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From: The Gander
Trump Said The Pandemic Is Over. The Day After, 3,675 Michiganders Tested Positive.
While Michigan grapples with a new wave of COVID-19, the White House is touting ending the pandemic as one of President trumps latest...
The Economy Isn't Booming
Trump touts record growth, but GDP numbers for last quarter largely reflect how bad things got due to the coronavirus pandemic....
From: Detroit Free Press
Michigan Court of Appeals denies Benson appeal, says open carry at polls is legal
The Michigan Court of Appeals rejected an appeal from Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson...
From: The Detroit News
Obama set to join Biden's Michigan campaign stop Saturday
Democratic Former President Barack Obama will join his former running mate Joe Biden Saturday as Biden campaigns in Michigan...
From: The Gander
What Retaking the Michigan House Means for Democrats
Republicans have held total control over the Michigan legislature for ten years. But Democrats are only a few wins away from changing that....
From: The Americano
Former Trump Officials: Vote for Biden or 'We Will No Longer Be America'
These former White House staffers blast Trump in a scathing new video as they urge Americans to vote for Joe Biden....
From: The Gander
'She Always Took Us': Michigan Mother Makes Voting a Family Outing, Just Like Her Mother Did
When Detroit resident Kija Gray votes, she brings a new generation of voters with her to bring about change....
From: NPR
Michigan Judge Blocks Ban On Open Carry Of Guns At Polls On Election Day
A judge sided with pro-gun groups, blocking a directive that banned openly carrying guns within 100 feet from polling centers on Nov. 3....
Trump Vows to Get ‘Husbands’ Back to Work, But Women Are the Ones Without a Job
Unemployment due to the pandemic has disproportionately put women out of work, but the president keeps talking about their husbands getting jobs....
From: The Gander
Michigan's Prison Population Is Plummeting. Biden's Plan For Returning Citizens Could Only Help.
The state now has even more formerly incarcerated residents looking for support as they reclaim their lives....
From: Detroit Free Press
Michigan voters: 1 million absentee ballots not yet returned as Election Day nears
There's still time to return your absentee ballot, but at this point voters should take their ballots in person to their clerk's office or drop box....
Changed Your Mind? You Can Still Vote in Person Even if You Requested a Mail Ballot.
It's no longer safe to assume your ballot will arrive on time if you mail it. You can, however, still vote early or on Election Day....
From: Detroit Free Press
Joe Biden will return to Michigan on Halloween
The trip marks the former vice president's fourth to Michigan in recent weeks, again signaling the importance of the state in the overall race....
From: The Gander
Watch: Michigan's Spiking COVID Cases Will Hurt Black and Brown Communities Most
Dr. Abdul El-Sayed explains why that is and encourages us all to remain vigilant against the virus....
From: The Americano
Trump’s White House Officially Gives Up on Controlling the Pandemic
The White House Chief of Staff twice affirms that the administration has no plans to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as an outbreak grows...
From: The Detroit News
Kamala Harris: Michigan likely to decide next president
"I am back in Detroit to ask you once again to please, please tell everybody you know about what is at stake in this election," she said....
Middle-Class Americans Should Be Earning More, According to Biden. He Says His Tax Plan Will Help.
According to one study, the American middle class should be earning $42,000 more per worker. That's a stark contrast to how tax breaks have helped the...
Cartoon: Trump Thinks Denial Can Make COVID Go Away. It Can't.
President Donald Trump's repeated denials of the seriousness of COVID-19 is nothing if not consistent....
The Final Presidential Debate Ends With a Choice
On the last question, one candidate focused on hope. The other chose fear....
From: The Detroit News
Lizzo in Detroit: 'Michigan is going to be crucial' in election
Singer who hails from Metro Detroit returned to the area Friday for two stops to drum up support for Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris...
‘All talk, no action’ defense likely in Michigan kidnap case
The big talk argument likely will be a primary theme for the defense....
From: The Gander
5 Debate Moments That Will Make You Vote ASAP
Michigan is being mischaracterized and its small businesses owners need help to continue supporting the community. Here are the debate takeaways that...
From: Detroit Free Press
Donald Trump says Michigan is 'like a prison'. It's not.
During the presidential debate, Trump repeated false claims that Michigan is "like a prison" and that Whitmer's husband is the only one not under a...
From: The Gander
More Than 600,000 Michiganders Don't Have the Food They Need
While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) holds up coronavirus relief, Michigan's food banks are seeing dramatic rises in need....
From: Beacon
Extremist group calling for arrest of Michigan governor puts Mills on ‘watch list’
A right-wing group that is advocating for the arrest of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the target of a separate failed kidnapping plot, is planning...
From: Detroit Metro Times
Generational shifts could turn Michigan blue for years to come
Michigan's shift from blue to red in the 2016 presidential election could be an outlier, according to new research. The "States of Change" report...
From: NPR
Here's Where The Threat Of Militia Activity Around The Elections Is The Highest
Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Oregon have the highest risk of seeing increased militia activity around the elections, according to a...
From: The Keystone
I’m a Catholic Nurse. This Is Why Biden Is The Moral Choice For America.
Nancy Sharts-Hopko says she supports Joe Biden because he shows empathy and respect for all people, as Catholic teaching says one should....
From: WDIV
Here’s how to make sure your Michigan absent voter ballot is not rejected
Michigan voters must fill out their absent voter ballots correctly, or else they won't be counted in the upcoming presidential election....
All of the Times Republicans Have Refused to Help Americans During the Coronavirus Pandemic
While Pelosi and the Trump administration continue stimulus negotiations, Senate Republicans have so far refused to offer meaningful assistance to...
From: The Americano
Trump and Biden Face Off in Final Debate—and Mics Will Be Muted
The president and former vice president will debate on COVID-19, race relations and climate change, among other hot-button issues....
From: The Gander
Trump Calls for Whitmer to Be Locked Up Following Domestic Terror Plot to Do Just That
Trump came to Michigan with calls to lock up Gov. Whitmer. As recent events show, those words have consequences....
From: The Mercury News
Michigan governor pushes back against Trump rally chants
DETROIT (AP) Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Sunday that President Donald Trump is inciting domestic terrorism following lock her...
From: The Gander
'I Can See the Devastation': Michigander Living Near Infamous Oil Pipeline Is Furious
Fenton resident Ronald Kardos shows concern over the history of Line 6B and its companys potential future impact on the Great Lakes State....
From: Detroit Free Press
Early voting in Michigan: Answering your most frequently asked questions
Is it too late to register to vote? When should I request my absentee ballot? Who is my local city clerk? We answer these election questions and more....
'It needs to stop': Whitmer blasts Trump over Michigan rally rhetoric
Trump was speaking in Western Michigan as part of a swing through the Rust Belt....
From: Forbes
Michigan Ballots That Arrive After Election Day Will Not Be Counted, Court Rules
Its a sudden reversal in a battleground state that is expecting millions of mail-in votes....
From: Aljazeera
Fight for US battleground state of Michigan enters final stretch
Joe Biden campaigned in the midwestern US state on Friday, and Donald Trump held a rally there on Saturday evening....
From: The Gander
Here's How Michigan Will Count its Influx of Mail-in Ballots
New teams of ballot counters and updated tabulators. These are just some of the ways Michigan clerks are preparing for its unprecedented election....
From: The Gander
For These Michiganders, Voting Is All in the Family
Multigenerational voters in Michigan are strengthening their bonds at the ballot box this election....
From: The Gander
How Rural Michigan Voters Are Approaching This Election Differently
Rural Michigan helped elect President Donald Trump, but a growing movement across the states countryside communities is bringing new voices to the...
Keeping It Together: A Guide To Not Losing It During This Crazy Election
Michigan therapist Erica Carulli gives her self-care tips for navigating a monumental election full of (mis)information....
From: NPR
Her Mother Voted In The Wake Of The 1918 Pandemic. Now, Voting Is A 'Sacred' Ritual
Helen Merrill and her granddaughter, Elizabeth Hartley, remember their family's matriarch, whose determination to vote in 1920 drove her to the polls...
White House Supports Herd Immunity Plan That Could Kill 3 Million People in America
White House advisors cited the "Great Barrington Declaration" as a reason to fully reopen businesses and schools....
From: CNN
Michigan bans open carrying of guns at polling sites on Election Day
Michigan will not allow the open carrying of guns at polling places, clerk's offices and other locations where absentee ballots are counted, Secretary...
From: The Gander
Michiganders Are Confident Their State Is Ready for November. Here's Why.
Michigan has been preparing for Nov. 3 since before the pandemic began. Experts and Michiganders have faith in the system....
From: The Gander
6 Ways to Troubleshoot Voter Intimidation at the Polls in Michigan
Michiganders can go confidently to the polls with these tips and resources in their back pockets....
From: The Gander
These Michiganders See Themselves—and a Hopeful Future—When They See Kamala Harris
From local leaders to growing families, voters in Michigan are celebrating a vice-presidential candidate who reflects what they stand for in a new...
Trump's Rallies Have Previously Been Connected to COVID Cases. And They're Back.
President Donald Trump is back stumping on the campaign trail since his release from Walter Reed Medical Center last week due to COVID-19....
From: NBC News
Michigan kidnapping conspirators also considered taking Virginia governor, FBI agent says
They discussed possible targets, taking a sitting governor, specifically issues with the governor of Michigan and Virginia based on the lockdown...
Tightening Michigan race gives GOP hope of hanging on to the Senate
Two polls over the past two days have showed Republican John James within striking distance of Democratic Sen. Gary Peters....
From: Detroit Free Press
Michigan Supreme Court strikes down Gov. Whitmer's emergency orders, effective immediately
But the Michigan Supreme Court order does not affect new coronavirus orders the Whitmer administration has issued under the Public Health Code....
From: The Gander
Michigan Supreme Court Ending State of Emergency Leaves 800,000 Michiganders in the Cold
Winter is coming, but Michiganders like Flint mom Trina Treverbaugh have been left behind by Michigan Republicans focus on stripping Gov....
Poll: Biden up 8 points in Michigan, 10 points in Wisconsin
Bidens leads represent an improvement on his recent public polling averages in the two swing states....
From: The Detroit News
Michigan, Detroit officials update voters on 'most important election of our lifetime'
Virtual forum Monday hosted by Detroit NABJ tackles early voting, poll security, turnout...
From: The Gander
Michigan Looks to Overturn Ban on Food Assistance for Returning Citizens
A statewide bill passed recently and could help allow residents with drug-related felonies to receive food stamps....
Study Finds Trump Is the Leading Source of COVID-19 Misinformation
Thirty-eight percent of the over 1 million articles with coronavirus misinformation featured the president....
From: Detroit Free Press
Biden needs to win Michigan to beat Trump. These regions are key to a 2020 election victory
For Biden to beat Trump, hell likely need to take back Michigan, a state that has been more supportive of Democrats than others in the Rust Belt....
Trump Escalates Rhetoric After His Supporters Plotted to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer
The arrest of domestic terrorists in Michigan comes after months of dangerous and divisive rhetoric from President Trump....
As Recent Trump Interviews Run Off the Rails, Pelosi Announces 25th Amendment Move
Since leaving the hospital, President Trump has delivered rambling interviews, incoherent tweets, and called for imprisoning political enemies. His...
From: The Gander
READ: The Full Transcript of Gov. Whitmer's Remarks on Kidnapping Plot
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was the victim of a domestic terror plot to kidnap and possibly kill her, officials announced. These were the words she...
From: The Gander
These Two Michigan Moms Are Finding a New Normal for Their Kids This Halloween Season
Michiganders are throwing the best socially distanced Halloween they can. Heres a list of family activities to stay safe while celebrating the...
From: Detroit Metro Times
GOP Senate candidate John James touts the jobs his company created, but documents show it lost its tax exempt status after failing to create the jobs it promised
In 2017, as much of the nation was still nursing a major hangover following the election of President Donald Trump, there was a very real......
From: Up North News
Militia Planned to Kidnap Michigan Governor, Put Her On 'Trial' In Wisconsin, FBI Says
Six conspirators were charged with attempts to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Thursday, as well as discussing other ways to overthrow Michigan's...
From: Washington Post
Michigan’s history of self-styled militia groups has long vexed law enforcement
This past week, Null and a dozen...
From: NPR
Biden's Test In Michigan: Winning Over Black And Brown Voters Disillusioned In 2016
Donald Trump won the state four years ago in part because turnout dipped among Black and brown voters in key Democratic strongholds. Joe Biden is...
From: The Copper Courier
Trump Abruptly Ends COVID Relief Talks Only to Later Tweet Demands for More Aid
The president may want to undo his decision to end COVID stimulus talks until after the election, but analysts say Biden would be better for the...
From: Detroit Free Press
Partisan local websites masquerading as traditional news outlets target Michigan voters
Partisan local news websites in Michigan ahead of the election rely on trust in local media and Facebook ads to reach voters ahead of the election....
From: The Gander
BREAKING: FBI Thwarts Attempted Coup, Kidnap of Gov. Whitmer in Michigan
Six conspirators were charged with attempts to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Thursday, as well as discussing other ways to overthrow Michigan's...
From: Cardinal & Pine
The Average American Spends 15 Times More on Health Care Than Trump Paid in Federal Income Taxes in 2017
The average person spent $11,172 on health care in 2018, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services15 times the amount Trump paid in...
From: Detroit Free Press
Whitmer signs bill buying clerks more time to process absentee ballots before election
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill today that will give clerks more time to process ballots ahead of the Nov. 3 General Election....
From: Bridge Michigan
Signature errors ruin thousands of Michigan ballots. Don’t be that voter.
A sloppy signature, forging the names of family members, or failing to sign a ballot envelope: There are many ways to ensure your November vote...
WATCH: Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions Sound Off on the Potential Repeal of the ACA
Up to 133 million Americans have pre-existing conditions covered by the Affordable Care Act...
From: Cardinal & Pine
Trump Will Get Top-Notch Care for COVID-19. Not All Americans Can Say the Same.
The care President Trump is likely to receive will set him apart from most Americans...
Trump Appointee Pressured CDC to Alter Report on COVID-19 Risks in Children
Political operative requested changes that downplayed the risks of COVID-19 to children as schools...
From: NPR
Stripper Polls: The Racy Voting PSA That's Actually All About The Issues
An Atlanta director says no one is engaging with Black men about the upcoming election...
From: The Detroit News
More than 2.7 million Michigan voters request absentee ballots for Nov. 3 election
2.7 million Michigan voters have requested absentee ballots for Nov. 3, up from 1.1 million in 2016
From: The Gander
Michigan to Become the Only State Not Recognizing a Coronavirus State of Emergency
By looking at Wisconsin, Michigan can prepare for what will come in the wake of...
From: The Gander
Do I Need an ID to Vote? A Guide to in-Person Voting Requirements in Michigan
Whether you choose to cast your ballot in person now or on Election Day, this guide will help you know your voting...
From: The Gander Michigan News Room
If Trump Paid His Taxes, 40,000 Michigan Students Could Have Teachers
The Internal Revenue Service says President Donald Trump’s $73 million in tax refunds is “questionable...”
From: The Gander Michigan News Room
Gov. Whitmer Calls for Trump’s Diagnosis to Be a ‘Wake-Up Call’
President Donald Trump is not the only high-profile Republican to announce a coronavirus diagnosis...
From: Detroit Free Press
What happens if a president dies or is incapacitated? Around elections, it gets thorny
So far, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has tested negative, as have Vice President Mike Pence...
From: Roll Call
Republican super PAC to spend $9 million in Michigan Senate race
A Republican super PAC, aligned with the party’s Senate leadership, will infuse $9 million into the Senate race in Michigan...
From: CNN
Michigan attorney general charges right-wing political operatives with intimidating voters through robocalls
Two notorious right-wing political operatives were charged Thursday for allegedly running a voter suppression operation targeting voters in Michigan...
From: Courier
President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus
Trump has held multiple events without masks or social distancing, The presidents senior adviser, Hope Hicks, also tested positive.
From: NPR
'Unhinged,' 'Predictable': What Undecided Debate Watchers Thought Of Candidates
Undecided voters are typically the target of presidential debates, but it's unclear whether Tuesday night's...
From: Aljazeera
Trump aims for Michigan victory over Biden, seeking another upset
Trump is hoping to surprise again in Michigan, the traditionally Democratic state he won in 2016.
From: WWMT
As Oct. 5 deadline nears, Michigan census leaders say thousands still not counted
With the deadline quickly approaching, Michigan census workers began a final push to ensure everyone is counted in the 2020 census.
From: Courier
Trump Filled the First Presidential Debate With Constant Lies and Chaos
The president interrupted Democratic nominee Joe Biden throughout their entire debate...
From: The Star Tribune
Here's the reality behind Trump's claims about mail voting
President Donald Trump continued his assault on the integrity of the U.S. elections during the first presidential debate Tuesday...
From: The Detroit News
Trump, Biden clash over Michigan COVID-19 policies, auto jobs
President Donald Trump and Joe Biden put the spotlight on Michigan during a fierce Tuesday night debate as the two candidates dueled...
From: Politico
Polls: Biden remains ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin
Georgia and North Carolina remain extremely close.
From: Click On Detroit
Michigan lawmakers battle over how to count ballots for presidential election
Record number of ballots expected
From: ABC 17
This Michigan county could tell us a lot about the 2020 election
Chris Lands is filled with regret.
From: NPR
Early Voting Begins In Michigan
Early voting via absentee ballot began in Michigan on Thursday
From: GPB
Michigan Secretary of State Says At Least 3 Million Expected To Vote By Mail
Roughly 2.5 million citizens of the approximately 5 million people expected to vote this fall have requested to vote by mail
From: NBC
Majorities in Michigan, Wisconsin say 2020 winner should get to fill Supreme Court seat
Majorities of likely voters in Michigan and Wisconsin say the winner of the 2020 presidential...
From: The Gander
Detroit Casino Bartender: ‘Trump Does Not Care’
Lenard Lazich was forced to retire early, unprepared, because of the coronavirus.
From: The Courier
Trump’s Latest Executive Order Does Absolutely Nothing to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions
Instead, the president is suing to overturn the law that actually prohibits insurance companies
From: Crain's Detroit Business
Michigan Legislature votes to ease processing of ballots
Michigan lawmakers voted Thursday to made it easier for clerks to process a surge in absentee ballots...
From: CBS Detroit
Gov. Whitmer Offers 'Carbon-Neutral' Climate Plan For Michigan
Michigan's electric utilities are phasing out coal-fired power plants. Several business...
From: Up North Voice
Inaccurate Census Count Will Cost Northeast Michigan Millions
An undercount of our counties could add up to millions of dollars lost to Northeast Michigan residents.
From: Courier
I’m a Medical Doctor: RBG’s Impact Can Be Seen in the Health of Our Nation
Justice Ginsburg helped over 20 million Americans keep their health insurance.
From: DemCast
It’s time to make a change in America
In Michigan, they’re saying our votes could decide the White House, the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi’s speakership.
From: Bridge Michigan
Six Michigan regions view politics far differently. They may decide election.
Different parts of Michigan, because of geography, demography or economy, vote in predictable ways.
From: The State News
Absentee ballot requests quadruple 2016 election numbers
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, requests for absentee ballots have skyrocketed.
From: MLive
Michigan clerks begin mailing absentee ballots this week
Clerks across Michigan plan to mail more than 2.2 million absentee ballots to Michigan voters this week.
From: Detroit Free Press
Many suburban women in Michigan have message for Trump: We want security, not chaos
Trump peddles in the politics of fear, more so than when he tries to appeal to “suburban housewives,"...
From: WWMT
State says 2.39M absentee ballot requests have been made in Michigan so far
As of yesterday, 2.39M absentee ballot requests have been submitted by Michigan voters.
From: Detroit Free Press
West Michigan man says yard signs were stolen. So he put up Joe Biden freeway billboards
"The idea being, 'OK, you're gonna steal my yard signs? Steal this one. Good luck,' " he said.
From: WXYZ
Republican legislature wants to appeal decision over absentee ballots
Michigan's legislature is hoping to appeal a decision that currently allows Michigan absentee...
From: WXYZ
Black voters in Detroit key for Biden, but are they engaged?
Black voters across Michigan will be pivotal in deciding who will win the state in November.
From: WILX
AG Nessel announces lawsuit against Betsy DeVos over CARES Act budget
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is leading a coalition of six...
From: WoodTV
Grand Rapids voters could change future elections in November
Two proposals in Grand Rapids’ ballot this November could change the way the city commission is chosen.

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