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From: Tampa Bay Times
54% have cast ballots as Florida enters final weekend of voting
Early voting goes through Saturday in Pasco and Hernando and through Sunday in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties....
From: Tampa Bay Times
It is getting really bad: Misinformation spreads among Florida's Spanish-speaking voters
A disinformation research organization says anonymous threats sent on social media are meant to elicit an emotional reaction and confuse voters....
From: CBS Miami
Florida Judges Teed Up For Election Challenges
As President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden pull out all the stops to capture Floridas 29 electoral votes, courts in the state...
From: Forbes
Florida Has Done It Again: Here Are Some Of Florida's Voting Foibles Ahead Of Next Week's Election
Florida has contended with voter registration controversies and early ballot-counting concerns this year, but how will it impact next weeks...
From: WKMG
Florida researcher questions using signature matching on ballots
A 20-year-old South Florida man ...
From: WKMG
Presidential candidates visit Florida amid rising coronavirus numbers
The Florida Department of Health reported 4,198 new cases on Thursday, bringing the states overall total to 794,624 cases since March....
From: The Copper Courier
AOC Did Not Hold Back in Her Vanity Fair Interview
AOC is on the cover of Vanity Fair and talked about death threats, how her career has impacted her family, and what the future holds....
The Economy Isn't Booming
Trump touts record growth, but GDP numbers for last quarter largely reflect how bad things got due to the coronavirus pandemic....
From: The Americano
Florida Rep.: 'If Sen. Rubio Truly Wants To Stand with Venezuelans, Support TPS'
Florida Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell urged Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to stand with Venezuelans living in the US and support TPS....
From: The Americano
Healthcare of 2 Million Floridians Hangs in the Balance With ACA Lawsuit
Oral arguments in the lawsuit are set for a week after Election Day. It will be one of the first cases heard by Justice Amy Coney Barrett....
From: The Americano
Biden: I Will Create a Task Force to Reunite 545 Children With Families on Day One
In a new ad, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he plans to reunite 545 undocumented children with their families....
From: Floricua
Biden Holds Slight Edge Over Trump Among Likely Florida Voters
Joe Biden leads Trump 50 percent to 48 percent, with 2.5 percent of respondents undecided and 6 percent saying they could change their minds....
From: Tampa Bay Times
Tight Florida Senate races targeted by dark money group
If the ads succeed in persuading Democrats or independent voters to choose the fringe candidates in three competitive races, it benefits the...
From: Floricua
The Pandemic Left Nearly 20,000 Spanish-Speaking Domestic Workers With No Job
More than half of the domestic workers interviewed said they did not have the financial means to pay their rent or mortgage during the past months....
From: Floricua
Democrats Outnumber Republicans Among Early Voters in Red Florida Counties
This early mail-voting advantage should not lull Florida Democrats into complacency, warns a data analyst....
From: The Americano
'We Cannot Have This Kind of Incompetence': Obama Slams Trump During Orlando Rally
Former President Barack Obama spoke at a drive-in rally in support of Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday in Orlando....
From: Floricua
Ballots Cast by Black and Latino Voters Are More Likely to Be Flagged for Rejection
One reason is missing or mismatched signatures, with Dems 0.07% more likely than Republicans to have issues raised with their ballots....
From: Politico PRO
Florida Democrats expand push to fix flawed mail-in ballots
The curing effort has ramped up in size and scale in a state where every vote counts....
From: Daily Business Review
Money Lines Up in Florida's Constitutional Amendment Fights
Prominent Orlando lawyer John Morgan, who chairs Florida For A Fair Wage, has spent millions of dollars to put Amendment 2, which will raise...
From: The Americano
Trump’s White House Officially Gives Up on Controlling the Pandemic
The White House Chief of Staff twice affirms that the administration has no plans to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as an outbreak grows...
From: Floricua
Latino Lawmakers: Amy Coney Barrett's Rise To The Court Could Devastate Affordable Care Act
As the Senate moves forward with confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, Latino Congress members made their plea to save the Affordable...
Trump's War On Federal Employee Protections Is Going to Hurt Black Workers
Trump's latest executive order targets thousands of federal employees. Nearly 20% of them are Black Americans....
Middle-Class Americans Should Be Earning More, According to Biden. He Says His Tax Plan Will Help.
According to one study, the American middle class should be earning $42,000 more per worker. That's a stark contrast to how tax breaks have helped the...
From: ABC 17 NEWS
Obama in Florida: Trump's tough guy schtick is a fraud - ABC17NEWS
Former President Barack Obama on Saturday laced into President Donald Trump, describing his successor as a thin-skinned bully whose true weakness was...
From: Tampa Bay Times
Could climate change votes swing the election in Florida?
More people are listing the issue as a voting priority. But there is a lot else on their minds this year....
From: Bay News 9
Circumstances Point to Delayed Conclusion to Election Results in Florida
Lawsuits may follow close race, high mail-in ballot number...
From: Floricua
Federal Court Rules Trump Cannot Exclude Undocumented Immigrants From Census
A court ruled the Trump administration acted unconstitutionally when it requested to gather census data on undocumented immigrants....
From: The Copper Courier
How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Vote
Elections officials have devised multiple ways for voters to cast their ballots safely and securely this year....
From: Politico PRO
Obama hypes early voting in new DNC Florida ad
Barack Obama is being tapped to gin up support for voting ahead of Election Day in Florida....
From: NPR
Voters In Florida And Alaska Receive Emails Warning 'Vote For Trump Or Else!'
Cybersecurity experts say the origin of the messages remains unknown and may be the product of a foreign disinformation effort. ...
From: the Guardian
Florida accused of sowing confusion with last-minute voting changes
The Republican secretary of state has issued controversial guidance about ex-felons rights and ballot dropboxes in what critics call an attempt at...
From: The Copper Courier
The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Only Getting Worse
Hospitalizations are growing in 37 states as Dr. Anthony Fauci says United States is not yet "on the road" to ending the pandemic....
From: The Americano
Miami Police Officer Who Wore Trump Mask at Early-Voting Site May Be Disciplined
Officials said uniformed officer Daniel Ubedas gesture was intimidating to voters and demanded his immediate suspension....
From: WUFT News
FBI Investigating Threatening Emails Sent To Democrats In Florida
Democratic voters in Florida reported receiving threatening emails Tuesday purportedly from the violent, far-right group Proud Boys directing them to...
From: The Copper Courier
Trump Administration Ramps Up ICE Raids Ahead of the Election
Over the span of six days in early October, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 172 people in six so-called sanctuary cities....
From: The Americano
Latinos Are Really Excited to Vote, New Poll Shows
The report offers a clear insight into the Latino electorates views on the 2020 presidential election and their chief concerns....
From: The Americano
545 Undocumented Children Are Orphans Because of Trump
A lawsuit shows that 545 children that were separated from their parents in 2017 under the Trump administration cannot be reunited as of yet....
An Incomplete—and Very Long—List of the Most Racist Policies the Trump Administration Has Tried to Enact
President Trump is no stranger to racist invective, and his administration hasn't shied away from broadly injecting racism into their policies. These...
From: Politico PRO
Florida shatters opening day record for early voting
The trend continues a record-setting pace in the battleground state that is viewed as a must-win for President Donald Trump....
From: Bay News 9
Florida Votes: Know Your Amendments
The amendment issues vary widely....
From: The Americano
Trump to DeSantis: You're Fired if I Lose Florida
During a rally event in Ocala, Florida, Trump shared his doubts with supporters over possibly losing the state to Joe Biden....
From: The Americano
Alejandro Fernández and Maná: We Need to Vote for Those Who Can't
Mexican singer Alejandro Fernndez and Mexican rock band Man seek to increase the Latino vote with a new campaign....
From: Orlando Weekly
DeSantis tells Florida elections officials ballot drop boxes must be guarded, in 'pathetic' last-minute attempt to slow early votes
Gov. Ron DeSantis administration is telling county elections supervisors that ballot collection boxes outside early voting sites have to be...
From: Spectrum News 13
Long Lines, Heavy Rain: Thousands Vote Early in Central Florida
An election official says to come prepared...
From: NPR
Latino Voters Face Even More Voting Challenges Because Of Pandemic
Latino voters are the largest non-white voting demographic this year. But the pandemic has created new obstacles to registration in a community that...
From: WPLG
Supporters for Trump, Biden hold events in South Florida as Election Day inches closer
Several rallies were held on Sunday in support of both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden....
From: WTSP
Florida felon purge would be too late for this election
Florida is the largest swing state and one President Donald Trump must capture to win re-election over his Democratic challenger, former Vice...
From: Tampa Bay Times
Florida Republicans close registration gap with Democrats to historically narrow margin
More than 14.4 million active registered voters are eligible for the 2020 general election....
From: The Americano
LIVE BLOG: The Latest 2020 Election News From Latino Lawmakers and Advocates
Rep. Linda Snchez wants the DHS to have a flu plan for detained migrants. This flu season is expected to be one of the worst in recent history....
From: Politico PRO
Florida acts to remove felons from voter rolls as election looms
Democrats condemned the 11th-hour move and local election officials say it cant be done....
From: WPEC
Florida elections officials prepare for poll watchers, possible voter intimdation
Elections officials across the state are preparing for an influx of poll watchers this November, and the possibility that poll watching could cross...
From: the Guardian
Trump's attacks on Obamacare could cost him in Texas and Florida
Number of uninsured Americans surges and provokes a movement that might shape the results in two key states...
From: The Americano
Justice Sotomayor Stood Alone in Opposing the Early Census Shutdown
Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the only judge on the US Supreme Court to rule against the early shutdown of the 2020 census....
From: Pew Research Center
Latinos make up record 17% of Florida registered voters in 2020
The number of Hispanic registered voters in Florida grew by 364,000 between 2012 and 2016 and by 305,000 between 2008 and 2012....
From: WKMG
With final early voting preps underway, Florida reports 2,883 new COVID-19 cases
Central Florida counties are in its final days of early voting preparations, making adjustments as voters decide how they want to cast their ballot...
From: Floricua
So You've Already Voted. Now What?
Days before the elections, many will vote early or by mail. Once they do, they can track their ballots and make sure they are counted....
From: Floricua
How to Solve Some of the Problems You May Run Into on Election Day
Prepare to cast your ballot on Nov. 3 by being aware of the situations that could jeopardize your vote and how to remedy them....
From: First Coast News
Here's how to track your vote-by-mail ballot in Florida
With a few clicks online you can see when your vote-by-mail ballot in Florida is requested, sent, received and counted....
From: Floricua
From Jobs to Health Care, Where Biden and Trump Stand on 6 Key Issues
Trump and Biden have very different views on how to tackle the problems facing the United States, including the economy and health care....
From: NPR
Trump Hits The Trail With Florida Rally, A Week After COVID-19 Hospital Stay
The president's doctor said Monday night that Trump had tested negative for the coronavirus on consecutive days and that he was not infectious to...
From: Emerson College Polling
Emerson Polling - Florida 2020: Biden Holds Slight Edge Three Weeks Out
With just over three weeks before the election, President Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in Florida by three percentage points
From: Cardinal & Pine
Laptop Shortages Across US Widen Education Gap Even More
Families struggle to afford laptops, even in school districts that promised to buy each child a device....
From: Floricua
9 Things You Don't Know About Jill Biden - Floricua
From part-time model to fun prankster, Jill Biden, who could become First Lady of the United States, has a fascinating life of her own....
From: The Americano
5 Reasons the LGBTQ Community Loves Kamala Harris
With the addition of the California Senator, Joe Biden has assembled the most pro-equality presidential ticket in U.S. history....
From: The Americano
Florida's Latino Seniors Are Shifting to Biden
Experts say the pandemic and Trump's response to the health crisis made senior citizens turn away from the president even more....
From: The Americano
How to Track COVID-19 Cases in Your Child's School If You Live in Florida
Now Miami-Dade and Broward County public schools, as well as some state universities, have also created COVID-19 dashboards to track confirmed cases...
From: The Copper Courier
Biden Support Among Latinos Grows With Promises of Economic Mobility, Access to Education
Nearly one in four eligible voters in Arizona is Latino, and Mission for Arizona plans to reach out to every single one of them before Nov. 3....
Amy Coney Barrett Could Bring the Climate Crisis to Its Breaking Point
How a conservative Supreme Court could make it harder for future presidents, Congress, and states to enact meaningful efforts to fight climate change....
From: Herald Tribune
Florida is a swing state again. These battleground regions could decide the race.
Polls show close race between Trump and Biden in Florida, America's largest swing state. Here are four of the state's battlegrounds that could tip the...
From: NPR
The Rocky Road Towards Restoring Voting Rights To Florida Felons
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro asks Desmond Meade of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition about the restoration of voting rights to Floridians with...
From: 90.7 WMFE
Questions About Voting; ‘America Amplified’; Analyzing Amendments
On Monday, which was the deadline to register to vote in Florida, the states voter registration website crashed. Governor Ron DeSantis extended...
From: KHOU
President Donald Trump will travel to Florida on Monday
The president's reelection campaign says he's coming to Sanford on Oct. 12....
From: Politico PRO
Florida voter registration won’t be extended; judge rips state
The battleground is good at rocket science. Elections, not so much....
From: The Keystone
Candidates in 14 Key State House Races Share Their Ideas for Helping the Economy Recover
Republicans are looking to reopen businesses quickly, while Democrats look to longer-term solutions to aid in economic recovery....
What Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court Could Mean for Your Reproductive Rights
Critics of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett are worried about what her confirmation will mean for the future of family planningparticularly...
From: The Americano
Judge Rules Against Extending Florida's Voter Registration Deadline
The magistrate made the decision even though the system meltdown might have prevented thousands of potential voters from registering to vote....
From: The Americano
Latino Democrats on Trump’s Refusal To Approve COVID Relief: “Trump Doesn't Care”
President Donald Trump is sending mixed messages about COVID-19 financial relief via Twitter and Latino Democrats are over it....
From: The Americano
Voting Rights Groups Warn FL Officials to Prepare for Election Day, After Voter Site Crash
This isnt something the state couldnt have predicted...Weve been trying to tell them for months this was going to happen."...
From: The Americano
Senators Are Essential Workers, Sen. Marco Rubio Says to Push SCOTUS Vote
Claiming we have a job to do, Rubio dismisses concerns about senators with COVID, and says that the hearings will "happen next week....
From: The Americano
Miami's Republican Mayor: No Debate While Trump Is Positive for COVID
Mayor Francis X. Surez has strongly expressed that the presidents plan to debate Joe Biden in Miami is not safe for him and anybody else....
From: Spectrum News 13
Group Pays $1.5M to Help Felons Regain Their Voting Rights
The group helped felons get their voting rights back...
From: Floricua
Biden: No New Taxes for Anyone Who Makes Under $400K
During his campaign stop in Miami, Florida yesterday, presidential candidate Joe Biden said his financial plan would create 18.6 million jobs....
'I'm Barely Making It': Florida Workers Share What It’s Like to Live on Less Than $10 an Hour
To better understand what its like to survive on low hourly wages, we spoke to two Floridians about the kind of hardships they endure....
From: WRGT
Miami Valley board of elections in need of hundreds of poll workers
We are now less than 24 hours away from the voter registration deadline, which means early voting starts...
From: Rural Florida Voters Remain an Influential Voting Bloc
Bay News
Rural voters still hold considerable sway in Sunshine State
Economy, Affordable Housing, and Healthcare Are Driving Latinos to Vote
There are specific matters that affect day-to-day life in Hispanic communities. Men and women...
From: Florida Phoenix
Florida's system for nominating judges has become a partisan tool and must be reformed | Florida Phoenix
Some three weeks ago, the Supreme Court of Florida affirmed its earlier holding in the lawsuit...
From: Politico PRO
Florida voter registration system crashes on last day for filing
Democrats accuse GOP of voter suppression.
From: Hometown News Brevard
Supervisor of Elections mails domestic, overseas mail ballots for 2020 General Election
Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott announced 171,080 domestic mail ballots were sent today to voters for the Nov. 3 General Election.
From: The Williston Observer
Voting by mail has begun
The Secretary of State’s office is mailing General Election ballots to all active registered voters for the Nov. 3 election.
From: News 4 Jax
Early voting sites were moved. A civil rights group calls it a ‘dirty trick’
Duval County Supervisor of Elections said sites were moved due to low turnout
From: The Americano
Double Checking Your FL Voter Registration Is Vital This Year. Here’s How To Do It.
The election is less than 35 days away—make sure all your information is up-to-date before voting.
From: Courier
President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus
Trump has held multiple events without masks or social distancing, The presidents senior adviser, Hope Hicks, also tested positive.
From: Floricua
These Latinos Fear a Future Without the Affordable Care Act
As the Supreme Court composition battle rages on, millions of Latinos fear losing their health coverage amid the pandemic.
From: NPR
'Unhinged,' 'Predictable': What Undecided Debate Watchers Thought Of Candidates
Undecided voters are typically the target of presidential debates, but it's unclear whether Tuesday night's...
From: The Palm Beach Post
Trump-Biden debate economy as Florida gets terrible job news
President Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden clashed sharply on the economy during Tuesday night's debate...
From: Click Orlando
Florida Democrats post wide lead in mail-in ballot requests
Florida Democrats are building a substantial lead in mail-in ballot requests for November’s presidential election...
From: Courier
Here's the reality behind Trump's claims about mail voting
President Donald Trump continued his assault on the integrity of the U.S. elections during the first presidential debate Tuesday...
From: Courier
Trump Administration Pulled Money from CDC for an Ad Campaign and Now COVID Cases Are Surging Again
Referred to in budget documents as the “Covid-19 immediate surge public advertising and awareness campaign,”...
From: Floricua
Calladitas No More: This Young Mexican Votes for a Better Future for Her and Her Family
“We have financial hardship and police brutality in our communities. It’s important for me to be able to finally put my voice out there.”
From: News 4 JAX
Fraction of Florida felons will be able to vote in November
With Florida’s Oct. 5 voter-registration deadline looming, convicted felons and their advocates are scrambling to clear up outstanding court-related debts..
From: The Verge
Biden for Florida to activate thousands of volunteers for the debate
And hosting virtual training for supporters
From: Politico
‘He just lies’: Florida’s senior voters suddenly are in play
Democrats are active even in The Villages, a Trump stronghold.
From: Politico
Bloomberg unveils $40M Florida TV ad buy
New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced Friday that he's blanketing...
From: The Courier
Why Students Organizing to End Gun Violence Are Helping to Register New Voters
“I’m horrified and terrified that our democracy might not have been as strong as it was and that there is just so much violence...
From: Americano
Middle-Class Americans Should Be Earning More, According to Biden. He Says His Tax Plan Will Help.
According to one study, the American middle class should be earning $42,000 more per worker.
From: Esquire
Why Won't Florida Leave Our Elections Alone?
Keeping inconvenient voters from voting is the Republican priority, full stop.
From: WSJ
Older Voters in Florida Could Be Key to the 2020 Election
Some who were lukewarm about Trump when they voted for him in 2016 say they won’t choose him again this year...
From: NPR
How A Florida Elections Official Is Leaning On Creativity During A Complicated Year
Chris Anderson, supervisor of elections in Seminole County, Florida, had a stylus problem.
From: WMFE
What Is Amendment 1, The Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections Amendment?
Amendment 1, Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections.
From: Floricua
Luis A. Miranda: Trump Is Pretending to Care About Puerto Rico. Don’t Fall for It.
The hurricane exposed long-hidden violations of the people of Puerto Rico’s right to just, fair, and equal treatment as US citizens.
From: WMFE
Marion County elections office makes registering to vote a contest among high schools
North Marion High School claimed the title and the eagle-and-flag trophy Tuesday night.
From: Floricua
Calladitas No More: This Young Cuban Is Tired of Waiting for Change
Daniela Ferrera will do whatever is needed to help her community in Miami. That’s why she co-founded Cubanos con Biden.
From: The Americano
Trump May Be Trying to Win Puerto Rican Votes. Twitter Users Are Not Having It.
Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria foreshadowed his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the US.
From: DemCast
DeSantis Prioritizes Criminalizing Protest Over Helping Floridians in Potential Special Session
Governor DeSantis said that he would push to prioritize his criminalization of protest...
From: Tampa Bay Times
How the Supreme Court vacancy could turn Florida presidential race into a fight over health care
Justice Ginsburg’s death may help Trump and Republicans dismantle the Affordable Care Act.
From: The Americano
WATCH: Marc Anthony Narrates New Bilingual Ad to Support Biden and Honor Puerto Rico
“Remembering is not easy for everyone,” Marc Anthony says in the minute-long ad. “However, forgetting is forbidden.”
From: WKMG
Florida man, 67, hit girl in face with flagpole in spat over Trump, deputies say
Norbert Logsdon Jr., 67, of Orange Park, faces charge of child abuse.
From: The Guardian
The fight for Florida's Latino voters: Biden courts Puerto Ricans as Trump rallies Cubans
Trump and Biden are virtually tied in Florida.
From: Tampa Bay Times
Florida is falling behind on health care and voting rights | Column
“Florida has the worst voter disenfranchisement record in the country,” writes a state legislator.
From: CBS
Bloomberg raises $16 million to help Florida felons pay fines to vote in November
The funds will fuel a voter program that has identified 32,000 voters who would otherwise be disenfranchised.
From: CBS4
Sen. Marco Rubio Supports Senate Considering President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio said the Senate should consider President Donald Trump’s nominee.
From: Orlando Sentinel
Central Florida 2020 Voters Guide: Your guide to your ballot
A state voting guide for central Florida
From: WSVN
DeSantis proposes legislation cracking down on violent protests, penalizing cities for defunding police
DeSantis said his proposed legislation will impose felony-level penalties on anyone who damages property...

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