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From: 11 Alive
Georgia U.S. Senate Election results
David Perdue attempts to hold off challengers Jon Ossoff and Shane Hazel....
From: Georgia Public Broadcasting
See Georgia's Early Voting Turnout By Precinct So Far
The month of October has seen a record number of Georgians cast their vote, through three weeks of in-person early voting and absentee-by-mail. GPB...
From: DemCast
Sara Tindall Ghazal: Protecting Voters and Building Bridges to Democracy
Sara Tindall Ghazal will use her skills and experience to build bridges to democracy that will lead to policies that will benefit Georgians....
From: The New Yorker
The Fight to Turn Georgia Blue
The last Democrat to win statewide office says many Republicans privately lament Trumps incompetence. The question is: Will they now follow...
From: The Copper Courier
AOC Did Not Hold Back in Her Vanity Fair Interview
AOC is on the cover of Vanity Fair and talked about death threats, how her career has impacted her family, and what the future holds....
From: The New York Times
In Georgia, Democrats Target the True Silent Majority: People Who Don't Vote
As Democrats eye the Southern battleground, high turnout will be crucial for them, and that means persuading nonvoters to participate. But experts...
The preacher who might finally turn Georgia blue
Raphael Warnock, a first-time candidate running for Senate, is working to turn out new and infrequent voters. But a tough runoff almost certainly...
From: The Americano
Former Trump Officials: Vote for Biden or 'We Will No Longer Be America'
These former White House staffers blast Trump in a scathing new video as they urge Americans to vote for Joe Biden....
From: Floricua
The Pandemic Left Nearly 20,000 Spanish-Speaking Domestic Workers With No Job
More than half of the domestic workers interviewed said they did not have the financial means to pay their rent or mortgage during the past months....
From: NPR
How Voting Is Different This Year
Voting is different this year. NPR reporters break down what's changed, what voters need to look out for and some of the major legal issues still...
Changed Your Mind? You Can Still Vote in Person Even if You Requested a Mail Ballot.
It's no longer safe to assume your ballot will arrive on time if you mail it. You can, however, still vote early or on Election Day....
From: 11 Alive
Joe Biden speaks to crowd of supporters at Atlanta drive-in event
The Democratic nominee for president is making his first trip to Georgia today....
From: DemCast
Gregg Kennard for GA-102 and Against Confederate Monuments
Rep. Gregg Kennard, Democrat running for reelection in Georgias 102nd district speaks up against racist symbols of the Confederacy. %...
From: WPLG
Biden vows his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest
Joe Biden plans to use the final week before Election Day to go on offense, heading Tuesday to Georgia and planning travel that may put President...
Rejected ballots in Georgia
Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says nearly 3 million Georgians have already cast their ballots with record voter turnout....
From: 11 Alive
Will Georgia turn blue? Analysts explain how - or if - it could happen
According to NBC, Georgia is one of the 12 battleground states in the 2020 election. Many believe Georgia's changing demographics have moved it to...
From: 11 Alive
Why is Georgia so important in this year's presidential race?
Democratic candidate Joe Biden will visit the state on Tuesday...
Georgia’s legacy of voter suppression is driving historic Black turnout
Changing demographics in the Atlanta suburbs and an explosion of civic engagement among first-time voters could turn the state blue for the first time...
From: Connecticut Post
Youth movement helping to run Georgia elections
COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) Five years ago, when she was a sophomore at Carver High School,......
From: 11 Alive
Joe Biden announces Georgia visit for Tuesday
The former vice president and current presidential candidate announced his first Georgia campaign stop will be on Tuesday....
From: ABC News
Appeals court halts order requiring Georgia pollbook backups
A federal appeals court has temporarily halted a lower courts order that said every polling place in Georgia must have at least one updated...
From: the Guardian
He fought for voting rights in Georgia – then found himself in trouble with the law
Tariq Baiyinas push to end felony disenfranchisement is on hold as he battles with the legal system hes fought to change...
From: 11 Alive
'Georgia is so important' | Harris arrives in Atlanta as Biden campaign targets Peach State
The California senator arrived on Friday in her first visit to Georgia of the campaign....
From: ajc
In high-stakes election, Georgia’s voting system vulnerable to cyberattack
An AJC investigation shows that Secretary of State Brad Raffenspergers office weakened Georgia's voting system defenses, disabling password...
From: NBC News
Ransomware hit a Georgia county. That didn't stop its ballot counting.
The attack does not indicate any broad effort to tamper with U.S. voting or show systemic vulnerabilities to the U.S. election system....
From: CBS46 News Atlanta
More than 2.2 million ballots cast in Georgia
More than 2.2 million ballots have been cast in Georgia through either in-person early voting or mail-in/absentee ballots as of Friday....
From: DemCast
The Call to Serve: Mokah Johnson
Mokah Johnson has been called to serve and now is runnning in Georgia House District 117. This activist has already made a difference and will work...
From: ajc
In high-stakes election, Georgia's voting system vulnerable to cyberattack
An AJC investigation shows that Secretary of State Brad Raffenspergers office weakened Georgia's voting system defenses, disabling password...
From: Atlanta Magazine
How to volunteer on Election Day in metro Atlanta
While many metro Atlanta counties were overwhelmed with applications to become poll workers, there are still plenty of ways to help out fellow voters...
From: CNN
Ransomware hits election infrastructure in Georgia county
A Georgia county is ground zero for what may be the first ransomware attack to hit election infrastructure this political season....
From: Reporter Newspapers
City of Brookhaven pays off all overdue Georgia Power bills for residents, businesses
The city of Brookhaven says it has paid off overdue electric bills of more than 2,500 residents and businesses with over $777,000 in federal pandemic...
From: NPR
Here's Where The Threat Of Militia Activity Around The Elections Is The Highest
Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Oregon have the highest risk of seeing increased militia activity around the elections, according to a...
From: 11 Alive
Georgia Secretary of State announces elections improvement task force
It will be called the Safe, Secure and Accessible Elections task force and meet weekly until the end of the year....
From: Foreign Policy
Trump’s Assaults on Immigrants Drive Georgia’s Latino Voters
Once solid red, Georgia has become a battleground state in part due to its growing Latino populationand rampant anger at Trumps immigration...
From: 11 Alive
When does the early voting period end in Georgia?
Here's how much time you still have to get to the polls in advance of Election Day on Nov. 3....
Here's Every High-Profile Republican Who Has Endorsed Biden So Far
The list of Biden endorsers includes former Trump administration officials; former Republican senators, representatives, and governors; and hundreds...
From: KBJR
'Kamala' becomes a rally call against GOP senator in Georgia
Democrats are seizing on Republican Sen. David Perdues comments at a recent rally in which he made a spectacle of struggling to...
From: WMAZ
What do the Georgia constitutional amendments, referendum mean on the ballot?
There are 2 proposed amendments to the Georgia Constitution and a statewide referendum on this November ballot...
From: DemCast
Connie Di Cicco: Leave Things Better Than You Found Them
Connie will use those values in her battle to win against a 25-year Republican incumbent and carry them into her legislative work should she prevail....
From: the Guardian
Georgia: two rightwing Republicans face Democrat in special election debate
GOP rivals Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins face Raphael Warnock in virtual debate for Senate seat race with no primary...
From: DemCast
The Call to Serve: Dr. Jasmine Clark for the Georgia House
During her first term, Dr. Jasmine Clark has shown great integrity, tenacity and intelligence serving as Georgias House Representative for District...
From: Up North News
Health Group to Trump: Please Just Stop Your ‘Super-Spreader’ Rallies Already
Wisconsins Lieutenant Governor joins demand that the president stop holding events that put lives at risk and normalize unsafe behavior....
Judge Rules Trump Won't Be Able to Take Food Assistance Away From 700,000 Americans
A federal judge on Sunday struck down the Trump administrations attempt to end food assistance for nearly 700,000 unemployed Americans....
From: Yale News
Spike in mail-in voting, health concerns portend a messy Election Day
Yale political scientist Gregory Huber discusses public sentiment about voting in the upcoming election, and how he expects Nov. 3 to play out....
From: Georgia Public Broadcasting
For Nonwhite Georgia Voters, Numbers Have Soared As Polling Places Dwindled
The states voter rolls have grown by nearly 2 million since the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, but polling locations have...
The week in polls: Trump roars back in Florida, Biden gains in Georgia
In the Senate, a poll found Doug Jones may not be doomed after all. And another found Lindsey Graham's race may not be as tight as believed....
Georgia GOP Sen. Perdue faces criticism after 'mockingly' mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name
John Burke,communications director for Perdues campaign, insistedthe senator "simply mispronounced" her name "didn't mean anything by it."...
From: All On Georgia
It’s Time To Stop Jeopardizing The Immigrant Community To Support Georgia Priorities & Economy
OPINION: Charles Kuck says it's time to stop jeopardizing the immigrant community to support Georgia priorities and economy....
From: The Hill
Georgia gets Trump approval for Medicaid work requirements, partial expansion
The Trump administration has given Georgia the green light to partially expand Medicaid without federal support, and to impose work requirements on...
From: WMAZ
'Trump COVID Superspreader Event' billboard appears before Macon MAGA rally
A similar billboard appeared in Des Moines, Iowa, prior to a rally there on Wednesday night....
From: Georgia Public Broadcasting
Headed To Trump's Macon Rally? Know The COVID-19 Risk
President Trumps barnstorming ralliesstill pump classic rock tunes for a soundtrack and pack out airport tarmacs. But what's new for his rallies...
Advocacy groups push state for paper ballots as massive turnout continues for early voting
With the increased turnout for early voting, many metro Atlanta counties are adding more locations and voting machines to help cut down on long lines....
From: FiveThirtyEight
Will Georgia Turn Blue?
For all the turmoil in the country this year, our presidential election forecast has been remarkably stable. Dating back to June 1, the first date...
From: KSAT
History, mistrust spurring Black early voters in Georgia
Black people are going to the polls by the thousands and waiting in lines for hours to vote early in Georgia....
From: NBC News
Vote early, vote offline: Why elections aren't happening on our smartphones
Plenty of election work is computerized, but online voting risks centralizing a system that is secure in large part due to its "clunky" nature....
From: AJC
Voter check-in system to blame for slow-moving lines in Georgia
Georgia's slow-moving lines and long waits for early voting is linked to slow computers used to verify each voter, the AJC reports. Some early voting...
Georgia surpasses 1 million total vote count Thursday
Voters will continue to cast their ballots early for the fourth day straight day and officials expect Georgia to cross the 1 million total vote count...
From: Daily Report
The Meaning of the Georgia Constitution Is Now Up to Georgia Voters | Daily Report
How the state Supreme Court lost its way and found the CSA,...
From: Floricua
So You've Already Voted. Now What?
Days before the elections, many will vote early or by mail. Once they do, they can track their ballots and make sure they are counted....
Judge Amy Coney Barrett Has Been ‘Stunningly Hostile’ to Civil Rights, Critics Say
Activists worry a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court could hinder progress and potentially lead to rollbacks of Black Americans civil rights....
From: Floricua
From Jobs to Health Care, Where Biden and Trump Stand on 6 Key Issues
Trump and Biden have very different views on how to tackle the problems facing the United States, including the economy and health care....
From: AJC
Lawsuit over long voting lines in Georgia dismissed in federal court
A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking court intervention to reduce the possibility of long lines in Georgia's Nov. 3 election....
From: WDEF
Technical problems arise as early voting starts in Georgia
Long lines of people eager to cast ballots have formed in Georgia on the state's first day of early in-person voting....
From: NPR
Georgia Voters Face Hours-Long Lines At Polls On First Day Of Early Voting
Voters spent as much as five hours waiting to cast in-person ballots. The lines were particularly intense around the Atlanta metro area....
From: AJC
Emory public health dean: Trump politicizing CDC "unforgivable"™
The dean of Emory Universitys Rollins School of Public Health on Tuesday decried what he called the politically motivated damage done to public...
From: AJC
Airline contractors received CARES Act funding, but still cut jobs
Delta contractor DAL Global Services, or Unifi, cut jobs before striking an agreement for CARES Act funding to pay workers....
From: The Americano
5 Reasons the LGBTQ Community Loves Kamala Harris
With the addition of the California Senator, Joe Biden has assembled the most pro-equality presidential ticket in U.S. history....
From: NBC News
Early voting begins in Georgia with long lines, high turnout
Race is one of the strongest predictors of how long a person waits in line to vote, research shows....
Kamala Harris' Debate Performance Was a Reminder of What Black Women Deal With Every Day
Before vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris stepped out on the debate stage, she was already hobbled by what she could say or do....
From: Georgia Public Broadcasting
Political Rewind: In Unprecedented Numbers, Georgia Votes By Mail
Friday on Political Rewind, early voting begins next week. Absentee ballot voting will no doubt play a crucial role in the upcoming election.
From: Georgia Public Broadcasting
Battleground: Ballot Box | Voting Issues In Georgia: How We Got Here
In this bonus episode of "Battleground: Ballot Box," host Stephen Fowler chronicles how voting in Georgia has changed from 2018 to 2020....
Long A Republican Stronghold, Georgia Is Starting To Look Like A Swing State
Emma Hurt of NPR member station WABE joins Scott Simon to discuss how voters in Georgia are feeling ahead of Election Day....
With time short, judge mulls Georgia voting system changes
With the start of early voting less than a week away and a software update being installed to address a glitch in Georgia's voting machines, a federal...
From: AllOnGeorgia
Atlanta Mayor Makes Endorsements in Georgia Senate Races - AllOnGeorgia
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has thrown her support behind two U.S. Senate candidates - one battling for Senator David Perdue's seat and another...
Trump Administration Knew What It Was Doing With Its Child-Separation Policy, Watchdog Report Says
The Justice Department's inspector general found that Jeff Sessions and others actively encouraged the 2018 child-separation policy....
From: Star Tribune
With time short, judge mulls Georgia voting system changes
With the start of early voting less than a week away and a software update being installed to address a glitch in Georgia's voting machines, a federal...
From: Georgia Recorder
Surge of new voters likely energized by Georgia's new battleground status
Secretary of State Raffensperger announced that a record 7.6 million Georgians are registered to vote for the Nov. 3 presidential election....
From: Cardinal & Pine
The Average American Spends 15 Times More on Health Care Than Trump Paid in Federal Income Taxes in 2017
The average person spent $11,172 on health care in 2018, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services15 times the amount Trump paid in...
From: Forbes
More Than 4 Million People Have Already Voted In The Election, 50 Times This Point In 2016
With four weeks left to go until the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, more than 4 million Americans have already cast their vote....
From: 11 Alive
Registrations, absentee ballots soaring in Georgia
The state has already accepted more absentee ballots than in the 2016 election....
From: The Telegraph
Georgians will vote on two constitutional amendments and a referendum in November
The Georgia ballot for the November election ends with three questions...
From: DemCast
Meet Georgia's Kelly Rose
Kelly Rose is running for a seat in the Georgia's State Senate District 17, which represents Henry, Newton and Rockdale counties.
From: DemCast
The Call to Serve: Devin Pandy
Devin Pandy could no longer stand on the sidelines watching bad things happen. The solution to this problem was to take the risk and run for Congress.
From: DemCast
The Preface Project
Ensuring that every child has the educational foundations and English skills necessary to achieve their own American Dreams.
From: DemCast
Rev. Raphael Warnock, Leader of the Pack
In the Georgia jungle primary to fill the last two years of a U.S. Senate seat, Reverend Raphael Warnock stands out amidst a crowded field of 21 candidates
From: All on Georgia
BREAKDOWN: 3 Ballot Questions for Georgia Voters in November 2020
Worried about not understanding the ballot questions when you head to the polls this November?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
From: The AP News
Court reinstates Georgia’s Election Day mail ballot deadline
A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated Georgia’s Election Day deadline for the receipt of mail-in ballots...
From: The Courier
Answered: What Is My Voter Registration Deadline?
Registering to vote is a crucial step in the voting process—and deadlines are rapidly approaching (or have passed) across the country. Here’s your guide to voter registration deadlines in the every US state and territory.
From: The Economist
Why do voters in Georgia face so many hurdles to voting?
Republicans see hiccups, Democrats see racism
From: Courier
President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus
Trump has held multiple events without masks or social distancing, The presidents senior adviser, Hope Hicks, also tested positive.
From: AJC
Appeals court restores Georgia’s Election Day absentee ballot deadline
A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated an Election Day deadline for Georgia voters to return their absentee ballots...
From: AJC
Georgians face Monday deadline to register to vote in Nov. 3 election
First-time Georgia voters or existing voters who have moved to a new county must register to vote by Monday...
From: WTVC
High number of Senate candidates causes issues for Georgia polling machines
A Catoosa County spokesperson says a software patch is being picked...
From: News4JAX
Judge orders Georgia to have paper pollbook backups
A federal judge ruled on Monday that every polling place in Georgia must have at least one updated paper backup...
From: The Conversation
No mail-in votes, proof of citizenship: the long history of preventing minorities from voting in the US
“We really are the only advanced democracy on Earth that systematically and purposely makes it really hard for people to vote,” President Barack Obama...
From: The Gander
Trump Called Racial Sensitivity Trainings ‘Racist’ and ‘Radical.’ Here’s What Actually Happens in Them.
While refusing to condemn white supremacists and right-wing militias at Tuesday night’s debate, President Trump misled the American public...
From: The Star Tribune
Judge orders Georgia to have paper pollbook backups
A federal judge ruled on Monday that every polling place in Georgia must have at least one updated paper backup list...
From: CBS News
Georgia voters choose short-term successor to John Lewis
November’s general election will decide the full two-year congressional term, which begins in January.
From: The Star Tribune
Lawyers spar over Georgia voting machine glitch, planned fix
Georgia election officials say they're implementing a software change to fix a glitch in the state's new voting machines.
From: Herald-Mail Media
Battle lines quickly drawn in Georgia over Barrett's nomination
Top Georgia U.S. Senate candidates raced to draw battle lines over President Donald Trump's push to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett
From: CBS 46
Over 40,000 ballots already accepted by state of Georgia
As absentee/mail-in voting gets rolling across the United States, multiple states including Georgia, have already started reporting...
From: The Washington Post
The six political states of Georgia
When they sifted through the wreckage of the 2016 election, and reckoned with their losses in the Midwest...
From: The New York Times
How Could Voter Suppression Affect the Presidential Election? Look at Georgia
How Could Voter Suppression Affect the Presidential Election? Look at Georgia
From: GPB
Error Found In Election Testing Causes Georgia Counties To Pause Some Prep
Logic and Accuracy testing involves testing every single piece of Georgia's new $104 million voting system...
From: The New York Times
Matt Lieberman faces calls to quit Georgia Senate race as Obama endorses Warnock.
Democrats aren't being very subtle about their feelings toward Matt Lieberman, a Democratic candidate for one of Georgia's...
From: The Courier
Trump’s Latest Executive Order Does Absolutely Nothing to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions
Instead, the president is suing to overturn the law that actually prohibits insurance companies
From: The Courier
I’m a Military Spouse Who’s Voted by Mail My Entire Adult Life. It’s Not Always Easy But It Is Safe.
Over the last 16 years, I’ve voted by mail 16 times.
From: WJBF
Georgia labeled as battleground state
Is the idea that Georgia might actually turn blue one that makes sense this election year?
From: GPB
New Poll Finds Georgia Voters Favor Biden On Healthcare
A poll of likely Georgia voters found that a large majority believe former Vice President Joe Biden...
From: Yahoo Sports
Paul Millsap opening his Georgia training center as an early voting precinct
History of voting issues in Georgia. The NBA and many of its players are working to encourage voter turnout...
From: The New York Times
A Monmouth poll of Georgia shows tight races for president and both Senate seats.
Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, has gained support.
From: The Courier
I’m a Medical Doctor: RBG’s Impact Can Be Seen in the Health of Our Nation
Justice Ginsburg helped over 20 million Americans keep their health insurance.
From: Politico
Poll: Biden tied with Trump in Georgia
Survey also shows David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler with narrow leads in their Senate races.

From: Georgia Recorder
Georgia mayors push for urgency as time runs short for 2020 census
Georgia’s local leaders are calling on residents to make sure they are signed up.
From: News4
3 ways to cast your vote in Georgia
Use of absentee ballots encouraged; social distancing to be enforced at polling places
From: GPB
Biden Launches New Ad Blitz In Georgia
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is launching a new slate of ads in Georgia Tuesday
Everything you need to know about registering to vote in Georgia
The deadline to register for the election is Oct. 5, which is two weeks away.
From: WTVM
Columbus attorneys and judge reflect on legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Judges in the Chattahoochee Valley are reflecting on the life and legacy of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
From: AJC
AJC poll: Race for president, Senate contests in Georgia ‘too close to call’
A new poll conducted for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows the Georgia could not be closer.
From: AJC
Republican Party seeks to reverse Georgia absentee deadline ruling
The Republican National Committee is getting involved in an appeal over absentee ballot deadlines in Georgia.

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