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Messaging Roundup: GOTV and More!

Get the latest GOTV messaging, government shutdown looming and more!

Flip the House – 2024

With the House’s election of MAGA extremist Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House, it is abundantly clear that far-right extremists are in charge of the Republican Party. .And make no mistake, these MAGA Extremists were aided by the so -called “moderates”. Let’s meet the Dem challengers of the most vulnerable Republicans.

Messaging Roundup: September 27, 2023

Get the latest messaging round up on the bogus impeachment, government shutdown and more!

Talking Points: How the GOP’s Government Shutdown Will Impact Americans

Details about how the GOP’s Government Shutdown will impact everyday Americans, from moms to farmers to active-duty military.

NEW Navigator Poll: Public Perception of the Political Parties

On September 19th, Navigator Research released a fresh poll on public perception of the Democratic and Republican political parties.

Messaging Roundup: John Lewis Voting Rights Act

Get the the latest messaging on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and more.

Messaging Roundup: September 15, 2023

Get the latest messaging on the scam impeachment, UAW Strike and the MAGA shutdown.

Messaging Roundup: Democrats Deliver More Jobs

Today’s jobs report shows Bidenomics in action: One of the strongest job-creation periods in U.S. history

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