DemCast is the only organization currently focused on building a grassroots digital army to spread truth, disarm disinformation and proactively carry messaging that’s strategic for our pro-democracy movement. We’re blazing a trail. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, understand the importance of digital organizing, and are ready to build a movement – join our team!

Current Openings

Due to the importance of Michigan in 2022 and 2024, DemCast is investing in a State Director position to help build and train a cross-platform digital army to amplify strategic election info and calls to action. The Director will oversee curation of amplifiable digital content (news links, graphics, memes, videos, etc.), the distillation of that content into shareable posts, and the recruitment, training and deployment of digital volunteers who will share and amplify content. The DemCast model relies on the activism and energy of dedicated volunteer “captains”, who help manage the model in the state. The State Director will help guide the work of the captains and the army, ensuring that the DemCast model is implemented effectively in the state.

Specifically, the DemCast Michigan State Director will: 

  • Recruit, vet, and train State Captains to ensure digital teams are supported in the amplification of Michigan state content
  • Develop and deliver training as needed to ensure volunteers have the skills and direction they need to be successful
  • Provide input on strategic use of resources to promote inclusion and representation of non-majority cultures in digital amplification and partnership development
  • Manage partnerships with grassroots organizations that are doing the work on the ground in the state, and ensuring that grassroots priorities and messaging are reflected in the content and amplification strategy
  • Manage partnerships with media outlets and content creators to facilitate a consistent stream of amplifiable content that can also help lift up the progressive / pro-democracy media infrastructure
  • Support resource development efforts for DemCast and DemCast Michigan, especially within donor networks in Michigan
  • Oversee a rolling plan to find and recruit groups and individuals to join the DemCast amplification army on social media (recruitment will entail networking in local communities through connections with existing activist organizations and party groups, searching for state-specific social media accounts on assigned platforms and reaching out to them directly, as well as other methods)
  • Execute a communication plan to keep volunteers engaged and informed, using email, text, Slack and on-platform groups on social platforms.
  • Stay apprised and informed of local and state events, stories & individuals of note. Share relevant info with captains and amplifiers

Expected Commitment and Compensation: 

This is a 1.0 FTE salaried position, with competitive compensation in the range of $55,000-$70,000 (to be negotiated). This will be the third full-time position in the organization since our founding in 2019. As such, we do not yet offer employer-based health coverage, so compensation is adjusted to allow the individual to purchase coverage on the open market. Initial employment agreement will be effective through 12/31/2022, with an expectation that we will continue the role into 2023 assuming we have adequate available funds.

DemCast is an equal opportunity employer. We have a clear vision to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay and do their best work. To that end, DemCast is committed to bringing on team members who come from non-majority cultures, backgrounds and perspectives – because we want this organization to truly be representative of America. We are fully focused on equality and believe deeply that DemCast will only be successful if our staff and volunteers represent the many perspectives of our pro-democracy movement.

Background/Knowledge/Skills Required:

  • Strong background in / knowledge of digital activism, digital platforms, social media algorithms and the principles of amplification
  • Experience in activism, advocacy and/or campaigning at the local or state level, and strong working knowledge of the political climate and grassroots activist community in Michigan
  • Entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit
  • Experienced in development and management of team – particularly those that are remote or dispersed 
  • Strong sense for effective political communication, narrative building & use of media to bolster effectiveness of spreading a message
  • Strong organizational skills, time management and attention to detail
  • Leadership qualities/skills, including: conflict mediation, team management and provision of motivational support/mentorship
  • Passion for voting, voting rights, vote security & for informing and mobilizing voters as a pathway toward getting America back on track
  • Demonstrated effective social media communication.
  • Strong familiarity with at least one social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

Background/Knowledge/Skills Preferred:

  • Past experience with starting and sustaining new organizations.
  • Experience in effective adult education and training development
  • Strong familiarity with multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok).
  • Deep understanding of the use of Facebook for political messaging in particular.
  • Past leadership roles (volunteer or paid) in local or state political or activist organizations. 

To Apply:

Send a cover letter and resume to We will begin reviewing resumes and calling candidates for interviews during the week on 3/21/22. Position open until filled. 


Michigan is a critical battleground state in 2022, and will be a key target for right wing propaganda. Much of this propaganda will be spread on social media. Anti-democratic forces have overtaken the narrative on social media by recruiting, training and unleashing a grassroots army that relentlessly parrots talking points delivered by Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino and other conservative/MAGA figures. Democratic candidates for office like Governor Gretchen Whitmer are barraged on social media with ruthless comments, lies and even threats.

DemCast is the only organization currently focused on building a grassroots digital army to spread truth, disarm disinformation and proactively carry messaging that’s strategic for our pro-democracy movement. 

Not Familiar With DemCast?

Listen to former White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer explain why DemCast’s people-powered digital activism is essential for 21st century messaging:

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