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From: Forbes
Early Voting Continues At Historic Rate: 22 Million Ballots Already Cast
In Pennsylvania, 76% of returned ballots were from Democrats, while only 16% were from Republicans....
From: The Daily Beast
Susan Collins’ ‘Hall Pass’ on Amy Coney Barrett Vote Won’t Save Her From Maine Voters
Collins, who won her fourth term six years ago with 69 percent of the vote, is navigating a harsh new reality....
From: Bangor Daily News
Maine’s US Senate race has attracted so much money that it’s hard to spend it
Few Senate campaigns have ever worked with as much money as Gideon, particularly in a small state like Maine with relatively cheap advertising rates....
From: News Center Maine
Biden up by 10, Gideon leads by 7 in new independent Maine poll
A new, independent poll of Maine voters shows statewide support for Democrats in the presidential, senate, and congressional races....
Keeping It Together: A Guide To Not Losing It During This Crazy Election
Michigan therapist Erica Carulli gives her self-care tips for navigating a monumental election full of (mis)information....
‘You Don’t Care About Us’: Unemployed Americans Say Their Government Has Failed Them
The latest jobless claims report shows applications are inching back up again. Americans share what life is like unemployed in a pandemic....
From: Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel
Maine Voices: Young people can make a difference – if we vote
Turnout among 18- to 29-year-olds has been on the rise, but we still trail other groups. Lets change that....
From: The New Yorker
Maine's Referendum on Susan Collins's Reputation
The senators recent record has felt, to many, like a failure to meet the moment....
From: NPR
Normally Invisible, National Security Figures Assume Prominent Election Role
National security leaders are playing a far more prominent role than in previous elections. Current officials are trying to reassure voters. Many...
Judge Amy Coney Barrett Has Been ‘Stunningly Hostile’ to Civil Rights, Critics Say
Activists worry a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court could hinder progress and potentially lead to rollbacks of Black Americans civil rights....
Trump's Rallies Have Previously Been Connected to COVID Cases. And They're Back.
President Donald Trump is back stumping on the campaign trail since his release from Walter Reed Medical Center last week due to COVID-19....
From: NYT
It's Not Easy Being an Optimist in Maine
We have late-spring storms and high-stakes Senate races. But we also have lobster and Patty Griffin....
From: Dogwood
Preserving the Legacy of One of the First Black Schools for the Formerly Enslaved
If youve never heard of Christiansburg Institute, youre not alone. However, one local group hopes to change that....
From: The Copper Courier
Roberta McCain, Mother of John McCain, Dies at 108
The oil heiress was active in her sons political career and was considered a secret weapon on the campaign trail....
From: Bangor Daily News
You can love and serve Maine no matter how you got here
"People who have returned to or moved to Maine and decided to serve their neighbors, communities and state, should be appreciated, not criticized,"...
Study Finds Trump Is the Leading Source of COVID-19 Misinformation
Thirty-eight percent of the over 1 million articles with coronavirus misinformation featured the president....
From: Dogwood
Know Your Rights: Legal Officials Outline What’s Allowed At the Polls
RICHMOND-During Tuesday nights debate, President Donald Trump asked his supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully,...
Amy Coney Barrett Could Bring the Climate Crisis to Its Breaking Point
How a conservative Supreme Court could make it harder for future presidents, Congress, and states to enact meaningful efforts to fight climate change....
From: WGME
What it means to be 'from away' in Maine's parochial politics
FARMINGTON, Maine (BDN) -- At an outdoor event next to a farmhouse recently converted into a beer garden, House Speaker Sara Gideon, the Democrat...
From: Beacon
Maine secretary of state says online voter registration would have been helpful this election
Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap said at a media briefing Thursday that having an online voter registration system during this year's election...
From: Press Herald
Maine’s top election official says polling places will be safe
While some states are bracing for serious voting problems, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap declared Thursday that Maines election systems are all...
From: CNBC
Susan Collins struggles to change the subject from Brett Kavanaugh in Maine Senate race
Collins' ties to President Trump and her vote for Brett Kavanaugh are among the explanations for her newfound vulnerability in Maine....
From: NPR
NPR Special Report: Voting In America
The 2020 election is taking place during a pandemic, in a vicious political season and amid an unprecedented lack of trust in the voting system. ...
From: NPR
Key Legal Fights Over Voting Remain Unresolved As Election Day Draws Close
The flurry of last-minute legal action comes as more than 5 million people have already cast ballots, causing some confusion over what voters have to...
From: NPR
Ranked-Choice Voting Could Play A Deciding Role In Maine's Senate Race
The contest between Republican Sen. Susan Collins and her Democratic challenger, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, could determine control of the U.S....
From: Forbes
More Than 4 Million People Have Already Voted In The Election, 50 Times This Point In 2016
With four weeks left to go until the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, more than 4 million Americans have already cast their vote....
From: ProPublica
Maine Hires Lawyers With Criminal Records to Defend Its Poorest Residents
Maine is the only state in the country with no public defender system. Instead, legal services for the poor are left to private attorneys, who face...
From: Beacon
Voter fraud myth persists despite constant failure to prove claims
This story was authored by Sherman Smith, editor of Kansas Reflector, a partner of Maine Beacon.

This is the first in a series of stories looking...
WATCH: Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions Sound Off on the Potential Repeal of the ACA
Up to 133 million Americans have pre-existing conditions covered by the Affordable Care Act...
From: Cardinal & Pine
Trump Will Get Top-Notch Care for COVID-19. Not All Americans Can Say the Same.
The care President Trump is likely to receive will set him apart from most Americans...
Trump Appointee Pressured CDC to Alter Report on COVID-19 Risks in Children
Political operative requested changes that downplayed the risks of COVID-19 to children as schools...
From: The Press Herald
Disabled voters have multiple ways to cast ballots in Maine
Recent efforts to improve voting access for Mainers with disabilities range from a new online system...
From: WGME 13
Early voting starts Monday in Maine
Absentee ballots started being mailed to residents last week, and the demand for these ballots...
From: The Courier
Joe Biden Stutters. I Do Too. So Do More Than 3 Million Americans.
Trump’s verbal attacks on Biden Tuesday night were abusive in more ways than one...
From: The Courier
Trump Insulted Biden’s Son for Drug Addiction, But Overdose Deaths Have Increased During His Presidency.
Deaths from drug overdoses increased in more than two-thirds of states last year.
From: The Courier
Trump Pretends the Stock Market Is the Economy, Again. Experts Say Biden’s Plan Is Better for American Workers.
In Tuesday night’s debate, President Trump continued to claim that the stock market would save the country.
From: WGME
Judge declines to intervene on Maine's absentee ballot rules
A judge on Wednesday rejected a request for an injunction allowing absentee...
From: Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
Maine's high court denies request to put ranked-choice decision on hold
The Maine Republican Party wants to ask the federal courts to consider First Amendment...
From: Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
New Maine system allows online voting for disabled voters
Maine voters who are unable to mark a paper ballot because of a cognitive, visual or physical impairment...
Maine's congressional delegation react to Trump diagnosis
Members of Maine's congressional delegation reacted Friday...
Maine sees uptick in residents filing new unemployment claims
According to the Maine Department of Labor, roughly 2,300 Mainers filed initial claims for federal...
From: Bangor Daily News
It’s unlikely Maine will see major voting changes before the Nov. 3 election
Chances are Maine’s election will be run the same way in November.
From: WABI
Two Maine companies donate PPE to election workers
Two Maine companies have made big donations to help keep election workers safe.
Judge declines to intervene on Maine's absentee ballot rules
Judge declines to intervene on Maine's absentee ballot rules.
From: NPR
Why Fewer People Appear To Be Voting By Mail Than Expected
Polls show more people are planning to vote in-person while the number of people planning to vote by mail is shrinking — due to fears...
From: News Center Maine
'Demoralizing. Childish. Horrific.': What Maine politicians are saying about the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden
President Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off in the first of three presidential debates on Tuesday. Here's what Maine politicians...
From: Sun Journal
Lewiston announces early voting as absentee ballot requests continue to climb
Early voting will begin next week at City Hall, as nearly one-quarter of registered voters in the city have requested absentee ballots...