North Carolina: 2020 Focus Candidates

The Key Candidates To Support in North Carolina

DemCast has taken the time to identify all of the most flippable seats and/or the seats we need to be sure to hold in 2020. Here they are! Please explore the list and support these folks! 

Start with a donation today

Through this ActBlue link, you can donate to all of the candidates below in a single transaction:

Cal CunninghamUS Senate
Deborah RossUS NC-02
Kathy ManningUS NC-06
Pat Timmons-GoodsonUS NC-08
Cynthia WallaceUS NC-09
Moe DavisUS NC-11
Roy CooperGovernor
Yvonne Lewis HolleyLt. Governor
Josh SteinAttorney General
Elaine MarshallSecretary of State
Cheri BeasleySupreme Court
Lucy N. InmanSupreme Court
Mark DavisSupreme Court
Tess JudgeNC SD 01
Harper PetersonNC SD 09
Allen WellonsNC SD 11
Sarah CrawfordNC SD 18
Kirk deViereNC SD 19
J.D. WootenNC SD 24
Michael GarrettNC SD 27
Terri LeGrandNC SD 31
DeAndrea SalvadorNC SD 39
Emily Bunch NicholsonNC HD 01
Brian FarkasNC HD 09
Adam EricsonNC HD 20
Kimberly HardyNC HD 43
Frances Vinell JacksonNC HD 45
Jason CainNC HD 51
Nicole QuickNC HD 59
Ricky HurtadoNC HD 63
Erick HenryNC HD 64
Scott BrewerNC HD 66
Dan BesseNC HD 74
Aimy SteeleNC HD 82
Gail YoungNC HD 83
Ray RussellNC HD 93
Joe Sam QueenNC HD 119
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