for Trump
PHILADELPHIA When President Donald Trump told the world that bad things happen in Philadelphia, it was, in part, a blunt assessment of his...
From: NPR
What Women Voters In Pennsylvania Are Thinking Ahead Of The Election
President Trump is asking suburban women to please vote for him. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to 3 women from the suburbs of Pittsburgh and...
From: CBS Philly
Jill Biden Expected To Visit Pennsylvania To Mobilize Voters, Emphasize Importance Of Voting
Monday is the last day Pennsylvania residents can register to vote....
From: CBS Philly
With 17 Days Until Election, Fight For Pennsylvania Heats Up With Both Presidential Campaigns Stumping For Votes
The last-minute push for Pennsylvania was felt from every angle of the region on Saturday....
From: The Hill
Pennsylvania rejects 372K mail-in ballot applications following primary confusion: report
Pennsylvania has rejectedmore than 370,000 applications for mail-in ballots, most of which were duplicate requests,...
From: Up North News
A Brief Rundown of What You Missed From the Trump and Biden Dueling Town Halls
Candidates face individual voters and a TV audience instead of each other in competing town hall broadcasts....
From: Dogwood
How Do You Stop COVID-19 From Spreading? Carlisle School Has an App for That.
AXTON While some schools went virtual or used a hybrid instruction model this fall, it's been business as usual for Carlisle....
Keeping It Together: A Guide To Not Losing It During This Crazy Election
Michigan therapist Erica Carulli gives her self-care tips for navigating a monumental election full of (mis)information....
From: The Keystone
Sen. Casey Is No Fan of SCOTUS Nominee Barrett, Calls Her a Threat to Medicare
Sen. Bob Casey pointed out that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett wouldn't say whether she thought Medicare was constitutional....
From: WTOP
Pennsylvania becomes a battleground over election security
For anxiety over voting and ballot counting in this years presidential election, its hard to top Pennsylvania. Election...
From: Trib LIVE
Pennsylvania high court to settle voter signatures fight
Pennsylvania’s highest court granted a request Wednesday from the state’s top elections official to take up the question...
From: The Keystone
Standing Up for the Young Is a Lifelong Quest for This ‘Warrior Chief’
Martha Thomas-Wiggins, an educator in Philadelphia, has been named a Ghanaian warrior chief for her advocacy for children. She says Trump has "been...
From: NBC News
A growing Asian American electorate could help swing Pennsylvania back to blue
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) President Donald Trump plans to travel to Johnstown on Tuesday, his first visit to Pennsylvania following his positive...
From: The Keystone
The Voter Checklist Every Pennsylvanian Needs to Make Sure Their Vote Counts
The Keystone has put together a checklist to help explain the voting process and tell you what you need to vote in PA....
Babies Are Healthier in States With Access to Full Reproductive Care, Study Says
Babies born in states that make it hard to get an abortion are more likely to have lower birth weights, which can lead to long term health challenges....
Judge Amy Coney Barrett Has Been ‘Stunningly Hostile’ to Civil Rights, Critics Say
Activists worry a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court could hinder progress and potentially lead to rollbacks of Black Americans civil rights....
From: The Copper Courier
Roberta McCain, Mother of John McCain, Dies at 108
The oil heiress was active in her sons political career and was considered a secret weapon on the campaign trail....
From: The Keystone
She Came to the US to Fulfill Her Dreams. In November, She Will Cast Her First Vote.
The kind of equality, independence and liberty women in the US have is incomparable to the limited amount of opportunities in Bangladesh," Erum...
From: Tulsa World
Resuming campaign travel, Trump to return to Pennsylvania
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) President Donald Trump plans to travel to Johnstown on Tuesday, his first visit to Pennsylvania following his positive...
From: The Copper Courier
How Huge Has Early Voting Been in 2020? Try Over-6-Million-Ballots Huge.
With a deadly pandemic raging alongside a particularly contentious election, voter turnout numbers for all types of early voting are shattering...
Study Finds Trump Is the Leading Source of COVID-19 Misinformation
Thirty-eight percent of the over 1 million articles with coronavirus misinformation featured the president....
Amy Coney Barrett Could Bring the Climate Crisis to Its Breaking Point
How a conservative Supreme Court could make it harder for future presidents, Congress, and states to enact meaningful efforts to fight climate change....
From: ABC27
Trump lays out campaign return, Biden holds event in Pennsylvania
President Donald Trump made his first public appearance on Saturday since returning to the White House after his hospitalization for the coronavirus....
From: The Americano
5 Reasons the LGBTQ Community Loves Kamala Harris
With the addition of the California Senator, Joe Biden has assembled the most pro-equality presidential ticket in U.S. history....
From: The Keystone
Judge Rejects Trump Campaign Suit Over Philly Mail-in Voting Offices
The judge ruled that Pennsylvania law does not allow campaign representatives to observe in satellite or mail-in election offices....
From: TribLIVE
Biden hits Trump on economy in Erie, a critical Pennsylvania county
With the backdrop of a union facility in a key battleground county of Pennsylvania, Joe Biden on Saturday blistered President Donald Trump...
From: NPR
Judge Blocks Trump Campaign Attempt To Limit Use Of Drop Boxes In Pennsylvania
Republicans have challenged state laws that they say will lead to voter fraud. The judge said the Trump campaign's concerns were mere speculation. In...
From: The Guardian
Trump has made fracking an election issue. Has he misjudged Pennsylvania?
The presidents energy stance may not play well in a swing state threatened by pipeline projects and supportive of climate action...
From: KDKA 2
Pennsylvania House Republicans Drop Plans To Set Up 'Election Integrity' Panel
House Republicans in Pennsylvania are dropping plans to fast-track an effort to set up a Republican-majority election panel with subpoena power....
From: Fox News
Pennsylvania voter registration may be at record high, state official says
Nearly 2.5 million people are expected to vote by mail....
New England Journal of Medicine Just Called On America To Reject Trump For Coronavirus Failure
For the first time in its over 200-year history, the prestigious medical journal endorsed a presidential candidate....
As Recent Trump Interviews Run Off the Rails, Pelosi Announces 25th Amendment Move
Since leaving the hospital, President Trump has delivered rambling interviews, incoherent tweets, and called for imprisoning political enemies. His...
From: York Daily Record
Purple haze Pa.: Why the Keystone State is always a presidential battleground
Pennsylvania is a winnable state for either party in any given election year, and it carries enough electoral votes to be a game-changer, analysts...
From: The Keystone
PA Lawmakers Want to Avoid a Dragged-out Vote Count, but Still Can't Agree How
Closed-door talks on updating Pennsylvania's fledgling mail-in voting law showed signs of life Wednesday....
From: Reading Eagle
Pennsylvania secretary of state calls on lawmakers to approve election reforms
Secretary Kathy Boockvar says ballots should be allowed to be canvassed before Election Day. Also, she said, reforms are needed regarding poll...
State representative calls for impeachment of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Wecht
A common Catholic "sensibility" is at work among both pro-Trump and pro-Biden Catholic voters...
From: Forbes
Today's 2020 Election Polls: Trump's Chances Of Winning Pennsylvania Fade
Biden holds a 12 point lead (54%-42%) among registered voters in Pennsylvania, a new poll finds.
From: Forbes
More Than 4 Million People Have Already Voted In The Election, 50 Times This Point In 2016
With four weeks left to go until the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, more than 4 million Americans have already cast their vote....
From: Fox News
Pennsylvania DA files charges against elections judge who allegedly altered primary ballots
The state will no longer accept ballots by mail that don't have a second envelope...
From: Cardinal & Pine
The Average American Spends 15 Times More on Health Care Than Trump Paid in Federal Income Taxes in 2017
The average person spent $11,172 on health care in 2018, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services15 times the amount Trump paid in...
From: CBS Philly
Coronavirus A Major Factor For Two-Thirds Of Pennsylvania Voters, CBS News Poll Shows
In Pennsylvania, nearly 750,000 more Democrats are registered to vote than Republicans...
From: NPR
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Weighs In On Mail-In Ballot Issue
The state will no longer accept ballots by mail that don't have a second envelope...
From: NPR
In Pennsylvania, Catholic Voters Are Targeted By Both Sides
A common Catholic "sensibility" is at work among both pro-Trump and pro-Biden Catholic voters...
From: The Keystone
Video Showing Allentown Police Officer Kneeling on Man’s Neck Sparks Protests
Video posted on social media that shows a Pennsylvania police officer with his knee on a man's neck...
From: Billy Penn
Beware the ‘naked ballot’: Follow these steps to make sure your PA mail vote counts
If you don’t know about the new rule, it’s easy to mess this up.
From: Fox News
'Hardware issue' affecting Pennsylvania online voter registration, mail-in ballot applications
An IT outage in Pennsylvania is affecting a slew of online services including voter registration and mail-in ballot...
From: KWY NewsRadio 1060
Pennsylvania voters focus of mail-in ballot education effort
If you applied for a mail-in ballot, you may have received multiple postcards explaining how to properly turn it in...
From: Billy Penn
Do you need photo ID to vote in PA? No, but first-timers and mail voters do need identification
Details on who needs to show what kind of proof when voting in Pennsylvania.
From: The Hill
Biden maintains lead over Trump in Pennsylvania: poll
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is maintaining his lead over President Trump in Pennsylvania...
From: The Keystone
Looming Utility Shut-Offs Pose Another Crisis Amid The Pandemic
Some voters are getting mailers that look like mail-in ballots or ballot applications. We talked to officials about those mailers...
From: The Keystone
PA Officials: Anyone Who Attended Trump Rallies Should Watch for COVID-19 Symptoms
Gov. Tom Wolf wished President Donald Trump and his wife “a speedy recovery.”
From: Vanity Fair
Biden allies are split over how to target the state, but grassroots leaders have their own ideas...
From: The Courier
Trump Insulted Biden’s Son for Drug Addiction, But Overdose Deaths Have Increased During His Presidency.
Deaths from drug overdoses increased in more than two-thirds of states last year.
From: The Keystone
Looming Utility Shut-Offs Pose Another Crisis Amid The Pandemic
Nearly 180 million Americans are at risk of having lights, water turned off as the coronavirus pandemic continues.
From: The Keystone
Biden’s ‘Build Back Better Express’ Chugging Along Through Western Pa.
The Democratic nominee is getting a close-up of communities in Western Pennsylvania...
From: Center for Public Integrity
In Pennsylvania, lawsuits leave election rules in doubt
But Pennsylvania is not among the states automatically sending absentee ballots to voters this year.
Pennsylvania Republicans Turn to Georgia Election Lawyers for SCOTUS Amicus Brief
Pennsylvania's Senate Republicans on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider overturning...
Gov. Wolf Condemns Resolution that Undermines Election Integrity
Governor Tom Wolf released a statement condemning House Resolution 1032
From: CBS3
Group Of Female Pennsylvania Lawmakers Pretend To Pose Topless To Raise Awareness About ‘Naked’ Ballots
The group of female lawmakers pretended to pose topless to raise awareness about “naked” ballots.
From: FOX 29 News Philadelphia
Voter Guide 2020: Everything you need to know about voting in Pennsylvania
In Philadelphia, voters will also have the opportunity to vote on four ballot measures.
From: TribLIVE
9 discarded ballots weren't fraud, Pennsylvania election chief says
Jonathan Marks, the Pennsylvania deputy secretary for elections, said that in some cases...
From: TribLIVE
Presidential campaign whistle-stop train tours punctuate Pennsylvania, US political history
Joe Biden on Wednesday begins his post-debate campaign with a whistle-stop foray into Pennsylvania
From: NPR
Joe Biden Embarks On A Train To Campaign In Ohio And Pennsylvania
After Tuesday's presidential debate, Democratic nominee Joe Biden heads off on a tour...
From: Courier
Trump Filled the First Presidential Debate With Constant Lies and Chaos
Referred to in budget documents as the “Covid-19 immediate surge public advertising and awareness campaign,"...
From: The Keystone
Pennsylvania Counties Push to Count Mail-in Ballots Before Election Day
County elections officials want as many as 21 days before Election Day to count ballots...
From: The Washington Post
Trump’s Pennsylvania problem
With the first general-election presidential debate set for Tuesday night, state polls are coming thick and fast...
From: WTOV9
Joe and Jill Biden to take train tour of Ohio, western Pennsylvania
U.S. Attorney David Freed from the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced...
From: The New York Times
At a Pennsylvania rally, Trump said he’d have an edge if the 2020 race were decided by Congress
Pressing his case that the November election will be a “disaster,” President Trump told supporters on Saturday night that...
From: Fox News
Pennsylvania lawmakers strip down to address mail-in voting issues
A local lawmaker in western Pennsylvania wants voters in the key battleground state to know the “naked truth” about mail-in voting.
From: The Keystone
Former Republican Gov. Tom Ridge Endorses Joe Biden
Ridge said in a Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed that he believes Biden “has the experience and empathy necessary”...
From: The Americano
Trump to Pick Amy Coney Barrett to Fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Seat
The 48-year-old judge has voiced opposition to the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade, and LGBTQ rights in the past.
From: ABC27
How to make sure your Pennsylvania mail-in vote is counted
In person or by mail – it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you vote!
From: CBS News
In unusual statement, Feds say a handful of ballots were discarded in key Pennsylvania county
U.S. Attorney David Freed from the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced...
From: The Hill
Pennsylvania risks becoming center of election chaos
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court handed Democrats a win last week when it extended the deadline...
From: The Courier
Trump’s Latest Executive Order Does Absolutely Nothing to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions
Instead, the president is suing to overturn the law that actually prohibits insurance companies...
From: The Keystone
Why Students Organizing to End Gun Violence Are Helping to Register New Voters
“I’m horrified and terrified that our democracy might not have been as strong...
From: The Americano
Middle-Class Americans Should Be Earning More, According to Biden. He Says His Tax Plan Will Help.
According to one study, the American middle class should be earning $42,000 more per worker.
From: NPR
Feds, In Unusual Statement, Announce They're Investigating A Few Discarded Ballots
The FBI and the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania...
From: CBS3
Republicans Lose Round In Pennsylvania Mail Voting Dispute, Likely To Ask US Supreme Court To Block Ruling
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dealt a blow Thursday to Republicans in the legal fight...
From: Reading Eagle
Biden, Trump in tightening race in Pennsylvania, according to F&M poll
The presidential race has tightened slightly in Pennsylvania
From: The Hill
Democrats launch ad informing Pennsylvania voters on 'naked ballots'
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is launching a new digital ad in Pennsylvania
From: The New Yorker
Can the Democrats Win Back Pennsylvania?
Running a Presidential campaign during a pandemic is a bit like learning to speak through a mask.
From: Courier
We Spoke to Three Women Who Had to Close Their Businesses Indefinitely Because of the Pandemic
Small businesses have been crushed by the economic crisis. Research shows those owned by women...
From: DemCast
Rural PA Could Determine the Presidency
And winning Pennsylvania is key to defeating Donald Trump.
From: CBS2
Pennsylvania’s Electoral College Votes Are Key To Who Wins The Presidency
In 2016, Hillary Clinton received nearly 3 million more votes than Donald Trump, but...
From: NY Mag
Pennsylvania Becomes Ground Zero for Election Lawsuits
It’s been long stipulated that Pennsylvania could be a crucial battleground state.
From: The Keystone
Toomey Supports Moving Forward with Supreme Court Nominations Before Election
PA’s Sen. Toomey said Tuesday that he is on board with the Senate considering Trump’s nominee
From: Pennsylvania Capital-Star
Election 2020: Your guide to voting in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvanians will vote for state legislators, row officers, members of Congress, and, the President.
From: CBS
Top Philadelphia elections official warns of "electoral chaos" over "naked ballots"
The top elections official in Philadelphia warned that the state Supreme Court's decision...
From: The Keystone
Biden in PA: ‘Let the People Speak’, Wait on Supreme Court Nomination
“Uphold your constitutional duty, your conscience,” Biden said in Pennsylvania.
From: CBS
Pennsylvania prepares for unprecedented surge in mail-in voting
A record number of voters are expected to cast their ballots by mail this election year.
From: CBSN Philly
Northeastern Pennsylvania Sizing Up To Be Important Battleground For President Trump, Biden In Campaign 2020
Campaign 2020 is said to be a historic election, unlike any other.
From: Washington Post
In Pennsylvania, a win for democracy — and a loss for President Trump
Running a fair election this pandemic year will require states to take the time they need to count...
From: NBC10
Sen. Pat Toomey Says ‘No Reason to Delay Filling This Vacancy' on Supreme Court
Pennsylvania's Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, said that the circumstances are different...
From: WPXI
Court’s decisions didn’t end Pennsylvania voting law fight
The Nov. 3 presidential contest will test Pennsylvania’s ability to handle a massive mail-in votes.
From: 27News
State leaders warn of misleading robocall intended to scare away Pennsylvania voters
Robocalls are no surprise in the election season, but state leaders are warning about one in particular.

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