Invest to Win: 2022

Give Strategically To Win Big

Donating is an important form of activism in this era of dark money. We’re here to help you make good choices with your funds. This page will host an evolving array of ActBlue donation pages to boost key GOTV groups & candidates and help us build power for the 2022 midterms & beyond.

Our Approach

DemCast is looking at data, asking experts, and networking with groups on the ground. We're doing all the research so that you don't have to. These Funds are solid investments that will help to grow our collective movement. We stand behind them.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Browse the ActBlue Funds below.
  2. Select a Fund that resonates with you.
  3. Sign up for a monthly donation.
  4. Continue through November of 2022.

#WinBlue: Critical Candidates

Sometimes we end up giving to candidates because of who they’re running against, but these aren’t always the most strategic investments. This section hosts pages for worthy recipients who are running in highly competitive races.

"Sick of Manchin & Sinema"

This ActBlue fund gives directly to the eventual Democratic nominees in the critical 2022 states of WI, PA, NC, FL & OH! A great down payment on our future!

Hold the Line! - 2022 Senate

We need to gain ground in the Senate in 2022, but we can’t do that unless we hold the line. This fund supports the four Senators most likely to fall victim to a GOP challenge. Set up those recurring donations now!

#WinBlueIn22: Grassroots POWER Funds

In Georgia, we saw the power that BIPOC-led grassroots organizations can wield when they’re properly resourced to drive turnout. Let’s follow suit in 2022. These pages send resources DIRECTLY to grassroots GOTV groups – with a focus on BIPOC-led organizations – in critical 2022 states.

Arizona Fund

Organizations supportedArizona Coalition for Change ♦ Equality Arizona ♦ Mi Familia Vota ♦ One Arizona ♦ People’s Defense Initiative ♦ Tomorrow We Vote

Florida Fund

Organizations supportedPoder Latinx ♦ Alianza for Progress ♦ Florida Rights Restoration Coalition ♦ United We Dream ♦ UnKoch My Campus

Wisconsin Fund

Organizations supportedBlack Leaders Organizing Communities ♦ Voces de la Frontera ♦ Wisconsin Voices ♦ Our Wisconsin Revolution

Stay tuned for upcoming state funds: Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina & Virginia (2021).

#BlackLivesMatter: Racial Justice Funds

We must collectively resource BIPOC-led organizations to grow the movement for racial justice.

Minnesota Fund

Special attention to the home state of George FloydGrassroots racial justice organizations supported in this FundBlack Visions Collective ♦ Take Action Minnesota ♦ Minnesota Voice

Is There a Candidate or cause Missing?

Contact us and let us know who we should add!

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