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From: Siouxland Proud
Joe Biden tells hard-hit Iowa he has plan for virus
Biden is holding a drive-in campaign for a limited audience at the Iowa State Fairgrounds Friday....
From: The Gazette
Iowa's top election official lays out security plan for Election Day
JOHNSTON - Iowa's top elections official, joined by state and federal law enforcement and emergency management leaders, wants Iowans to feel confident...
From: Aljazeera
Biden marks rise in Iowa from caucus collapse to fall contender
Biden lost badly in the first contest during the Democratic primaries but he returns to Iowa as his partys nominee....
From: KSAT
Trump pitches 'back to normal' as Biden warns of tough days
When Joe Biden was last in Iowa, his campaign was on the verge of collapse and he was soundly trounced in the caucuses....
No, We Are Definitely Not ‘Rounding the Corner’ on the Coronavirus Pandemic
The White House celebrated the president's success in ending the COVID-19 pandemic" even as the US sets record high for new COVID cases....
Trump Vows to Get ‘Husbands’ Back to Work, But Women Are the Ones Without a Job
Unemployment due to the pandemic has disproportionately put women out of work, but the president keeps talking about their husbands getting jobs....
From: The Americano
Former Trump Officials: Vote for Biden or 'We Will No Longer Be America'
These former White House staffers blast Trump in a scathing new video as they urge Americans to vote for Joe Biden....
Changed Your Mind? You Can Still Vote in Person Even if You Requested a Mail Ballot.
It's no longer safe to assume your ballot will arrive on time if you mail it. You can, however, still vote early or on Election Day....
From: NPR
How Voting Is Different This Year
Voting is different this year. NPR reporters break down what's changed, what voters need to look out for and some of the major legal issues still...
From: KCRG
Biden plans Iowa campaign stop Friday, first since caucuses
The former Vice President of the United States will be making a campaign stop in Iowa, just days before voting ends for the 2020 election....
Stop Reading This Article and Put Your Ballot in the Mail Right Now
No one should mail their ballots after Oct. 27, the Postal Service's recommended date to ensure they arrive on time....
From: The Americano
Trump’s White House Officially Gives Up on Controlling the Pandemic
The White House Chief of Staff twice affirms that the administration has no plans to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as an outbreak grows...
From: Des Moines Register
Guns, masks and voter challenges: Iowa officials prepare for what could be a contentious Election Day
Among the worries: rhetoric about fraud; disputes over mask wearing; the presence of more guns; an army of official and self-appointed poll watchers....
Middle-Class Americans Should Be Earning More, According to Biden. He Says His Tax Plan Will Help.
According to one study, the American middle class should be earning $42,000 more per worker. That's a stark contrast to how tax breaks have helped the...
Trump's War On Federal Employee Protections Is Going to Hurt Black Workers
Trump's latest executive order targets thousands of federal employees. Nearly 20% of them are Black Americans....
The Final Presidential Debate Ends With a Choice
On the last question, one candidate focused on hope. The other chose fear....
From: Globe Gazette
Early voting in Iowa at record pace with several days left
IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) Iowa voters are casting ballots in person or by mail at a record pace before the Nov. 3 election with several days of early...
From: KCRG
Monmouth Poll on Iowa House Districts Favorable To Democrats
For the millions of dollars that candidates and political action committees are pumping into Iowas U.S. House races, especially for the two...
From: KGAN
Early voting in Iowa at record pace with several days left
Iowa voters are casting ballots in person or by mail at a record pace before the Nov. 3 election with several days of early voting still remaining....
From: The Gazette
Justices uphold new Iowa absentee voting law
DES MOINES - The Iowa Supreme Court, in a narrow 4-3 decision Wednesday, let stand a state law that bars county auditors from filling out voters'...
From: The Copper Courier
How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Vote
Elections officials have devised multiple ways for voters to cast their ballots safely and securely this year....
From: Courthouse News Service
Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Absentee Voting Law
A divided Iowa Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a new state law regulating absentee ballot request forms does not amount to an unconstitutional...
From: The Keystone
Obama Urges Voters to 'Build Back Better' With Biden
Former President Barack Obama said Joe Biden made him a better president "and he has the experience and character to make us a better country."...
From: Intelligencer
Trump’s Demonization of Mail Voting Could Be His Doom
As Democrats dominate early voting, the GOP is increasingly banking on huge in-person Election Day turnout in the middle of a pandemic....
From: The Gazette
Most Iowa felons with newly restored rights haven't registered to vote
DES MOINES - The voting rights of roughly 35,000 felons in the state who completed their sentences were restored this summer by an executive order,...
From: KCRG
Absentee ballot request deadline approaches on Saturday in Iowa
Absentee ballot request forms must be in the hands of county auditors by this Saturday....
All of the Times Republicans Have Refused to Help Americans During the Coronavirus Pandemic
While Pelosi and the Trump administration continue stimulus negotiations, Senate Republicans have so far refused to offer meaningful assistance to...
From: DemCast
Cindy Axne: Standing Up for Iowa
Cindy Axne ran for Iowas 3rd Congressional District in 2018. She defeated a Republican incumbent and made history as one of the first female...
From: DemCast
A Voice for All Iowans – Rita Hart for Iowa Congress
Smart, strong, caring, pragmatic these words all aptly describe IA-02 candidate Rita Hart. Her background is uniquely suited to serving IA-02 in...
From: DemCast
Theresa Greenfield: A Voice of Experience for Iowa
Locked in a critical race with Joni Ernst to be Iowa's senator, Theresa Greenfield is the reason voters are turning to a Democratic candidate....
From: Des Moines Register
Auditor: Iowa misallocated at least $21 million in COVID-19 funds
Gov. Kim Reynolds must reallocate the federal money to pandemic expenses or Iowa will have to repay it, the auditor says...
From: Iowa Public Radio
In Iowa And Nationwide, It Might Take Longer To Know Who Won The Election
Americans have gotten used to knowing who won an election on election night or, at least by the next morning. But election experts say this year could...
Conservative lawyer floats challenge of election outcome
A national conservative group may challenge the outcome of the Nov. 3 elections by arguing that municipalities are improperly...
From: Up North News
Health Group to Trump: Please Just Stop Your ‘Super-Spreader’ Rallies Already
Wisconsins Lieutenant Governor joins demand that the president stop holding events that put lives at risk and normalize unsafe behavior....
From: CNN
Awkward debate moment for Joni Ernst in the midst of tight race
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), who touts growing up on a farm, faced an awkward debate moment when asked by the moderator about the price of soybeans in...
From: The Gazette
'So much at stake' in 2020 election, Kamala Harris tells Iowa Democrats
The election will be over soon enough, but California Sen. Kamala Harris warned Iowa Democrats the consequences may last generations....
From: NBC News
With Election Day looming, voting rights are still being decided in court. Here's what to know.
Both parties are claiming victory as dozens of voting lawsuits are being decided. Here's what's changed so far....
From: The Intercept
A Desperate Trump Rallies in Iowa as He Cancels Ads, Loses Ground
The grim reality of the coronavirus pandemic is hanging over the presidents proof of life tour....
From: Tulsa World
Iowa Senate candidates debate, differ on racism, privilege
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Republican Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield differed sharply Thursday about whether systematic...
‘You Don’t Care About Us’: Unemployed Americans Say Their Government Has Failed Them
The latest jobless claims report shows applications are inching back up again. Americans share what life is like unemployed in a pandemic....
From: DemCast
Iowa Tough: Abby Finkenauer
Lifelong Iowa resident Abby Finkenauer strives to honor Iowa values by protecting working families, farmers, veterans and seniors....
From: Des Moines Register
As Donald Trump heads to Iowa, what does the Iowa Poll say Iowans are thinking about him?
With three weeks to go before the election and Iowa hanging in the balance, President Donald Trump is headed to Des Moines. Here's the latest polling....
Trump 'army' of poll watchers could frighten voters, incite violence, election officials warn
Voting rights groups worry that President Donald Trump's call for an "army" to monitor polls could lead to violence and intimidation....
From: NBC News
Vote early, vote offline: Why elections aren't happening on our smartphones
Plenty of election work is computerized, but online voting risks centralizing a system that is secure in large part due to its "clunky" nature....
From: NPR
Normally Invisible, National Security Figures Assume Prominent Election Role
National security leaders are playing a far more prominent role than in previous elections. Current officials are trying to reassure voters. Many...
From: STAT
Trump prepares to campaign in Iowa, where Covid-19 is 'out of control'
Trumps Iowa campaign stop is the most audacious this week; the state is experiencing record high hospitalizations from Covid-19....
Trump's Rallies Have Previously Been Connected to COVID Cases. And They're Back.
President Donald Trump is back stumping on the campaign trail since his release from Walter Reed Medical Center last week due to COVID-19....
From: Floricua
From Jobs to Health Care, Where Biden and Trump Stand on 6 Key Issues
Trump and Biden have very different views on how to tackle the problems facing the United States, including the economy and health care....
From: Up North News
Evers Asks GOP Leaders to Stop Weakening State’s Response to COVID-19
Instead, a GOP-led committee fights an emergency safeguard, even though it will expire by the time the Legislature can officially reject it....
From: Tulsa World
Iowa tops 100,000 coronavirus cases as Trump plans rally
As Iowa surpassed 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases Monday and remained the fourth-highest state for rate of infection, the mayor of Des Moines...
From: The Gazette
University of Iowa student leaders call for prompt resumption of diversity training
IOWA CITY - University of Iowa student leaders have asked their campus to promptly reinstate diversity training it recently paused in response to a...
From: The Copper Courier
How Huge Has Early Voting Been in 2020? Try Over-6-Million-Ballots Huge.
With a deadly pandemic raging alongside a particularly contentious election, voter turnout numbers for all types of early voting are shattering...
From: WKYC
Why you may not want to wait until Election Day to vote
Ballots are already being safely collected....
From: The Quad-City Times
Iowa's senior voters, driving early voting, hold sway in election
The generation that led change on college campuses, in social life, the workplace and definitely in politics is poised to make its presence felt again...
From: Fox News
Trump to visit Pa., Iowa next week, stepping up travel schedule post-COVID diagnosis
President Trump added Pennsylvania and Iowa to his campaign schedule next week, stepping up travel plans despite his recent bout with coronavirus....
From: KTIV
Iowa absentee ballot requests of 703,768 set record
Over 96,000 have been returned so far with nearly 60,000 of those from Democratic voters....
From: NPR
Biden Has The Advantage On The Airwaves With Weeks To Go In Campaign
The Trump campaign is set to run about $11 million in ads in the two Midwestern states he won in 2016. But six states continue to dominate the...
From: The Keystone
Candidates in 14 Key State House Races Share Their Ideas for Helping the Economy Recover
Republicans are looking to reopen businesses quickly, while Democrats look to longer-term solutions to aid in economic recovery....
As Recent Trump Interviews Run Off the Rails, Pelosi Announces 25th Amendment Move
Since leaving the hospital, President Trump has delivered rambling interviews, incoherent tweets, and called for imprisoning political enemies. His...
From: The Copper Courier
Trump Abruptly Ends COVID Relief Talks Only to Later Tweet Demands for More Aid
The president may want to undo his decision to end COVID stimulus talks until after the election, but analysts say Biden would be better for the...
Trump Administration Knew What It Was Doing With Its Child-Separation Policy, Watchdog Report Says
The Justice Department's inspector general found that Jeff Sessions and others actively encouraged the 2018 child-separation policy....
Biden leads Trump by 5 points in Iowa poll
Theresa Greenfield, the Democratic challenger in the states Senate contest, leads incumbent Sen. Joni Ernst by the identical margin in the...
From: Cardinal & Pine
The Average American Spends 15 Times More on Health Care Than Trump Paid in Federal Income Taxes in 2017
The average person spent $11,172 on health care in 2018, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services15 times the amount Trump paid in...
From: WebMD
Voting During COVID Pandemic: How to Do It Safely
Record numbers of people have already cast ballots, whether by mail or through in-person early voting. The United States Elections Project says more...
From: The Quad-City Times
Iowa court rulings add to confusion on absentee ballots
DES MOINES Both sides in a legal clash over Iowas absentee voting laws were able to agree on one thing Tuesday the court fight has become...
WATCH: Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions Sound Off on the Potential Repeal of the ACA
Up to 133 million Americans have pre-existing conditions covered by the Affordable Care Act...
From: Cardinal & Pine
Trump Will Get Top-Notch Care for COVID-19. Not All Americans Can Say the Same.
The care President Trump is likely to receive will set him apart from most Americans...
Trump Appointee Pressured CDC to Alter Report on COVID-19 Risks in Children
Political operative requested changes that downplayed the risks of COVID-19 to children as schools...
From: The Intercept
Democratic wins for the presidency and the Senate could hinge on an absentee-ballot...
From: AP News
Judge blocks Iowa directive on absentee ballot applications
A judge blocked Iowa’s secretary of state Monday from enforcing an order that barred counties from sending absentee ballot...
From: U.S. News
Iowa Supreme Court Urged to Halt Absentee Ballot Request Law
The Iowa Supreme Court is being urged by Democrats and a Latino civil rights group to block a new Republican-backed law that could leave thousands of requesters without absentee ballots.
From: The Courier
Joe Biden Stutters. I Do Too. So Do More Than 3 Million Americans.
Trump’s verbal attacks on Biden Tuesday night were abusive in more ways than one. Yet, Biden pressed on.
From: The WCF Courier
Iowa adds nearly $306 million to budget surplus
State government closed a rocky fiscal 2020 budget year — buffeted by economic uncertainty...
From: Courier
President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus
Trump has held multiple events without masks or social distancing, The presidents senior adviser, Hope Hicks, also tested positive.
From: Sioux Land Proud
UPDATE: Iowa 2020 RABA Research Poll: Voters impacted by Ernst’s COVID-19 remarks
Results from the recently conducted Nexstar Iowa 2020 RABA Research Poll are in, along with results from our two Iowa-based sister stations.
From: GCN
Iowa launches vulnerability disclosure program for election websites
Iowa has created a vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) for its election-related websites.
From: Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
National Democratic Party leader speaks at Iowa event
Iowa is a top battleground state for the DSCC: the state's U.S. Senate race...
From: Center for Public Integrity
In Iowa, making voting simpler with one hand, trickier with the other
Iowa eliminated a hurdle to voting in this pandemic year by opting to send all active voters applications for absentee ballots.
From: Courier
Trump Administration Pulled Money from CDC for an Ad Campaign and Now COVID Cases Are Surging Again
Referred to in budget documents as the “Covid-19 immediate surge public advertising and awareness campaign,”...
From: The Columbian
Iowa US Sen. Ernst says court view ‘consistent’ in debate
Iowa U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst said Monday night she had been “very consistent” in her views on Supreme Court justices despite...
From: News Press Now
Judge upholds GOP law making absentee voting harder in Iowa
A judge is refusing to block a new Republican-backed Iowa law that makes it harder for county officials to process absentee ballot applications...
From: The Gazette
Chuck Grassley meets with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett
Iowa senator says there is a 'good chance' he will vote to confirm
From: US News
Iowa Again a Battleground, Sign of Trump's Midwest Obstacles
Scott Brennan stood powerless in the Iowa Democratic Party's war room in the wee hours of Feb. 4...
From: The Hill
Cook Political Report shifts Ohio, Iowa to 'toss up' in presidential race
The nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted the presidential race in Ohio and Iowa to a “toss up” on Tuesday from...
From: Iowa Public Radio
What We Can Expect After Election Day
Election Day is a day on the calendar, but the 2020 election is going on now, and it may stretch past November 3
From: KWWL
Iowa Senate District 30 candidates
Iowa Senate District 30 always seem to be a very close race.
From: KTIV
Iowa legislative panel approves emergency election measures
An Iowa legislative panel has approved several proposals by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate...
From: The Courier
Flip-Flopping On Accepting Election Results Is Nothing New for Trump
President Trump’s latest remarks about accepting this year’s election results were shocking, but are nothing new.
From: The Courier
Trump’s Latest Executive Order Does Absolutely Nothing to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions
Instead, the president is suing to overturn the law that actually prohibits insurance companies...
From: Iowa Public Radio
Voters' Top Election Questions, Answered
Voters' Top Election Questions, Answered
From: Business Insider
J.D. Scholten and Randy Feenstra vie for a seat in Iowa's 4th Congressional District following Rep. Steve King's primary loss
Democrat J.D. Scholten will square off against Republican Randy Feenstra to represent Iowa's 4th...
From: AP News
Iowa legislative panel approves emergency election measures
An Iowa legislative panel approved Friday several proposals from the state’s top election official
From: KHQA
Iowa county auditors can start opening absentee ballots weekend before election day
County auditors in Iowa can begin opening absentee ballots the weekend before the election...
From: Des Moines Register
Iowa Poll: What is the top issue as likely voters consider their choices? Republicans, Democrats sharply split
The economy is the most important issue for 31% of likely Iowa voters
From: Business Record
2020 could be ‘record breaker’ for Iowa women running for federal office
Women make up the majority of candidates running for federal office in Iowa.
From: KWWL
Gun control group launches ad blitz in key Iowa House races
A national gun control advocacy group says it is targeting eight key races with digital ads and mailers.
From: Des Moines Register
How many people are really unemployed in Iowa? Even the best stats aren't keeping up
In Iowa, a record number of workers filed unemployment claims in the wake of the pandemic.
From: The Hill
Poll shows tight Senate race in Iowa
The race in Iowa between Joni Ernst and Theresa Greenfield remains tight, according to a new poll.
From: PBS
Battle for Iowa heats up over rural issues
This election, the Biden campaign has managed to narrow Trump's lead, making the state a toss-up.
From: WHO13
Poll Results Show Trump and Biden Tied Up in Iowa
The latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll.
From: Des Moines Register
Sen. Chuck Grassley won't oppose holding Supreme Court nomination hearings this year
Grassley will not oppose holding hearings or taking a vote on Trump's Supreme Court nominee
From: KGAN
Some election polling places unusable after Derecho
The August 10th Derecho has caused some polling for the November election to be unusable.
From: The Gazette
Absentee ballot FAQ: What you need to know about voting by mail in Iowa
There are many questions surrounding absentee ballots, here are some answer to help clear up confusion.

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