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From: The Arizona Republic
President Donald Trump is set to visit Prescott, Tucson. Here's why
Rural Arizona is the key for President Donald Trump to have any chance to carry Arizona on Nov. 3, and Pima County cannot be solidly blue, either....
From: NPR
Latino Voters Face Even More Voting Challenges Because Of Pandemic
Latino voters are the largest non-white voting demographic this year. But the pandemic has created new obstacles to registration in a community that...
From: The Arizona Republic
Extension of registration deadline nets more than 35,000 new voters in Arizona
Though the extension was sought by progressive advocacy groups, the Republican Party ended up gaining more voters than Democrats during the extra...
From: NBC News
Seeds of change: For the first time in decades, farmers in Arizona are divided over presidential election
Arizona has not voted for a Democrat since 1996. But President Trump's immigration, trade and environmental policies have sown division among farmers....
From: The Hill
Biden, Kelly maintain leads in Arizona
PEORIA, Ariz. Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Trump in Arizona, a rapidly changing state that has emerged as one of the marquee...
From: Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting
History of rejected Arizona ballots creates further election uncertainty
Less than a month away from the November election, Arizonas voter registration deadline has changed twice in two weeks, putting into question...
From: NYT
For the Navajo Nation, Everything Takes Time, Including Voting
Post offices are few and far between on the reservation, and mail can take a week and a half to reach the county seat. In this years election,...
From: The Copper Courier
Legal Weed — and More Money for Public Safety — Could Soon Be Coming to Arizona — if You Vote
The measure would allow anyone with less serious marijuana-related offenses to petition to have their criminal records expunged....
Trump 'army' of poll watchers could frighten voters, incite violence, election officials warn
Voting rights groups worry that President Donald Trump's call for an "army" to monitor polls could lead to violence and intimidation....
From: NPR
Normally Invisible, National Security Figures Assume Prominent Election Role
National security leaders are playing a far more prominent role than in previous elections. Current officials are trying to reassure voters. Many...
From: The Copper Courier
CDC Report Finds That Arizona’s COVID Peak Ended When Mask Ordinances Began
Gov. Doug Ducey prevented local governments from implementing their own public health guidelines until mid-June....
Trump's Rallies Have Previously Been Connected to COVID Cases. And They're Back.
President Donald Trump is back stumping on the campaign trail since his release from Walter Reed Medical Center last week due to COVID-19....
From: AZFamily
Court ruling puts end to 3-week voter registration extension in Arizona
The deadline to register to vote had been pushed back due to the pandemic....
Election week? Maybe not: Arizona, Florida and others could give early indication of who is winning
Several battlegroundstates are expected tohave a substantial number of votes counted on election night and offer major clues on who will win....
From: The Copper Courier
From Climate to Immigration, Here's Where Mark Kelly Stands on Six Important Policies
Former NASA astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly is facing off against Sen. Martha McSally in the race to represent Arizona in the US Senate....
Interested in criminal justice reform? Pay attention to these Arizona races
For voters who feel there should be changes to the criminal justice system, there are many races for positions that shape and support the criminal...
From: The Ridgefield Press
Court mulls whether to end Arizona’s registration extension
PHOENIX (AP) - An appeals court considering whether to put on hold an extension of Arizona's voter registration posed tough questions at a hearing...
From: The Copper Courier
Advocacy Group Educates Incarcerated Arizonans on Voting Rights
A voting advocacy group is working to make sure incarcerated individuals know what their voting status is and have information to make their voices...
From: The Copper Courier
Biden Support Among Latinos Grows With Promises of Economic Mobility, Access to Education
Nearly one in four eligible voters in Arizona is Latino, and Mission for Arizona plans to reach out to every single one of them before Nov. 3....
Amy Coney Barrett Could Bring the Climate Crisis to Its Breaking Point
How a conservative Supreme Court could make it harder for future presidents, Congress, and states to enact meaningful efforts to fight climate change....
From: The Copper Courier
9 Things You Don't Know About Jill Biden
From book author to fun prankster, Jill Biden, who could become First Lady of the United States, has a fascinating life of her own....
From: The Copper Courier
Battle Over Arizona's Ballot Collection Law Heads to Supreme Court
Republicans are arguing to protect laws that restrict individuals from mailing ballots on the behalf of others and out-of-precinct voting....
From: Mother Jones
Will this ad turn Arizona blue?
Cindy McCain's endorsement could help Biden, but Latinx voters hold the key to the state....
Once-dominant Republicans fret Arizona is slipping into blue column
If Democrats flip both chambers of the state legislature next month, it could leave Republicans in a semi-permanent minority in fast-growing Arizona....
From: The Arizona Republic
Targeting Arizona's left, Sen. Bernie Sanders joins video town hall for Biden
The push to turn Arizona blue continues. Sen. Sanders spoke forcefully in a "virtual town hall" Saturday to Arizona's young people and Hispanics....
From: Fox News
Early voting starts in Arizona with record-breaking turnout
Early voting started this week in Arizona, with millions of ballots mailed to registered voters by county recorders....
From: KSAT
Biden, Harris aim to tip battleground Arizona for Democrats
A decade ago, Arizona was known as the epicenter of the Republican push against illegal immigration....
Trump Administration Knew What It Was Doing With Its Child-Separation Policy, Watchdog Report Says
The Justice Department's inspector general found that Jeff Sessions and others actively encouraged the 2018 child-separation policy....
From: The Copper Courier
Kelly and McSally Clash on Climate and More in Arizona Senate Debate
Kelly has consistently led McSally in the polls in a race that could decide the future of the Supreme Court....
From: NPR
Navajo Reservation Files Lawsuit Over Mail-In Voting In Arizona
In a lawsuit over voting by mail in Arizona, plaintiffs say timely mail delivery is not a given on a remote Navajo reservation and are demanding...
From: Prescott E News
Swipe right on 2020 election: Groups grapple for young Arizona voters in new ways | Prescott eNews
In Arizona, progressives plan to send 38,000 handwritten letters and postcards as part of a national strategy, and they're moving past mainstream...
Health Care, Presidential Powers, and More: Five Influential Supreme Court Cases to Watch This Fall
The Supreme Court began its new term on Monday. Here are a few cases that will outline how a conservative majority may impact generations of American...
From: Tulsa World
Federal judge delays Arizona voter registration deadline
PHOENIX (AP) Republican organizations are appealing a federal judge's ruling that pushes back Arizonas voter registration deadline by nearly...
WATCH: Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions Sound Off on the Potential Repeal of the ACA
Up to 133 million Americans have pre-existing conditions covered by the Affordable Care Act...
From: Cardinal & Pine
Trump Will Get Top-Notch Care for COVID-19. Not All Americans Can Say the Same.
The care President Trump is likely to receive will set him apart from most Americans...
Trump Appointee Pressured CDC to Alter Report on COVID-19 Risks in Children
Political operative requested changes that downplayed the risks of COVID-19 to children as schools...
From: AZFamily
Judge rules Arizona must extend voter registration deadline to Oct 23
Mi Familia Vota and the Arizona Coalition for Change filed the lawsuit on Sept. 30...
From: The Copper Courier
JUST IN: Judge Extends Arizona Voter Registration Deadline to Oct. 23
The decision was met with opposition by Gov. Doug Ducey, the Republican National Committee...
From: DemCast
Do No Harm: Dr. Hiral Tipirneni for AZ 06
Dr. Hiral Tipirneni seeks to oust Republican incumbent in Arizona House race...
From: The Copper Courier
Majority of Arizonans See Biden as More Capable Than Trump on Health Care
“We have 6.7 million Americans who have contracted coronavirus, which will be a preexisting condition...
From: The Copper Courier
Arizona State Representative on Ventilator for COVID-19 Treatment
Rep. Lorenzo Sierra of Avondale is the third member of the Arizona state legislature who has tested positive...
From: Prescott E News
Trump COVID-19 diagnosis scrambles Arizona events; Biden still to visit
News that President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 led to well-wishes from Arizona lawmakers Friday, a scrambling...
From: NBC News 12
How to vote if you have a disability in Arizona for the 2020 election
Ballots are available for those in large print, braille, or a different language in Arizona.
From: Fox News
Supreme Court will review Arizona ballot-harvesting law
Litigation began with Democrats saying the GOP-backed measure disenfranchised minorities
From: USA Today
'Operation MAGA': Trump campaign to resume in-person events with Pence Ariz. trip as president battles COVID-19
President Donald Trump's reelection campaign is deploying Vice President Mike Pence to Arizona next week...
From: Courier
Trump Pretends the Stock Market Is the Economy, Again. Experts Say Biden’s Plan Is Better for American Workers.
In Tuesday night’s debate, President Trump continued to claim that the stock market would save the country. Meanwhile, economists say...
From: Courier
President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus
Trump has held multiple events without masks or social distancing, The presidents senior adviser, Hope Hicks, also tested positive.