Montana: 2020 Focus Candidates

The Key Candidates To Support in Montana

DemCast has taken the time to identify all of the most flippable seats and/or the seats we need to be sure to hold in 2020. Here they are! Please explore the list and support these folks! 

Start with a donation today

Through this ActBlue link, you can donate to all of the candidates below in a single transaction:

Steve BullockUS Senate
Kathleen WilliamsUS House
Mike CooneyGovernor
Casey SchreinerLt. Gov
Bryce BennettSoS
Raph GraybillAG
Guthrie QuistMT SD-3
Rae PeppersMT SD-21
Debo PowersMT HD-03
Jamie HornMT HD-21
Jasmine TaylorMT HD-22
Anne GiulianoMT HD-51
Hannah OlsonMT HD-52
Brian PopielMT HD-64
Tom BrowderMT HD-92
Thomas WinterMT HD-96
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